To science bloggers living with mommy

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News, August 25, 2015

These conventional science bloggers are really something. They’ve never met a published study extolling mainstream science they haven’t loved. I don’t know, maybe the studies somehow remind them of mommy and her warm basement where they still live at age 40 and do their important work.

A study praising a new drug? A study claiming a vaccine was “well tolerated?” A study claiming GMOs are perfectly safe? A study reporting the dire effects of man-made warming? They kiss it and try to make it warming hoax

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NZ Weatherman Denounces News Industry As Corrupted

Weatherman, Philip Duncan who addressed the chemtrail issue in May 2010, wrote this  on Twitter about the news industry a few days ago.   It is nothing that we don’t know already, but it is nice to see it confirmed by a weatherman.


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Morgellons Research Project Survey has officially launched

Carnicom Institute is pleased to announce that the first phase 
of the Morgellons Research Project is now available online. 
You will find both a long and short version of the questionnaire.
You may fill out either one (or both) at your discretion. 
The online survey can be accessed at the following locations: (backup link)
Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for the MRP to
begin.  This survey is the next crucial step in the research 
into the Morgellon’s condition and your participation is valued.
 We encourage you to take a look at the survey as soon as is 
convenient for you, as there is a limit to the number of 
participants allowed in the survey.
You can keep abreast the activities of CI, including the status 
of the MRP, on our website:
You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter from the home 
page of the website.
Our  website has undergone a transition to a new server. 
 We are not aware of any issues accessing the survey, but if 
you have a problem, please try again or notify us by email:
Carol Carnicom, Vice President
Carnicom Institute
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Weatherman, Scott Stevens: See Why ‘Solar Radiation Management’ is a Poor Explanation for the Chemtrail Program.

Scott Stevens31 July 2015

Just finished a screencast explaining the chemtrails behaviors seen in this cool time lapse video from way back in 2006 when I was new to time lapsing the sky; having freshly been fired from KPVI for going VERY public on this most important topic. By the end of this video I hope you’ll understand why #‎SRM Solar Radiation Management is a poor, poor explanation for the chemtrail program.  There is something far deep, more complex and important than simply “making clouds to keep out sunshine” from an already cooling planet. Solar Radiation Management just does’t make any sense.
Watch in HD, always…
Have a look! -Scott

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Vinny Eastwood: The Best Advice You Can Give A Conspiracy Theorist



New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile

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Solid Proof Of Aerosol Spraying Occurring

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HAARP To Be ‘Transferred To Civilian Control’; Will Still Receive Pentagon Funding

by Steve Watson | InfoWars | July 14, 2015


Controversial military site will continue to be used for experiments

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, also known as HAARP is to be transferred from military operation to “civillian control”, as the site is handed over to the University of Alaska, which will continue to use the mysterious facility for experiments.

“The Air Force Research Lab has control of the HAARP facility until Aug. 11,” Marmian Grimes, a university of Alaska spokesperson, wrote in an email to The Intercept.

“After that, the university will have access to the site under the terms of an agreement between [University of Alaska Fairbanks] and the Air Force. That agreement allows access for two years, which will provide the university and the Air Force time to negotiate an agreement regarding the transfer of the land.”

HAARP was officially constructed with the stated goal of studying the ionosphere. It is made up of a huge array of radio transmitters and antennas, which generate radio waves to heat up portions of the ionosphere, the region of Earth’s upper atmosphere, from about 60 km (37 mi) to 1,000 km (620 mi) altitude, which is ionized by solar radiation.

The heat accelerates electrons, creating conditions for military scientists to conduct experiments.

As the Intercept report notes, the Pentagon ploughed millions into the facility, mostly via congressional add-ons, and was still doing so as recently as 2007, when HAARP was officially completed.

It consequently seemed dubious to many that just seven years later an announcement came that the Air Force was set to close the site and dismantle the array.

Now it has been revealed that HAARP will live on. The Intercept notes:

“Physicist Dennis Papadopoulos, a professor at the University of Maryland and longtime proponent of HAARP, said the agreement that was worked out would transfer the facility from the Defense Department to the state of Alaska, and then over to the University of Alaska, which has long been involved in research at the site.”

HAARP will then operate, like other ionosphere research sites, as a scientific facility supported by those conducting experiments there. Papadopoulos said that the state of Alaska will put in about $2 million, and some additional funding may come from the National Science Foundation and the Pentagon.

So the facility will likely STILL be funded by the government, and experiments will continue to be conducted there.

This inevitably means that the theories over what HAARP is really used for will not go away, and researchers will continue to be fascinated with the mysterious facility.

The facility has long been the subject of intense scrutiny among those who believe the Pentagon constructed and used it to conduct research into everything from weather and natural phenomenon manipulation weapons to more esoteric studies, such as electronic and psychotronic mind control.

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Michael Murphy & Max Bliss – Debriefing The July 2015 Paris Climate Conference by The Sage Of Quay

Tonight my very special guests are Max Bliss and Michael Murphy.

Both gentleman along with colleagues from across the world recently attended this month’s United Nations climate conference which took place in Paris, France. This conference along with the previous conferences held earlier this year in California and Copenhagen are attempting to set the stage for the December UN meeting where the wheels will be set in motion to legalize geoengineering and the enactment of over 500 climate laws as part of the elite agenda to implement a one world government.

In this discussion Max and Michael will offer their thoughts and perspectives on the progress being made to halt the geoengineering programs along with the challenges still ahead of us.

Listen here:

* Max Bliss’ Facebook Page:…
* Michael’s Facebook Page:…

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Michael Murphy & Others Reporting From Paris Climate Conference

Anti-geoengineering activists bring the truth to the UNESCO Climate Change Conference.  From the Left: Max Bliss, Terry Lawton,  Alexandra May Hunter, Michael Murphy, Olga Raffa and Patrick Roddie.

Anti-geoengineering activists bring the truth to the UNESCO Climate Change Conference. From the Left: Max Bliss, Terry Lawton, Alexandra May Hunter, Michael Murphy, Olga Raffa and Patrick Roddie.

The first two videos show Michael J. Murphy reporting from the International UNESCO Conference in Paris, which is being held from July 7-10 under the banner: “Our Common Future Under Climate Change.”  This third video, shot by Max Bliss presents reports from anti-geoengineering activists,  Olga Raffa, Alexandra May Hunter, Terry Lawton and Michael Murphy on Day 2 of the UNESCO meeting. This last one shows Olga Raffa presenting Sir David King with the UK directive to ban Geoengineering. Filmed at the Our common future under climate change conference in Paris 2015.   

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Does The 1985 Vatican City 100 Lire Show A Plane Spraying An Aerosol Trail Over The World?

100 Lire Vatican City Coin

100 Lire Vatican City Coin

This thirty-year old coin appears to show an image of a plane emitting an aerosol over the world on one side and John Paul II on the other.

800,000 of these 100 lire Vatican City coins were put into circulation in 1985.   The lira, (plural lire), was the currency of the Vatican City between 1929 and 2002, at which time this stainless steel coin went out of circulation.

At a glance it seems to symbolize a form of world domination via weather modification.   Is it a coincidence that thirteen years later, the new pope, Pope Francis is talking about “climate change” and the need to take action? Maybe not.

100 Lire Coin Now Out of Circulation

100 Lire Stainless Steel Coin Out of Circulation, But on E-bay

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