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Global Warming “science” founded on glaring error that renders thousands of news reports false

Natural News) When the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN and other fact-challenged news outlets reported a few months ago that the oceans were warming at a catastrophic rate due to climate change, they all missed a glaring math error in … Continue reading

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MetService Disinformation impedes investigation by public into reason for “amazing optical phenomena” seen over Northland

Today TVNZ’s website refers to an ‘amazing’ optical phenomena, photographed by Natalie Richards in Paparoa, Northland,  of a kind which only became a regular sight when aerosol trails, also known as “chemtrails,” became a common sight in Northland in early-2010, … Continue reading

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UN’s alarming new climate report

By email from CFACT  11-10-2018 The UN climate science panel’s job is to write a scary report before the UN holds its next big climate conference this December in Poland. Yet global weather, extreme or otherwise, is normal.  Sea level … Continue reading

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Senator Colbeck Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018

Although not strictly on topic, this is a well-articulated and succinct presentation by Senator Patrick Colbeck regarding the proven harmful effects of microwave radio-frequency radiation.  What he does not mention is that we have been breathing in metals, an electrified … Continue reading

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Ten children taken to hospital after plane emits unknown substance over Carterton school

From the TVNZ 1 6pm News Ten primary school children in Carterton have been taken to Wairarapa Hospital after a plane is thought to have accidentally sprayed the school with pesticide. The incident happened at approximately 1pm at South End … Continue reading

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Children sick at Carterton school, NZ after reports of plane dropping substance

Thanks to Brad, who heard about this from the NewstalkZB news at 3pm today.  Carterton is a small town in the Wellington Region of New Zealand., 15:04, Sep 21 2018 Sixteen  children are ill at Carterton’s South End School – … Continue reading

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Evidence of Pulses? 19 Sept, 2018

Thanks to Brad. The first image was shown during the 6pm news on TVOne on the 19th of September at approximately 6.25pm.   Note behind the weatherman’s head, evidence of a pulse.   In the second image are two pulses appearing to … Continue reading

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Ole Dammegård – What’s With The Shoes? on the Sage of Quay Radio

Information related to false-flag attacks and the symbolic appearance of foot wear in images from around the world.   This, according to Ole, is a Freemasonic message that is being sent and more.   Ole’s website:

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Flashback: Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio

Lost Arts Radio Researcher, Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio | Richard Sacks,   published on 19 Nov 2017.

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Scientists mark 300 years since last great Alpine Fault quake – preparing for the ‘inevitable’

Michael Daly 08:59, Sep 11 2018 Scientists say the last major Alpine Fault earthquake, in 1717, brought long-term disruption across the South Island and “there will be a similar earthquake soon”. The 1717 quake is estimated to have had a magnitude of around … Continue reading

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