Lt Col Tom Bearden Talks About Scalar Weather Modification Technology And More

Bearden: A grid pattern in the sky in the US related to scalar weather modification technology

Above: A picture shown in the video, which Tom Bearden said is a grid pattern seen in the US, which is associated with the use of scalar weather modification technology.

This lecture is by Lt. Col Thomas Bearden (retired) that was given in the mid-1980s .  Dr. Bearden explains the scalar physics behind weather modification and more.
Full DVD available here:

The talk was given in the mid-1980s and since then, the technology has been developed into more rigorous longitudinal EM wave interferometry, which is the exact nature of those earlier weather engineering weapons. The foundations of scalar electro-magnetics are also well explained in this presentation.  Bearden explains exactly what was meant when Secretary of Defense William Cohen cryptically warned: “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Evidence does not support his claim that the Russians are behind this activity in the US.  As Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info points out, the planes involved in spraying chemtrails in association with this technology belong to the US, not the Russians.


According to Scott Stevens’,  an award-winning TV weatherman who runs the website Weatherwars.Info, evidence shows that (some) chemtrails are being used  [1] for use with the scalar weather modification technology Lt Col. Tom Bearden has written and spoken about.

The following quote is posted at the Coast to Coast AM website:

Several years ago, [Scott Stevens] set up time lapse cameras to record the skies and study chemtrails, and learned that planes were up there measuring the geometry to entrain the jet stream or the flow of air. The secretive “powers that be” can measure the orgone, and apply electromagnetic solutions to change the weather and storm patterns, he detailed. “There’s got to be a playbook they’re working from– so when we see these disasters like the fires in Russia and the flooding in Pakistan…this was something that they talked about weeks to months prior,” he stated. 

Scientists like Trevor James Constable gave them the playbook on how to manipulate the orgone or etheric energy back in the 1970’s, and this knowledge has been misused, said Stevens. Project HAARP is probably used in less than 20% of the weather modification efforts– “I’m honestly more concerned about…orbiting military satellites that have directed energy technologies on them,” he noted.

The interview Scott Stevens had with George Noory on Aug the 19th, 2010 was posted at YouTube.  It starts in the third minute in the video at the link here:

[1] Scott Stevens On Red Ice Radio- Weather Wars, Chemtrails, Gulf Oil Spill & Environmental Destruction July 2010 (1 hour)

Our weather is being controlled – but by whom? By Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens website:

Look for gridding and wave formations in the skies, which are characteristics of scalar’s use.  The waves, (which can be seen in several different forms at one time), Bearden depicts in the talk posted below as being in the interface zone for scalar wave transmitters.

Thomas Bearden’s diagram of longitudinal wave interference

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7 Responses to Lt Col Tom Bearden Talks About Scalar Weather Modification Technology And More

  1. Ben T says:

    For the physics orientated. Read Bruce Cathies book, “The energy grid harmonic 695” He is another kiwi genius. Some notable discoveries he has made such as the inverse proportionality of light speed to gravity. IE the speed of light tends toward zero in a black hole. It is related a little to HFAARP project. Relevant to weather engineering, because their is a natural grid over the planet too.

    • Rose says:

      Nice touch on Captain Bruce Cathie Ben. He is an unsung hero in my opinion. I have his boks.

      The man is quiet simply a brilliant researcher & author. Cathie has retreated into retirement back in New Zealand. I understand this was because he was “forced to”.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Born 1930
      Occupation Airline pilot and author

      Bruce Cathie (Born in New Zealand in 1930) is a retired airline pilot who has written seven books related to UFOs & the “World energy grid”.

      His central thesis is that the laws of mathematics describe a grid-like pattern on the earth that powers UFOs & controls the dates and places where nuclear bombs can function. He successfully predicted the detonation time of an early French nuclear test using his harmonic “mathematics”, which is based around trigonometry and geophysical latitude/longitude coordinates.

      His discoveries are in the same vein of research as Einstein’s “unified field theory”, where gravity, time and space and their relation therein can all be expressed in one equation.

      Cathie first saw a UFO over the Manukau Harbour, Auckland in 1952 and in discussions with other airline pilots discovered this wasn’t uncommon. It is said that the US military attempted on more than one occasion to silence him using bribes in the millions.

  2. Ben T says:

    Actually for anyone who cares. Bruce had no excessive background education when he started writing the book so anybody can read it. Dont forget how much richer in important information books are than a webage.

  3. Try says:

    Thank you Clare !

    Tom Bearden 1985/misc scalar weather

    Jerry E Smith … Weather Warfare

    Tom Bearden … Applied Scalar technology

    Tom bearden-applied scalar technology

    Scott stephens-weather wars(ex-meteorologist)


    Haarp and Weather Modification

  4. Rose says:

    Cheers very much for playlist links here Try

    I got a bit out of Tom Beardens old stuff Clare. It certainly looks like its scalar weaponry being used above us. These skies that fan out are a regular occurrence here and we photograph them regularly. Tom called these ‘cloud’ formations’ streamers and cross hatch, an excellent description of the grid pattern left in the ionised layer of man made cloud.

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  6. Luka says:

    Tom Bearden once said that Russians are emitting scalar waves and that they want to enslave the entire world. I made a a scallar antena-coil which sucks all scallar waves. I put 3 such anntenas on map, where is Russia. I made this today morning. Do you feel any diference?

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