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Military planes carpet bomb hurricane-traumatized victims in Texas with neurotoxins

Natural News, Sept 18, 2017 by: Mike Adams The war on humanity continues unabated in Texas, where over one million acres of land are being carpet-bombed with the aerial spraying of neurotoxic chemicals in an effort to kill mosquitoes. Texas … Continue reading

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Texas judge rules atmosphere, air is public trust

There is no mention of the toxins used in weather modification programs in this article. July 11, 2012 FoxNews HOUSTON –  A Texas judge has ruled that the atmosphere and air must be protected for public use, just like water, … Continue reading

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Feeding Coyotes; Texas Ecosystem Needs Help; Exceptional Drought

Here is a short video from an activist who has kept a close eye on the strange, and unnatural weather patterns in Texas.  Before you watch the video, look at what she wrote on the 27th of September, 2011, about … Continue reading

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Texas cattle industry withered by drought – Is Weather Modification Technology To Blame?

Before you read the article, look at what an activist in Texas,  shared on the 27th of September, 2011, about the apparent use of weather modification technology: “I am in Texas, and we have been under attack for a year … Continue reading

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Under Siege? Chemtrails Over Austin, Texas

Activist Patriot78, who contributes to the Prisonplanet.com Forum, wrote on January the 18th, 2011: “I’m rather new to the idea of chemtrails, but since hearing them discussed and viewing the film What in the world are they spraying?, I have … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media: Mysterious sight seen in Houston sky

This occurred on 9/11 in the US. The odd flight path of the plane, that was spraying a trail, led to an anxious eyewitness to question what the aircraft was engaged in. Watch the video at the link here:  http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/local&id=7662962

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