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Climate intervention via geoengineering: It’s a risky strategy that will only cause more, bigger problems, say scientists

January 13, 2019 by: Earl Garcia (Natural News) A recent study published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution warned that a technique called climate geoengineering, which was conceptualized to counter the effects of global warming, may do more harm than good. … Continue reading

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TV One Weather Report of January 11th Conceals Evidence of Weather Modification Technology

I am 55-years old now and did not see evidence of these forms of cloud shown in the weather report – straight lines, nor the rainbows occurring where there was no rain, and “hole punch clouds,” until atmospheric aerosol trails … Continue reading

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Caught Them! Hole Punch Cloud Over Snells Beach, north of Auckland, NZ, 8.45 am, 11/1/2019.

   While people in the media drone on and on about man-made climate change due to carbon emissions, and insist that something must be done, the evidence to demonstrate that weather modification technology is being employed continues unabated… Thank-you to … Continue reading

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Environmentalists are at WAR with life on Earth… collapse of ecosystem the goal of “climate” propagandists

(Natural News) By Mike Adams, Jan 10, 2019 The “climate change” movement isn’t about saving the planet or re-greening the Earth. It’s actually a destructive, anti-life agenda to decimate all complex life on planet Earth and carry out a terraforming … Continue reading

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‘Ploughed Field’ Clouds Over Twizel, NZ on 2nd January, 2019.

On Wednesday, January the 2nd, an activist in Twizel, which is in the heart of the South Island’s high country Mackenzie District, took these shots. More evidence that the weather is being manipulated in New Zealand?

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Flashback: Interview with Willem Felderhoff, A Commercial Airline Pilot & Others About Chemtrails & More

Just Finish IT Records 15 May 2016 An episode of ‘Truth is Stranger Than fiction’ with Ole Dammegard, Zen Gardner, and Willem Felderhoff about the growing conspiracy around the topic of chemtrails. Related: Willem Felderhof – An Airline Pilot Discusses … Continue reading

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KAL130 Emitted Aerosol Trail over Northland, 25/12/18

As KAL130 flew over Northland on the 25th of December at about 10.33am, it was seen emitting an aerosol trail. The plane was identified using Photographs of the trail were taken about 1 and 5 minutes after the plane … Continue reading

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KAL130 Emitted Aerosol Trail Over Northland, 22/12/18

On Saturday, the 22 Dec, 2018 at approximately 10.59am, Korean Airlines KAL130 was seen emitting an aerosol trail from Whangarei. was used to identify the aircraft, which left Auckland Airport at 10.43am.

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Must See: New Documentary by Mike Adams, BIOSLUDGED

The new documentary ‘Biosludged’ by Mike Adams uncovers the astonishing science fraud being carried out by the EPA to legalize the mass pollution of America’s farm lands, school playgrounds and city parks with heavily contaminated industrial waste and human sewage. … Continue reading

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Strong PROOF that NASA falsifies its data

From  Dec 2 , 2018 In parallel with this just looking at the Arctic on NASA Worldview every day my friend, Margo, and I noticed some very strange phenomena and suspected that NASA were removing inconvenient data, usually the … Continue reading

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