Freedom Rally At The Beehive, Jan 14th, Starts at 1pm

Hello everyone,

This is a bit out of the ordinary, but so are these times.

As some of you will know already, troubling information has come to light, which strongly suggests the New Zealand government plans to institute another lock down without a valid health-related reason, on or around January the 15th. This lockdown of businesses will be used to centralize economic and political power further, just as the destructive weather modification technology has been used to do, for over a decade now.

There will be a Freedom Rally at the Beehive, which starts at 1pm for the reasons stated in this poster. Bring your placards and a loud voice.

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Join Our Freedom Rally In Aotea Square, Auckland On Saturday, 9th at 12pm

Dear Friends,

There is an important protest occurring in Auckland, at Aotea Square from 12pm-2pm. Please come and join us and make a stand for freedom. Share this message with your friends and family.

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Cargo Plane En Route To Hong Kong From Auckland, Dumps Chemtrail Over Upper Northland at 11.20pm

11.20pm, December 31, 2020, passing DHL cargo plane leaves chemtrail

From John of Doubtless Bay, Northland, New Zealand.

On New Year’s Eve, John, a contributor to this website, was sitting outside at a fairly high altitude above Doubtless Bay, in the Far North. Doubtless Bay is a bay situated on the east coast of the Northland Region, north-east of Kaitaia, in New Zealand. He had an amazing outlook on a still clear night with a full moon and then the deliberate pollution of the sky sullied the evening. “I saw a blatant act of chemical dumping across the beautiful night sky at 11.20pm. The photo isn’t the best, but it was quite a sight.”

The front line is just the moon ray which was taken by my phone.
The less defined on at the rear is the chemtrail. I know its not the best photo, but cripes it was very defined in real! The plane was visible for about 5 minutes afterwards going north. It looked to have stopped emitting the trail by the time it got near the end of land!
There were 7 of us at the gathering last night. Other people took pictures of it but I don’t know them personally. One was a DOC worker from Kerikeri!

It was a Boeing 747-87UF, operated by Polar Air, a cargo plane traveling from Auckland to Hong Kong according to “Skulduggery!” writes John.

In June 2020 Polar Air Cargo became a member of Pharma.Aero, a global cross-industry association, aligning members to collaborate and enhance end to end air transportation of pharmaceuticals, including the “covid-19” vaccine.

Polar Air Cargo Worldwide Inc., a subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, is an American cargo airline based in Purchase, New York.[2]

DHL Delivers First Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines to Singapore

DHL completes Polar Air deal

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Some Motueka fruit growers lose entire crop in hailstorm

RNZ 27 Dec 2020

By Jean Bell

A Motueka fruit growers association says the millions of dollars worth of fruit that is ruined following a devastating hail storm that hit the Nelson region yesterday is a bitter pill to swallow.

No caption

Hail in Motueka yesterday. Photo: Twitter / Ben Hodges


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The Tribune Raises Issue of Aluminium-Contaminated Hailstones & More, Plus Publishes Letter About Chemtrails

Weather Warfare News: Very High Aluminium Content In Hailstones From Devastated Fruit Growing Region in South Island

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Northland Ground Drying Out in mid-December Amid Days of Numerous Trails & Hot Weather

The photographs were taken over the last three weeks from Whangarei. What look like potential rain clouds have been coming over, but are not producing rain. The aerosol trails appear to be being sprayed into the atmosphere the day before the banks of grey clouds arrive. For those who are new to this topic, read this article on the BBC website regarding the suppressive effects of aerosols on rain: Air Pollution Stops Rain

RNZ has reported that the soil is drier than normal in Northland, as it is in Coromandel, Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Tasman and eastern Southland in the report titled Green drought’ looms with hot, dry week forecast.’ dated the 13th of December. Forecaster Chris Brandolino said it was unlikely that this week’s dry period would be a permanent feature of the summer. Something tells me he is being too optimistic…

Whangarei, Kamo, Photo: Jacqui November 28th
Circa December 10th, Whangarei, looking north from Woodhill. A grid of chemtrails.

Aerosol trails are a far-more common sight in summer than they were in winter, 2020.

December the 17th in Whangarei backyard, where the grass is browning.
December, Whangarei aerosol trails litter sky again
Circa 5th December, a sky littered with aerosol trails. Looking westwards from Whangarei.
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New Article Honours Anti-Geoengineering Activist, Rosalind Peterson’s Environmental Legacy

The work of anti-geoengineering activist Rosalind Peterson, who passed away in February, 2018, has been recognized in a thoughtful article titled: Warrior for Clean Skies: Anti-Geoengineering Activist Rosalind Peterson’s Environmental Legacy (2020) , by Dr Rob Williams, Ph.D. of Vermont, USA.

The in depth tribute and account of Ms Peterson’s work was published in the Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal –Vol.7, No.11 and posted on the Our Geoengineering Age website.

Ms Peterson founded the trail-blazing California Skywatch and was a co-founder of the Agricultural Defense Coalition. Her websites hosted information to allow the public to research what is being sprayed into the atmosphere and who stands to gain from weather modification and geoengineering programs.

She was a Keynote Speaker at the 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change (New York on September 5-7, 2007) where she spoke about agriculture and the negative impacts of experimental weather modification programs on tree and plant health, along with other important issues.

She raised awareness of the harm caused by geoengineering/aerosol crimes and weather manipulation during numerous radio and TV shows she took part in over the years, including on the popular and Jeff Rense shows.

A message to us all, Dr Rob Williams wrote at the conclusion of the article: “To this day, her groundbreaking work challenges conventional wisdom about the causes of climate change, and brings urgent attention to myriad clandestine geoengineering projects as the unacknowledged primary drivers of environmental despoliation. And her work demonstrates the vital importance of citizen science to bring about a healthier planet. In the final analysis, Peterson proved beyond worthy of her memorial tribute–a warrior for clean skies, the survival of healthy trees, plants, marine life, and humanity.”


Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere – Rosalind Peterson

Rosalind Peterson: Weather Hedge Funds

Patrick Lynch Of Free Truth Radio Interviews Rosalind Peterson

Rosalind Peterson On Toxic Reality Radio On August 18, 2012 (NZT)

Interview with James Corbett – In The Zone with Rosalind Peterson

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Chemtrail Blitzkrieg over Whangarei During Week of Declaring a “Climate Emergency”

The mainstream media and political system in conjunction with a host of disinformation websites are enabling the powers-that-shouldn’t be to control the ‘climate change’ debate, to put the blame for extreme weather on fossil fuel, cow farts, methane and carbon dioxide, while claiming “chemtrails,” are water vapour.

It was reported by TVNZ on November the 26th that the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern will declare a “climate emergency on behalf of New Zealand” this coming week. When there is no official acknowledgment of the deluge of the drought-inducing weather modification technology in use in New Zealand, her declaration is that of a pirate in the process of destroying our way of life by way of subterfuge.

The following photos were taken on the evening of Saturday the 28th of November, 2020. The aerosol spraying was very heavy, as can be seen in this sample of photos that were taken. A known effect of this particulate dumping is to manipulate the weather and poison the environment. We are breathing in the toxic fall out, as are all other animals that breathe. See: Dr Russell Blaylock Talks About the Health Effects of Inhaling Chemtrail Particulates This is Fact – not Fiction. This dumping of heavy metals upon our people is bringing about Alzheimer’s and respiratory diseases. We are witnessing an Act of Treason. The life of every living creature on this Planet is literally at stake.

MetService reported that rain was expected on Sunday the 29th. (See screenshot below). At the time of writing, although the sky was covered in grey clouds for a number of hours, only a little rain had fallen. If this changes, I will let you know.

Aerosol trail dispersing. Looking towards the north-west. Note the pinky-look to the aerosol.
Evening 28th November 2020
Looking towards the west on the evening of the 28th of November
Aerosol trails dispersing, November the 28th, evening time
Looking to the west from Whangarei, November 28th, evening time


Shocking Mass Aerosol Dump In Waikato on the 23rd November, 2014

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Numerous Aerosols Trails in Parallel Dumped on Christchurch, NZ 15 Nov 2020

Thank-you to Scotty Gibson, who took this photo from Horncastle Arena in Christchurch today.

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Chemtrails are Not Contrails: Radiometric Evidence

Journal of Geography Environment and Earth Science International – March 2020

DOI: 10.9734/jgeesi/2020/v24i230199 Concerted efforts are made to deceive the public into falsely believing the jet-emplaced tropospheric aerosol trails, called chemtrails by some, are harmless ice-crystal contrails from aircraft engine exhaust-moisture. Our objective is to use radiometric measurements in the range 250-300 nm to show that a typical chemtrail is not a contrail, and to generalize that finding with additional data. Methods: We utilized International Light Technologies ILT950UV Spectral Radiometer mounted on a Meade LXD55 auto guider telescope tripod and mount assembly.

Results: Radiometric solar irradiance spectra data that included the transit of a typical tropospheric aerosol trail between radiometer-sensor and the solar disc showed significant absorption during the transit period. The during-transit absorption is wholly inconsistent with the almost negligible adsorption by ice, but is wholly consistent with absorption by aerosolize particulates, including coal fly ash. This result is consistent with other aerosol-trail physical phenomena observations. Conclusions: The public and the scientific community have been systematically deceived into falsely believing that the pervasive, jet-sprayed ‘chemtrails’ are harmless ice-crystal contrails.

We have presented radiometric measurements which unambiguously prove the falsity of that characterization for one specific, but typical instance. We show in a more general framework that the physical manifestations of the aerial trails are inconsistent with ice-crystal contrails, but entirely consistent with aerosol particulate trails. We describe potential reasons for the deception, and cite the extremely adverse consequences of the aerial particulate spraying on human and environmental health. For the sake of life on Earth, the modification of the natural environment by aerial particulate spraying and other methodologies must immediately and permanently end.


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Video: New Zealand’s Food Supply Sabotage & More

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