NZHerald: Pollution: How does your town compare?

NZHerald, By Gemma Hartley  18 May, 2016

New Zealand scientists are trialling new technology in Canterbury that could revolutionise how centres can better monitor and control air pollution.

A new stage of a Niwa air quality project is about to get underway in Rangiora, as a World Health Organisation (WHO) index again highlights how some South Island towns have rated poorly for air pollution.

Last year, scientists installed and tested new hi-tech sensors in 14 Rangiora homes during September to detect when people were using their woodburners.

Each participant had since received an information pack with detailed information about the air quality in their home, temperature variations and dust peaks.

The scientists found that while it was easy to detect when a woodburner was lit, it was much harder to tell when the fire had stopped burning.


Above: From the NZHerald, WHO has released an updated index that measures air pollution in hundreds of cities around the world.   I believe it should state MICRONS, NOT MICROGRAMS as the measurement of width.



Pollution, Concentration and Mortality


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Timaru’s Air Monitoring Stations Picking Up More Than Smoke From Wood Burners As Photos Show

Anzac Square Monitoring Station

Next to Anzac Park, an aerosol trail lingers above E-Can’s Air Monitoring System on the south side of Timaru.

Darrell McGrath of  Timaru, aka South Canterbury Sky Watch, 23rd May, 2016.

Around New Zealand aerosol trails are being witnessed frequently.  Thankfully, more and more people are waking up, looking up and best thing is that they are also speaking up!

I live in Timaru, where recently it was reported that the air pollution was the worst in Oceania according to the latest urban air quality database and it exceeds World Health Organisation (WHO) safety levels.

In regard to this I want to make a few points.  The governmental organization, Environment Canterbury, (E-Can), has two air monitoring stations in the Timaru area. One can be found at Anzac Park, which is pictured above, while the other is at Washdyke in Timaru’s industrial area and is pictured below.

Washdyke Monitoring Station

Washdyke Monitoring Station, Timaru

Take a look at the photos of each station.   Both show air pollutants lingering in the atmosphere, but not from the primary suspect for pollutants, wood burners.

In the photo showing the Washdyke station there appears to be a fire smoldering nearby and the smoke is drifting towards the monitoring station.  While at the Anzac Park station  a “chemtrail” aka an aerosol trail is evident.  These trails are seen regularly here, but strangely never referred to by E-Can.

That is not a mere vapour trail.  I started filming this trail from out of town and followed it into town. When I first filmed it, it was relatively thin, but as it traveled, it expanded and developed feathery-looking edges as shown.

Also,  of note, I positioned a sterile container for rain collection about 150 meters from the Washdyke monitoring station in 2015 and the results revealed the heavy metals aluminium, barium and strontium present.  These heavy metals are found where aerosol spraying takes place.  If they are in the rain, they are in the air that we breathe.

One major problem with the particulates being pumped in to the air that we breathe is that people’s health suffers, as researcher Clifford Carnicom’s work has shown.   Myself, I have been an asthmatic all my life and often seem to be reaching for my puffer, especially after witnessing and filming aerosol trails.
Not only do I find that my own breathing problems have risen, but these have in people I know in Australia and in New Zealand.  This is anecdotal, but there appear to be more and more people suffering from respiratory problems and some of them, in their 30`s to 40`s, are now finding themselves on asthma puffers.

I also have noticed that more people are suffering from eye complaints. One friend went to a doctor with eye problems and the doctor told him his tear ducts were dry.  Myself, I have been experiencing a very similar problem.  Now when you see the trails being sprayed and know that some components may act as a desiccant, is it any wonder our eyes are dry?


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What proportion of Timaru pollution is due to aerosol trails used in weather modification programs?


It was announced today in the mainstream media today that Timaru, a district of 49,850 people (2013 census) on the east side of the South Island and largely surrounded by farm land, has, according to the World Health Organisation, the highest air pollution levels in Oceania.

As reported on this website, rainwater tests from Timaru have shown that aluminium, barium and strontium, believed to be from atmospheric aerosols used in clandestine weather modification programs, were present in rainwater samples collected there.

Aerosol trails are being witness there regularly.  For example, this comment was left on the website on the 8th of May: “…we are living in Timaru and we are sprayed heavily every single day.  The odd day that they don’t do it, we notice because they are rare!   It blocks the sun and it burns sometimes in the back of my throat.  We don’t know why, but they have been hammering us the last month especially.  It’s a relief to know that others are aware, because it seems to us that most are asleep and that’s the way they would like to keep it.”

In addition, a journalist from the Timaru Courier called Al Williams got in contact with me recently, as he was working on a story about all the aerosol trails a McKenzie farmer, named Gareth Watt was seeing.   Unfortunately, his article, although completed, was not published.

Controlled mainstream media sources rarely mention the heavy metals in the air that we are all breathing in owing to the criminal activity occurring without our consent.

NewsTalkZB, 18 May 2016

Last year the city recorded 26 high pollution nights,10 more than Christchurch.

But Environment Canterbury air spokesperson Katherine Trought said it’s still a sharp decrease on the year before when there were 41 high-pollution nights.

“We’re really thrilled with the response the community has had to this better burning message, and it’s coming through reduction and the concentrations of air pollution.”

WHO compared close to 800 cities in 67 countries for levels of small and fine particulate matter called PM10 and PM2.5.

Guidelines state that levels of 10 and 20 micrograms per cubic meter respectively are considered safe.

But in Timaru the annual mean level of PM2.5 was 15 micrograms per cubic meter, and 28 micrograms per cubic meter fro PM10.

Ms Trought said much of that comes down to domestic fires, which people could be burning better.




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Was Hugo Chavez Right About HAARP & The HAITI Earthquake? Is Weather Even Natural Anymore?

EventChronicle, May 10, 2016.

By Arjun Walia

Hugo Chavez was the 64th president of Venezuela and a politician for many years before that, and he served as president for 14 years, until his death in March of 2013. The official story is that he died in a military hospital following a severe heart attack, but others have suggested that the United States government may have played a role — an accusation quickly and vehemently denied by the U.S. State Department.

Chavez was known for speaking his mind and stirring up controversy, which is one reason why people speculate about his death. His comments regarding the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 were particularly direct; he claimed that the United States Navy induced the Haiti Earthquake using a weather weapon, accusing the United States of “playing God.” A Spanish newspaper quoted Chavez as saying that “the US Navy launched a weapon capable of inducing a powerful earthquake off the shore of Haiti. This time, it was only a drill, and the final target is destroying and taking over Iran.” (source)


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Government’s Internal Memo Shows Information Tightly Controlled About Aerosol Operations

Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott.

Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott of Canterbury, New Zealand.

By Clare Swinney, Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch

As we reported on April the 11th, Malcolm Scott, a post-graduate researcher from Canterbury who is investigating the New Zealand government’s handling  of public reports about atmospheric aerosols, was mistakenly sent an internal memorandum by the Ministry for the Environment, then asked to destroy it.  

Since asking the Ministry if he can keep this 6-page Orwellian document under the Privacy Act, he has been advised he may and now makes it available to the public.

In his letter dated April the 5th, Mr Scott asked  the Ministry for the Environment for the internal memorandum titled:  ‘Malcolm Scott 16-D-00142,’  he had been sent in error then asked to destroy, to be released to him under the Privacy Act, as five of its thirteen points related to him.    Fortunately, Kay Harrison, the new Director of Climate Change who recently replaced Roger Lincoln, replied in a letter dated April the 15th that Mr Scott may keep it, and advised that memos like this accompany every Official Information Act (OIA) request made to the Ministry for the Environment.   “These memos are free and frank advice that provide background and contextual information to allow senior Ministry staff to make sound decisions,” she claimed.    Continue reading

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Must hear: Mike Williams Interviews Anti-geoengineering activist Bob Shroyer

Bob Shroyer’s website:

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Numerous Aerosol Trails Visible Throughout day on May 10, Whangarei

May the 10th, like May the 4th started off with a thick fog in the morning, followed by the presence of numerous aerosol trails dispersing.  I shot my first photo of aerosol trails  at 9.13am, which was the same as I caught an AirNZ Dreamliner flying northwards, leaving no trails in its wake. SONY DSC

9.13am, Whangarei, aerosol trails dispersing



Ascending aircraft leaves no “vapour” trail, while numerous aerosol trails hang in the sky nearby.


9.13am another aerosol trail dispersing

In the afternoon, the sky became what is best described as ‘aerosol soup.’  (See below) It was thick with trails.  No aircraft was witnessed emitting these.


3.07pm Aerosol soup


3.08pm. The saturation was increased on the photo file to highlight these trails. Note the two trails close together not far from the bottom, suggesting that they were from two aerosol delivery devices on the same aircraft.

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Coloured Aerosol Trail, Ripples In Sky At Drought-Effected North Canterbury

The disaster capitalists are at it again. Thank-you to anti-chemtrails/geoengineering activist, Marian Sutherland of Hawarden, North Canterbury who took these excellent photos of aerosol trails on Saturday morning, May the 7th, near drought-effected Hawarden. The first one, showing aerosol trails, was taken at 7.45am.    The following one showing sheep on parched land, was taken at 8.04am.Hawarden 7.54am  7 may 2016Sheep on drought effect land 8.04am  7 May

Near Hawarden north canterbury 7.38am 7 maymay 7 ripples near hawarden, north canterbury Above:  7.56am Ripples show electromagnetic energy is stimulating the atmosphere. The weather manipulators need aerosol trails to measure the effect of the energy input and decide whether to employ other measures if required.

Related: Canterbury drought forcing farmers to de-stock













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Mike Williams Interviews Jolie Diane – Awakening Lawmakers to Geoengineering (May 2016)

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Whangarei -A Thick Fog & Numerous Aerosol Trails, May 4, 2016

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