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Chemtrail Blitzkrieg over Whangarei During Week of Declaring a “Climate Emergency”

The mainstream media and political system in conjunction with a host of disinformation websites are enabling the powers-that-shouldn’t be to control the ‘climate change’ debate, to put the blame for extreme weather on fossil fuel, cow farts, methane and carbon … Continue reading

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Massive Aerosol Operation on Saturday 13th June Seen Over Whangarei

I checked the Metservice website on Friday the 12th of June,  and it indicated a clear sunny morning, with a clear sky was forecast for Saturday morning.  As the photos of the sky above Whangarei show below, it was an … Continue reading

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Last 12 Months The Driest In Recorded History In Whangarei

The last 12 months have been the driest in recorded history in the Whangārei District.    This dry period has coincided with regular sightings of aerosol trails and other indicators weather modification technology has been employed to inhibit rainfall.  (Learn … Continue reading

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Rain Robbery Continues Into March: Aerosol Operation on 8/3/20 Precedes Rain Forecast for 9th – Little Rain Falls

Sunday, March the 8th and aerosol trails, and yet more aerosol trails appeared in the Northland sky,  the day before rain was forecast,  …activity not acknowledged by the meteorological and climate communities. Rainfall appeared to have been inhibited significantly yet … Continue reading

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Man-made Drought Continues – Chemtrail Operations on 16th Before Expected Rain on 17th Feb – Virtually No Rain Falls

Here is more evidence that human intervention is disrupting the hydrological cycle.    I have seen this happening time and time again in recent weeks from Whangarei, Northland and am only reporting on a portion of what I see occurring. Rain … Continue reading

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Northland’s Rain Robbery/ Drought Update: Massive Aerosol Operations Precede the Rain Forecast for Feb 8th 2020

Above:  Whangarei at 3. 38pm on Feb 8th, 2020.   Rain was forecast by MetService and rain clouds like these were apparent for 4+ hours in Whangarei   Except for a few drops,  no rain fell. The rain robbery continues here.  Rain … Continue reading

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Whangarei Air Thick with Particulates? Aerosol Trails Being Seen Day and Night

Have you developed a cough for no apparent reason?  Is your memory is not working as well as it normally does?   Is your nose running slightly? The numerous aerosol trails that are apparent over Whangarei this month and the lack … Continue reading

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A Decade Of Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Over Northland

On January the 2nd, 2010, when the sky was a far deeper blue than it is nowadays,  I took the first photos of atmospheric aerosol trails in Northland for this website.   They were a shocking and saddening sight, as … Continue reading

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Rain Forecast For 18/9 Did Not Eventuate After Heavy Aerosol Spraying Activity In Northland on 17/9

It has been mentioned before on this website repeatedly that aerosols serve as cloud condensation nuclei and thus have a substantial effect on cloud properties and their ability to produce rain. Rain was forecast for Wednesday the 18th of September … Continue reading

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Aerosol Trail Sprayed in Arc Seen From Whangarei 9-4-19

While there were plenty of the usual fairly straight-looking aerosol trails seen today, from south -north over Whangarei and in the west on the horizon, there was this anomaly. Thank-you to Jacqui who took these photos from Whangarei today from … Continue reading

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