Twin Propeller Aircraft Sprays Aerosol Trail Over Whangarei 27 July 2016?

There were a number of short aerosol trails in the sky above Whangarei this morning.   This aerosol trail  seems to have been emitted from an aircraft flying at low altitude traveling from north to south at about 9.55am.

A check on showed that two twin propeller aircraft had recently passed over the region.  One from Onerahi, Whangarei, NZ8253 traveling to Auckland:

Actual Departure: Actual Arrival:
9:47 AM – Tue Jul-26-2016 10:21 AM – Tue Jul-26-2016

and the other, Air New Zealand 8679, which left from Kerikeri at 9:40 am and arrived in Auckland at 10.23am. Obviously and unfortunately, the evidence is not definitive, only suggestive.

A twin propeller craft was recorded spraying aerosol trails from its wings a little over 2 years ago.  Aaron Duncan filmed a Dash 8 emitting trails from its wings over Christchurch on June the 6th, 2014.


Aerosol trail, Whangarei at about 9.55am.


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Too Many Chemtrails Spoil New Western, ‘Outlaws & Angels’

Movie Westerns are typically set in the later half of the nineteenth century in the sheepleAmerican Old West where isolated, desolate-looking landscapes often play a significant role presenting a “…mythic vision of the plains and deserts of the American West” according to Wikipedia.
 Not surprisingly, movie watcher Bernie Steyn felt somewhat let down when he  watched the new JT Mollner movie, ‘Outlaws and Angels’ (2016) recently, a film supposedly set in the American wild west in 1887.  
As the screenshot he copied from one of the opening scenes shows, there was evidently no attempt made whatsoever to be true to the Western genre where the sky-scape was concerned. 
At least six aerosol trails can be seen dispersing here.  
One can surmise that it may have been too costly for the film makers to hang around waiting for a  clear blue sky to present itself, as aerosol spraying has become so frequent an activity?  Or perhaps the “powers-that-be” regard presenting aerosol trails in films blatantly like this ‘politically correct’ now?  Indeed, they are being shown in children’s cartoons regularly and as we saw in the ‘Kiwi Kids Cloud Identification Guide’, aerosol trails have become the new “Cirrostratus clouds“. 
Needless to state, we must resist and expose this fraud whenever we can.
Outlaws and Angels Casey
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New Billboard To Raise Awareness of Chemtrails Up In Toronto

Anti-chemtrails activist Suzanne Maher wrote on Facebook yesterday, the 23rd of July, 2016:


This little guy went up in Toronto last week. He is at the Danforth and Donlands for 8 weeks!  We called this little fella ‘Joey’, he looks like a Joey to me. Joey is imploring everyone to look up.

Joey is demanding some answers about our skies.   So can we.

Another great location, tons of pedestrians, drivers and cyclists. Well over 1,000,000 impressions a month.

I was able to speak to some people as we took some photos who were pretty adamant that “chemtrails are real” and they were going to do some investigating.

Joey is going to be up for “A Taste Of The Danforth”, Canada’s largest street festival in August. 1.65 million attendees annually.

poster Suzanne

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CIA Director’s “Geoengineering” Speech: The CIA & Weather Modification

Source: Eraofwisdom


“In this episode Spiro is joined by James Corbett to discuss Geoengineering (ChemTrails). We cover multiple documented aspects of weather modification. This video will challenge even the most skeptic people out there on this topic. We also talk about CIA Director John Brennan’s recent speech before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) promoting stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.”


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David Icke on Radio NZ National Tonight, Friday July 22nd

Author and public speaker, David Icke will be speaking on RadioNZ National radio shortly after 8pm tonight, Friday the 22nd of July, with host, Paul Brennan.   The interview was recorded yesterday.  You can listen online via the following link:

(Updated at 9.25pm) Here is the link to the full interview:


David Icke coming to Auckland, August 6th 2016

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MUST HEAR: Researcher Malcolm Scott – New Zealand’s Climate of Secrecy – July, 2016

Please share this post.  Mike Williams recently interviewed Christchurch-based post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott about the manner the New Zealand government has been responding to queries about aerosol operations aka “chemtrails.”

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Canterbury: Aerosol Trail & a Contrail at a higher altitude, in the same photo

This photo was taken by post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott at approximately 5.05pm on Saturday the 9th of July 2016 over Lake Ellesmere, Canterbury.
Offers Mr Scott: “In the center of the picture there is a tiny contrail from another aircraft traveling at a right angle to the first aircraft, which then crosses over the aerosol trail of the first aircraft.
This clearly indicates that there were two aircraft in the same relative location, crossing paths within 1-2 minutes of each other, the second aircraft apparently at a higher altitude and only emitting a short vapour trail.
I think any attempt of explanation that the first aircraft trail is normal exhaust ‘vapour’ would be ridiculous!”  Agreed. Thank-you Malcolm.  It will be interesting to read what the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry for the Environment have to report about this matter.2-9July16Canterbury
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Lost Arts Radio – Frequency Weapons Used on the Public – Barrie Trower & Ken Rohla, 18 July, 1pm NZT

On Monday the 18th of July at 1pm NZT Barrie Trower and Ken Rohla will both be on Lost Arts Radio talking to host, Richard Sacks about frequencies used against the public and potential countermeasures that can help us minimize the damage.  Those not near a computer can listen on 657-383-1002.  More here:

thumbnail_lost-arts-radio-show announcement   7-17-16  show #77 Barry Trower and Ken Rohla

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Chemtrails Tanker Nozzle Malfunction

How would the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, who fail to acknowledge the existence of aerosol trails, aka “chemtrails”, explain this occurrence?

Published on 13 Jul 2016

Secret chemical aerosol deployment by jet aircraft. Deployment nozzle malfunction occasionally reveals contrails as aerosol pollution.

Thanks to Harold Saive


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No Evidence of Dangerous Global Warming

NZCPR.COM, 10 July 2016 By Brian Leyland

Many articles in the Herald over the past few years have emphasised the dangers of man-made global warming (aka “climate change”) and warned us that extreme measures are needed to save us from this imminent climatic disaster. Almost without exception, the authors of these articles have assumed that man-made carbon dioxide causes dangerous global warming, rapid sea level rise and more floods, droughts, cyclones and so on.

But what does the evidence tell us?

Regarding world temperatures, historical records from ice cores tell us that it was warmer during the Mediaeval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period and the Bronze Age. The Mediaeval Warm Period was experienced all over the world including Australia and New Zealand.

The oldest set of recorded temperatures comes from central England and started in the mid 1600s. They show a temperature rise of a little more than 1°C – which is not surprising as the record started in the middle of the Little Ice Age. Since 1900 – which was fairly cold – most temperature records show that the world warmed quite rapidly up until the 1940s, then the temperature declined until 1975 when it rose again at the 1930s rate until about 2000.

Since the 1970s, satellite measured temperatures which, NASA says, are the most accurate, have been available and, if the two El Nino events are ignored, show no statistically significant temperature rise for the last 18 years. By contrast, the computer-based climate models predicted temperatures about 0.5° higher than they really are and the IPCC has admitted that 97% of its temperature predictions were much higher than actual temperatures. Should we believe the evidence or the models?


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