Numerous Aerosols Trails in Parallel Dumped on Christchurch, NZ 15 Nov 2020

Thank-you to Scotty Gibson, who took this photo from Horncastle Arena in Christchurch today.

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Chemtrails are Not Contrails: Radiometric Evidence

Journal of Geography Environment and Earth Science International – March 2020

DOI: 10.9734/jgeesi/2020/v24i230199 Concerted efforts are made to deceive the public into falsely believing the jet-emplaced tropospheric aerosol trails, called chemtrails by some, are harmless ice-crystal contrails from aircraft engine exhaust-moisture. Our objective is to use radiometric measurements in the range 250-300 nm to show that a typical chemtrail is not a contrail, and to generalize that finding with additional data. Methods: We utilized International Light Technologies ILT950UV Spectral Radiometer mounted on a Meade LXD55 auto guider telescope tripod and mount assembly.

Results: Radiometric solar irradiance spectra data that included the transit of a typical tropospheric aerosol trail between radiometer-sensor and the solar disc showed significant absorption during the transit period. The during-transit absorption is wholly inconsistent with the almost negligible adsorption by ice, but is wholly consistent with absorption by aerosolize particulates, including coal fly ash. This result is consistent with other aerosol-trail physical phenomena observations. Conclusions: The public and the scientific community have been systematically deceived into falsely believing that the pervasive, jet-sprayed ‘chemtrails’ are harmless ice-crystal contrails.

We have presented radiometric measurements which unambiguously prove the falsity of that characterization for one specific, but typical instance. We show in a more general framework that the physical manifestations of the aerial trails are inconsistent with ice-crystal contrails, but entirely consistent with aerosol particulate trails. We describe potential reasons for the deception, and cite the extremely adverse consequences of the aerial particulate spraying on human and environmental health. For the sake of life on Earth, the modification of the natural environment by aerial particulate spraying and other methodologies must immediately and permanently end.


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Video: New Zealand’s Food Supply Sabotage & More

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Evidence of Large Aerosol Operation, Northland, 2 October 2020

The following photos show evidence of a large aerosol operation, particularly the last one. All were taken from Woodhill, Whangarei on the afternoon of October the 2nd.

Looking towards east from Woodhill, afternoon of October 2nd

Aerosol trail showing evidence of being emitted from craft with two aerosol delivery systems
Looking towards the west, aerosol trails in parallel are apparent
A little later. Numerous aerosol trails in parallel in the west, a farming area which has suffered a number of severe droughts since 2010.
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Atmospheric Aerosols Over Taranaki, 26 Sept 20

Thank-you to John from the North for sending these photos.  He took them on September the 26th from Taranaki and mentions that he saw two planes dumping at the same time.   If you search this website you will find numerous photos of chemtrails shown in this region, which is on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

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Mainstream Media in Australia Misleads, Suggests Strange Cloud Spaceship, Flying saucer or UFO

From ABC.NET, title of story:  Spaceship? Flying saucer? UFO? Altocumulus lenticularis

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Weather Forecaster Predicts Australia’s Agricultural Sector Will Be Wiped Out in 2 Years Unless Drastic Action Is Taken

Anthony Violi

Anthony Violi of Mount Barker in South Australia,  has studied meteorology for more than 35 years and has a dire warning  he shared in a submission to the Australian government, [1].  He believes if the man-made drought continues, the agricultural sector will be wiped out in the next 24 months, unless drastic action is taken.

A former strawberry farmer,  he is now director at the AV Weather website, which provides paid-for forecasts for farmers around Australia.

He told The Bloody Aussie Battler podcast in June, 2020 that as the weather is being controlled now, his work has become more challenging, as there are things happening with it that don’t make sense anymore.   While he says he found it easy to forecast four years ago,  he has had to “go back to school” to learn about what is effecting the weather now.

Violi contends that the out of this world levels of electromagnetic radiation are influencing the weather, including that from the radars, cell phone towers, 5G (Fifth generation wireless technology) and HAARP arrays.  Who is in control? Water access is being restricted to farmers by the New World Order he says [2].

He refers to HAARP and chemtrails in his work and in his submission to the Australian government warned: “The weather is being modified deliberately to induce a drought, with Australia being the specific target, whilst the majority of the world floods, due to record high cosmic rays, which increase cloud condensation nuclei, thus enhancing rainfall worldwide. We are going to see a La Nina develop in 2021-22, by then most farmers will be gone and our economy will be decimated if action isn’t taken, urgently.”

Violi suggests that rain could be produced using negative ion generators, as it is in the UAE and elsewhere.  At the moment Australia does not have any of these programs and he asks: “[W]hy not? It is easy to set these machines up, but artificial ionizing would need to be stopped first.”


[1]   Submission 106 – by submission 106 – Anthony Violi Anthony Violi, Inquiry into growing Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030

[2] Anthony Violi talks about his forecasting work and Common Law, which can be used to win back people power.   Common Law presents a potential remedy to some of the overreach of the current tyrannical powers-that-shouldn’t be.


AV Weather takes off


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Reports of Helicopter Spraying Substance in Auckland Which Caused Cough and Itchy Throat

The following report has not been validated, but is posted here in case any of it is true.  It was posted on Facebook on September 4th, 2020.

Good morning everyone
apology in advance if my story is all over the place 👍🏽

I just wanted to share something with you all about the chopper that’s been flying in Auckland early hours of the morning.
I’m from Manukau Heights.   I have seen this chopper everyday since level 4 [lockdown].
I would usually think that choppers only come out during criminal activity, but this chopper was out day and night nearly everyday I’m not sure if anyone in this group has notice this chopper as well if your in the south side area manukau heights, papakura and all of the south Auckland side. anyway on the 30 of August at 4am sunday morning, i woke to the same chopper flying low with no criminal activity active at the time. I decided to go and investigate why it was hovering over my suburb only to step out and walk straight into a strong mist of chemical.
I had to get my partner up to make sure I wasn’t smelling things but he also smelt it aswel! we go back inside and wait awhile to make sure this smell is not lingering but it was.
I started getting a itchie throat and started coughing. i had something warm to drink to stop the itching and coughing.
so we go back to bed only to wake up later on that morning with blocked sinuses, sore neck, aching chest, and fatigued.
it shocked us that these were the signs of this fake virus!!!!! We didn’t waste time, we got out all the home remedies we could think of.
4days later we were back to normal
but during those 4days I called = My local Mp, Manukau council, aviation, the police, the ministry of health and to my surprise not one of them knew about this chopper! now at this time I’m shocked and nervous I was told to go to the media NOPE the biggest virus on the planet is the media!!
I was told to email aviation NOPE cause the operator was a piece of 👉🏾💩 the police were ok but I was told to take pics vids and times the chopper will come out BUT I already have from the start and I told them that..
but you see its obvious one of those companies I rang knew something this chopper being out and about, because the last time I heard the chopper come out was the 31 of august early hours of the morning..
since then our Auckland weather is back to normal which tells me that this chopper had a lot to do with the bipolar changes in our weather! so I share this to see if anyone else has had the same experience and if so
please let me know

Ps: I have a fair idea where this chopper is coming from.
I was also told by a friend that 1080 was still being dumped around New Zealand ⚠️

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International best-selling Author & Commentator, Dr Vernon Coleman, Refers To Chemtrails In Latest Talk

 Dr Vernon Coleman, a former medical practitioner, has written over 100 books, including works about human health, politics, animal issues, and a range of novels.  Currently, he is investing his energy in to trying to wake people up from their propaganda-induced slumbers to some of the genuine threats that face humanity.   In his latest talk he mentions that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have funded a technology to block out the sun and is hoping that people can join the dots and see the links between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding this kind of destructive technology,  and its funding of the nefarious “covid-19” vaccines

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman, MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why paranoia is now the only way to live.   He explains that many people are in living in fear of the wrong things, owing to the lies spread by governments and a traitorous mainstream media.   He explains that millions of people are living in fear of “covid-19” when evidence shows that it is not the threat it has been portrayed as being.   Many people are unaware of what the real threats are, he says.  

   One of the real threats that many people are oblivious to is the technology funded with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which blocks out the sun, which will destroy traditional farming, says Dr Coleman.     Many people “don’t realize what chemtrails are for, or even that they exist at all,” he says and people don’t see the links. 

He points out that mask wearing collaborators are ignorant and don’t understand what is happening. He gives some shocking facts about GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine and drug manufacturer, and explains the plans for a Global Church as well as a Global Government.  He also gives advice for those who don’t want to wear masks in public. For more unbiased information about other important issues, please visit The transcripts of the videos YouTube banned are also on the website.


Film link:


Scientists now want to chemtrail the entire planet, creating smog to block out the sun

Why Does Bill Gates Want To Block Out The Sun?

Gates-Funded Experiment To Spray Atmosphere With Sulphur Particles

Flashback: BBC On Global Dimming – Solar Energy Reaching Earth Falling Significantly

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Hawkes Bay Region Is Still Being Targeted with Heavy Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Virtually Daily

Hawkes Bay is a farming area on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand that has suffered from extremely dry conditions this year.   

“Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised…..techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.”      – 1970,  former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski  in  Between Two Ages.                     

By Mel Cross, 28 July, 2020      The aerosol spraying activity over Hawke’s Bay and Central Hawke’s Bay (CHB) has increased to almost a daily occurrence over the past few weeks.  Today, there was not one area of the sky in view that looked ‘normal,’ from the Hastings CBD to as far as the ranges.

I was both in the CHB district and Hastings CBD today, and was able to capture several photos—although the photos do not show the extent of the chemtrails and air pollution. I noticed that today especially, there was a murky white veil over the sky that seemed to block the bright blue sky that we would normally see on a sunny day like today.                                                                                                                                                        The spectacle of the chemtrails in town today couldn’t have been more obvious, however, as I looked about, nobody else seemed to be looking up.   People appeared to be oblivious to  it.   Perhaps they have become accustomed to seeing the faux clouds and have forgotten what natural clouds look like?  I have not.

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