Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles Reduce Plant Growth

From left to right, control, 0.1%, 0.5%, and 1% aluminum oxide treated seedlings.

From left to right, control, 0.1%, 0.5%, and 1% aluminum oxide.  As aluminum oxide nanoparticles increased, the average lengths of 3-week old tobacco seedling roots decreased.

A paper by Caitlin E. Burklew, Jordan Ashlock, William B. Winfrey and Baohong Zhang (2012), titled ‘Effects of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles on the Growth, Development, and microRNA Expression of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)’ and published online at, shows that as the concentration of aluminum oxide nanoparticles increase, the average lengths of three-week old tobacco seedling roots decrease.

They also found that as the concentration of aluminum oxide nanoparticles increased, the average biomass of each three-week old seedling decreased (See Table 1 below). The biomass for the seedlings exposed to 0.1%, 0.5%, and 1% aluminum oxide nanoparticles significantly decreased as nanoparticle concentration increased. They concluded that the drastic change in the reduction of seedling biomass was most likely related to the decreasing lengths of roots.


This does not bode at all well for the future of food grown outdoors if the spraying of nano-sized particles of aluminium in atmospheric aerosols is allowed to continue globally.  We must call a stop to this utter insanity.  The military-industrial complex is out of control and it is not in anyone’s best interests to allow this poisoning of the planet to continue unabated.  Time is running out.  We must all make a stand to protect our environment for future generations, while we still can.

To see this article in full, go here:

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What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts.

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Large Aerosol Trail Seen Over Auckland on Tuesday, 3 May at 11am

This first photo was taken from Mt Roskill at 11am approximately.   The second photo shows the same trail about 15 minutes later.  This was evidently not a vapour trail, as it lingered and spread out.james mt roskill 11am James mt roskill 11.15am

caleb IMG_3191

Photo: Caleb L., Showing the same trail over Auckland, May 3, 2016. 11am. Note the  puffs at regular intervals along the bottom of this, suggesting a piston pump was used to eject the matter.

Thank-you very much to Tavia Kane of Sandringham, Auckland for sharing this video of the same trail, which she took at about 11am this morning from Sandringham.  Unfortunately, the plane involved was not identified using

Showing the same aerosol trail.  This photo was also shot in Auckland and by Helen Wd of the Facebook group, Chemtrails over NZ, which currently has 1484 members.  Note the aircraft in the foreground of this photo revealing the monstrous size of the aerosol trail.

Helen wd

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Canterbury drought forcing farmers to de-stock

north canterbury 28 April

Photos: Marian Sutherland. A faint aerosol trail can be seen in the sky in North Canterbury among what looks like more faux ‘cloud.’

chch alison A April 20

Christchurch, April 20th showing faux, chemical cloud with oil-slick colours.                   Photo: Alison A. April 20th, 2016.

As readers are aware, the widespread use of atmospheric aerosols is leading to severe droughts.  This one in Canterbury is the most severe these farmers have ever experienced.

Newshub (TV3) 28th Aril 2016

North Canterbury is into the second year of a serious drought, and it’s forcing some farmers to take drastic action and de-stock their farms.

The average rainfall for Waipara is 627mm per year, but in the past 12 months it got just 446mm.

Most of that was in January, and since then there’s been about a third of the normal amount. In February, only 19mm fell. In March it was 32mm, and April just 16mm.

One farmer says if it doesn’t rain soon he’ll be forced to get another job.

Omihi farmer Nick Hamilton is in survival mode — there’s barely a blade of grass on his 300 hectare farm and every day he feeds out hay that was set aside for winter.

He’s already sent 1200 ewes and 60 cattle out of the district for grazing and he’s hoping to have the last 800 gone by next week.

“It’s supposed to be a bit easier than this in the autumn time, we expect to be dry in north Canterbury but we didn’t predict this,” he says.

“To send all our sheep away is unprecedented.”


Below:  These photos, showing a Jet Star plane spraying an aerosol trail over North Canterbury on April the 22nd, 2016, were taken by Marian Sutherland who wrote: “Jetstar 284, Dunedin to Auckland at high altitude (37,000 ft) in background, while in the foreground and reducing speed and altitude, an Air NZ plane heading in to Christchurch International Airport. They are actually a very long distance away from each other.”north canterbury april22north canterbury Marian

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RadioNZ On Prince & His Interest in Chemtrails


Paul Casserly

Paul Casserly spoke to Kathryn Ryan about the late-Prince’s interest in chemtrails on RadioNZ’s Nine-to-noon just before midday today.   Casserly, who referred to information posted at, but did not mention the website’s name, said he wished he had not gone down that rabbit hole, suggesting that he would rather not have known about it, but said he found this area of research fascinating.   He sounded far more balanced and open-minded than many other mainstream media radio hosts we’ve heard in a long time.  Hear what he said here:


Did The Chemtrail Flu Kill Prince?

Special Report: Was Prince Murdered By Illuminati Record Execs?

Did the Chemtrail Flu Kill Prince and Merle Haggard?

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OrganicNZ Magazine Has Eyes On The Skies But Not On The Facts

May/June Issue • Eyes on the skies: Erin Evis investigates geoengineering 

The latest issue of OrganicNZ magazine  has brought atmospheric aerosol trails/geoengineering out from the shadows to address evidence which shows the environment is being poisoned and more.  However, the article is sadly inundated with misinformation and it erroneously suggests that these highly toxic, malevolent programs may not even be occurring.

Its author, Erin Evis, who is a member of Chemtrails over NZ on Facebook, asks rhetorically in the first paragraph: “How many of us notice, though, that our skies are increasingly littered with ‘chemtrails’ or ‘contrails,’….”  thus implying to the uninformed that these are the same phenomenon.  They are not.   Unfortunately, she has also claimed that condensation trails “last just a few minutes,”  which is also misleading, as the contrails we observe normally dissipate rapidly, in under a minute and according top lay aerosol researcher, Clifford Carnicom, they last 2 minutes or less not a few minutes. Continue reading

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Thick Haze of Aerosol Particulates Cloud Arapuni Air on April 25th, 2016

By James T. of Arapuni

If it’s a clear day, why can’t I see forever?  These photos were taken at about 4:30pm on Sunday the 25th of April, 2016 in Arapuni, New Zealand looking West towards Maungatautari mountain.    This mountain is only a few kilometers away, but obscured by bright white aerosol particulates.  Also, the sky is not blue in that direction. It’s obviously the reflective nano-spheres that the powers-that-be are using, but deny using to stop the non-existent phenomenon of “man-made global warming.”   It could be the worst haze I have seen over the mountain. I also feel a bit crook after being out in this stuff earlier on, when it wasn’t so visible.ara3ara2


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Video: Skies Far From Natural by South Canterbury Sky Watch

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Weather Channel founder reveals UN agreement a hustle

By Craig Rucker of CFACTcafc6a74-8c30-471c-9438-fd20ffc36c17.png

President Obama has chosen this “Earth Day” to bypass Senate ratification and send Secretary of State John Kerry to sign America onto the terrible new UN Paris climate agreement.

This represents a radical legal and substantive departure from past American policy.

Who benefits from a climate agreement that won’t change world temperature?

Weather Channel founder John Coleman lays out the facts and recommends Climate Hustle in this morning’s USA Today:

“The hard cold truth is that the basic theory has failed. Many notable scientists reject man-made global warming fears. And several of them, including a Nobel Prize winner, are in the new Climate Hustle movie. The film is an informative and even humorous new feature length movie that is the ultimate answer to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. It will be shown one day only in theaters nationwide on May 2.”

The UN has long coveted this agreement and the redistribution of wealth and power that comes with it.

People need to wake up to the threat this document represents. 

On May 2nd Climate Hustle will be shown in hundreds of movie theaters across the United States for a one-night special event.  John Coleman will provide a celebrity introduction, and it will be followed by an exclusive, power-packed panel discussion.

It’s just the vehicle to open minds and start people asking the questions the climate hustlers can’t and won’t answer.

Get your advance tickets today.

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White Haze In The Air & Aerosol Trails in Whangarei on April 22

I made a point of taking these photos today because, as Clifford Carnicom highlights in a article posted on his website on March the 19th, 2016, there are very real relationships between how far you can see, the concentration levels of particulates in the atmosphere, and ultimately our mortality.

My partner and I both felt as if our lungs were congested today and when I walked outside, this feeling became noticeably worse.  These first 3 photos were taken on the morning of the 22nd of April, 2016 from Woodhill, looking towards the Whangarei CBD, towards Mount Parahaki in the second photo and Onerahi in the third.  The last 2, showing aerosol trails, were taken at about 4.45pm from Woodhill.


Visibility reduced as a result of bright-white aerosol particulates



A white haze in the air. Whangarei, April 22, 2016



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Prince, Dick Gregory on Chemtrails & Manganese

Prince exposed the issue of “chemtrails” to millions.  It is very sad he has passed on.

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