Flashback: Hail survives two weeks of heat buried on outback Queensland property

ABC.NET.AU 26-10-2019

Cattle producer Jack Walker found hailstones buried under dirt and debris on the outskirts of his farm near Theodore after the storm on October 11.

“We noticed the hail wasn’t melting so we’ve watched the hail and two weeks later it’s still there in places,” he said.

“We were just thinking ‘wow’ — I haven’t got an esky that good that I can put ice in and keep it for two weeks.”

Mr Walker said the mass of debris and ice had knocked down his flood fences as it swept several kilometres from the mountains down a creek.

More: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-26/two-weeks-after-storm-hail-not-melted-theodore/11642758?pfmredir=sm&fbclid=IwAR3oVdEdtOSvOXZnqmalyaGqzUfAFwZgrZ-IUs353WrXED-tqZehxqTQV_A

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Weather Warfare News: Very High Aluminium Content In Hailstones From Devastated Fruit Growing Region in South Island

Drought by design – The genociding of Australia

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Whangarei Air Thick with Particulates? Aerosol Trails Being Seen Day and Night

Have you developed a cough for no apparent reason?  Is your memory is not working as well as it normally does?   Is your nose running slightly?

The numerous aerosol trails that are apparent over Whangarei this month and the lack of rainfall, leave more aerosol particles to float in the air, meaning air quality is likely to be particularly poor and not good for health and it is a far more significant problem than inhaling a little more smoke pollution than usual.

As mentioned many times on this website, the results of  rainwater tests in New Zealand and elsewhere, (including Australia), suggest we are breathing in aluminium, strontium and barium, among other metals.   These toxins are being taken up through our sinuses and some may find its way into our brain.   The aluminium oxide is nano-sized, a free-radical generator and will cause early cell death of brain cells.   Nano meter is one billionth of a meter.  Thus, they are extremely tiny, pervasive and able to cross the blood-brain barrier.  More:  What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts.

As well as during the day, aerosol trails have been apparent at night time, indicating that they are not there for ‘solar radiation management’ reasons as some may claim.  See photos below showing trails on the 8th and 10th of January, 2020 at 10.10pm and 11.45pm respectively.

Barium and aluminium oxide are ingredients in nano-thermate explosives.  When these are sprayed into the atmosphere, then permeate the natural environment, they exist in small enough sizes to be taken up into the roots of trees and other plants.   When there is a forest fire, the fire will burn dramatically hotter as a result, [1].   This will account, in part at least, for why the Australian bush fires have been so hot and difficult to control.  A warning that we need to be on guard for fires and take measures to mitigate the chance of any occurring in our chemtrail-doused regions in future.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand national manager for rural fire, Tim Mitchell was quoted last Tuesday, 7th of January by the NZHerald as saying they were already seeing changes in terms of the length of the season and complexity of fires,  which were blamed wrongly on the ‘catch all’ “climate change.    The aerosolization of our atmosphere, which is really a weaponization of the weather (leading to droughts), atmosphere and environment are rightly to blame.

Above: Chemtrails with “streamers” coming off them.   9.35am, 12/1/2020 looking eastwards from Woodhill, Whangarei.  According to Frances Mangels, Californian retired USDA Biologist, by using a laser light at night his Astronomy Club found that an aerosol trail’s particulates may take half a day to fall when the trail has streamers falling off it, like this these four photographed from Whangarei on January the 12th 2020,  and when an aerosol trail is sprayed at an altitude of 30,000-40,000 feet and moving sideways and dispersing, its particulates may take 2, 3 or 4 days to reach earth. 

Night aerosol trails seen  at 10.10pm.  In parallel, 8/1/2020, north-south orientation

Taken from Whangarei. Trails see at night 11.45pm, 10th January, 2020



[1] Mark McCandlish, Former US  Defense Industry Technician. Go to 9 mins in YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=BaLCOQhRaFY



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‘It’s like a war zone’: Family tells of incredible escape from Bega Valley fire, Australia

It’s been almost two weeks since the South Coast couple endured the most terrifying experience of their lives as bushfire tore through their beloved Bega Valley in the early hours of New Year’s Eve, ravaging almost everything in its path.

Their 17-acre hobby farm at Quaama was wiped out in the blink of an eye, as was their son’s property at Yowrie. The ordeal was made even more excruciating by the fact the close-knit family was split between the two properties when the firefront hit and were unaware of each other’s fate until nearly 24 hours later.

More: https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/6575723/its-like-a-war-zone-family-tells-of-incredible-escape-from-bega-valley-fire/

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Smoke Plumes From Australia’s Vast Bush Fires Darken Northland, NZ Sky on the 5th of January

How sad it was to see the scale of the devastating Australian bush fires first hand today in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.   Even though the savagely fierce blazes are over 2.5 thousand kilometers away,  the fires created such a massive plume of dingy- coloured smoke that sunlight was obscured from the late afternoon on Sunday, the 5th of January, 2020.

The orangy plume became first apparent in Whangarei, Woodhill, shortly after 4pm, when it became strangely darker, like it does on the day of an eclipse.

There was an unearthly orange glow which deepened as the afternoon turned into evening and it felt colder than usual for this time of year.   According to weatherman, Philip Duncan, as reported in Stuff.co.nz, the plume could reduce temperatures by about 4-5 degrees Celsius. (Showing that the sun drives the climate, not carbon dioxide?)

The time of sunset is 8.42pm, but car drivers found it necessary to turn their headlights on a number of hours earlier than usual.   Some drivers had headlights on as early as 4.10pm. Most had headlights on just after 6pm and street lights were seen on early at 6pm.

The occurrence may be used to win sympathy for the climate change agendas, as the Australian bush fires themselves have been, as Australian-based researcher Max Igan explains in his videos Australia The Perfect Firestorm Created By Design’  and  ‘Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia’

See the photos taken from Whangarei, Woodhill between about 4.10pm and 6.04pm below.

Above: 4.10pm As it started to darken outside, daylight became orange.


Above: 4.49pm looking over Whangarei city from Woodhill.

6.04pm  State Highway 1 from Whangarei.   Street lights came on hours earlier and I saw some drivers choosing to drive with their headlights on shortly after 4pm.  By 6pm most drivers had their headlights on at a time when this would not normally be necessary at this time of year.


6.24pm Sky looking a darker orange. Taken from Woodhill, Whangarei. Looking to the north to the Western Hills.


Australia-New Zealand, 5th January Satellite image from EODIS.  Below: Thanks to Darrell McGrath for supplying this. Satellite image from the 4th of January showing plumes leaving NSW Australia

Bushfire smoke hangs over North Island again, https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/406707/bushfire-smoke-hangs-over-north-island-again

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Australia, The Perfect Firestorm Created By Design

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Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?


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Operation Torch Australia: A Special Report on the Geo-Engineered Firestorms & Arson Fires

From Beforeitsnews.com, by John Rolls (Reporter)
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Wildfires burning this December 2019

An Apocalyptic Geoengineering
Project of Epic Proportions

The Millennium Report / State of the Nation

Because of its relative isolation as “the Land Down Under”, the apocalyptic Australian wildfires throughout all of 2019 have received scant attention from the Mainstream Media (MSM).

That’s because the large island continent has been the victim of one of the greatest geoengineering projects in world history.

Truly, the highly combustible conditions that currently exist throughout that entire landmass are the product of years of progressively intensified geoengineering operations.

More: https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2019/12/operation-torch-australia-a-special-report-on-the-geo-engineered-firestorms-arson-fires-3709005.html

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A Decade Of Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Over Northland

On January the 2nd, 2010, when the sky was a far deeper blue than it is nowadays,  I took the first photos of atmospheric aerosol trails in Northland for this website.   They were a shocking and saddening sight, as was the evidence of what was to become the most severe drought in decades in early-2010.

Ten years on and the aerosol trail sightings and the drying out of the environment are still occurring regularly.    The photos below were taken on January the 1st, 2020 from Whangarei, Northland.

A number of callers to NewsTalkZB on New Year’s Day 2020 spoke of seeing a haze in the sky in areas of New Zealand that they believed was coming from the fires in New South Wales and Victoria, which is about 2,600-plus kilometers away.   Could the haze people were reporting seeing in New Zealand be aerosol trails dispersing, as well as, or rather than the smoke from the catastrophic Australian bush fires?   It could be a combination of the two sources or perhaps predominantly aerosol material, given how common sightings of aerosol trail spraying is in this country currently?      (Refer: Chemtrails over NZ on Facebook.com).

With the severe bush fires occurring in Australia, and the evidence that the atmospheric aerosols could be increasing the flammability of vegetation, should we be concerned about fire here?  As Max Igan recently pointed out,  the main components of the aerosols are the same as sparklers and the aerosols sprayed may be occurring with global arson on the agenda.  It seems evident that we should be concerned and for a host of reasons.

Aerosol trails evident on January 1st, 2020 at 8.30pm. looking westwards from Whangarei.

New Year’s day, January 1st, 2020 taken from Woodhill, Whangarei at about 6.25pm

Two trails evident within one trail. 7.24pm January 1st, 2020

It seems likely that aerosol particulates are serving a range of functions.  Many activists believe that the weather is being modified and extremes are being created using aerosols in order to win sympathy for climate change agendas.     (As we have seen, the fires in Australia are being used to win sympathy for “climate change” agendas.  For instance read:  Australia bushfires: PM’s climate stance criticised as thousands flee blazes)

On another sinister note,  we have been breathing in the heavy metals from the aerosol trails for 10 years now at least and are now potentially receptors for electromagnetic frequency devices of which 5G will play a disruptive and harmful role.

Advise the petition organizers in the International Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space:   “At least five companies are proposing to provide 5G from space from a combined 20,000 satellites in low- and medium-Earth orbit that will blanket the Earth with powerful, focused, steerable beams. Each satellite will emit millimeter waves with an effective radiated power of up to 5 million watts from thousands of antennas arranged in a phased array.”

5G is planned to be an inescapable command and control surveillance grid of which the aerosol trails are playing a stealth role.


The U.S Military Will Use Weather as a Weapon on AMERICAN Citizens

On October the 2nd, 2001, Rep. Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the Space Preservation Act of 2001 – HR 2977, which called for the elimination of ‘exotic weaponry’ from space, including weather-modifying weapons such as ‘chemtrails.’  While this Act was amended and the term ‘chemtrails’ removed, the original which shows this technology exists, is on the Congressional Record.

The aerosols could also be being used to reduce our IQs.    The particles are believed  to be nano-sized, thus easily inhaled and able to cross the blood-brain barrier.  More:  What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts.

As mentioned previously, according to California-based Master gardener and retired

Aerosol particulates from trails with “streamers” falling may take about half a day to reach the ground, according to Frances Mangels. Photo Whangarei, 2nd January 2010.

USDA Biologist, Frances Mangels, by using a laser light at night his Astronomy Club found that an aerosol trail’s particulates may take half a day to fall when the trail has streamers falling off it, like this one photographed on January the 2nd 2010,  and when an aerosol trail is sprayed at an altitude of 30,000-40,000 feet and moving sideways and dispersing, its particulates may take 2, 3 or 4 days to reach earth.

Scientific Observations by Francis Mangels

Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack

Breaking: Air Force Chemtrail Whistleblower Exposes Geoengineering

Infowars: Latest IPCC Report Admits Chemtrails Exist


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Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia

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NSW considering evacuating up to 90 towns if they run out of water

Panoramic landscape of suburban houses in rural neighbourhood in Australia

The NSW state government is considering evacuating the residents of as many as 90 towns that are seriously affected by drought if they completely run out of water.

For months, many towns in rural NSW have been relying on water being trucked in but that is only a short-term solution, and bore water is only available to some towns.

More:  https://www.thefifthestate.com.au/articles/day-zero-might-mean-tough-choices-for-90-towns-looking-at-new-locations/?fbclid=IwAR2MCDy8DV31wa8EhIjV-LUeSLj0jWDwblskcXGX1kaVZuSIx05SxGoKpWU

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