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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University.

Numerous Aerosol Trails Apparent in Parallel 18 Oct 2019, Whangarei

The following photos were taken from Woodhill, Whangarei at about 9.30am and show numerous aerosol trails, which appear to have been emitted in parallel. When I looked to the east and the west, aerosol trails were apparent, in various stages … Continue reading

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Rain Forecast For 18/9 Did Not Eventuate After Heavy Aerosol Spraying Activity In Northland on 17/9

It has been mentioned before on this website repeatedly that aerosols serve as cloud condensation nuclei and thus have a substantial effect on cloud properties and their ability to produce rain. Rain was forecast for Wednesday the 18th of September … Continue reading

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Media pushing Aerosol Trails to Save the planet (while poisoning everything)

Natural News by Ethan Huff,  Sept 20, 2019 The media is now openly pushing aerosol trails as a necessary project to save the planet from climate change.  While globalists roll out “Greta” and other creeping-looking child monsters to terrorize the … Continue reading

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Start of September 2019 Marked By Numerous Aerosol Trails

The following were taken on September the 1st from Woodhill, Whangarei from 11.10am – midday and show aerosol trails in various stages of dispersal.  These are just a few photos of what was apparent.  By midday, as the fifth photo … Continue reading

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Military’s Air Force C17 Globemaster Practicing Low Altitude Flying This Week

An Air Force C17 Globemaster,  seen spraying an aerosol trail from Whangarei and Auckland on April the 9th, (see post below), is practicing low altitude flying  this week.   More:  

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Aerosol Trail Sprayed in Arc Seen From Whangarei 9-4-19

While there were plenty of the usual fairly straight-looking aerosol trails seen today, from south -north over Whangarei and in the west on the horizon, there was this anomaly. Thank-you to Jacqui who took these photos from Whangarei today from … Continue reading

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More Heavy Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Being Reported

There have been reports of heavy atmospheric aerosol spraying occurring over areas of the North Island of New Zealand on and to this website. (This activity may be to elevate temperatures and suppress rain, as parts of the country … Continue reading

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Massive Global Weather Modification Operation Ignored By Brainwashed Climate Change Protesters

Today was the day of the Climate Change protests, and thousands of New Zealand children who have been indoctrinated, went marching. If these children looked up from their cell phones and did some research they might become aware that there … Continue reading

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AirNZ Auckland to Nadi Flight Leaves Aerosol Trail, 13-3-2019

At about 10.05am Air New Zealand’s NZ52, a flight from Auckland to Nadi, a Boeing 777-219(ER), was seen leaving a long aerosol trail as it flew in a north-easterly direction. The photo was taken from Whangarei. The plane was identified … Continue reading

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