Willem Felderhof – An Airline Pilot Discusses Aerotoxic Syndrome, Chemtrails, & Geoengineering

Veritas Radio, 

Published on 25th Jan 2018.  Link here:


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Toxic Aerial Spraying Operation By NZ Forest Managers Underway










More info here: http://www.nzfm.co.nz/news/articles/view/2018/01/upcoming-aerial-spraying-operations

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URGENT HEALTH ALERT for New Zealanders Who Want to Limit Their Exposure to Radio-frequency Radiation

This is a call for submissions to be made promptly on legislation that may phase out telephone landlines in New Zealand.  The closing date for submissions is February the 2nd.

Those who want to remain in phone contact with friends and family but do not wish to be constantly exposed to radio-frequency radiation may care to write a brief submission on the importance of retaining copper landline access for public health and safety reasons.

(For example, you could contrast the risks involved with using cellphones versus having a safe corded landline phone and mention that a safe corded landline phone will work in an emergency when a home has lost power in a blackout affecting an area, whereas cellular phone infrastructure may not work in this situation.)

There is also going to be a template submission for New Zealand written that will be made available via www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz

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Dr Dietrich Klinghardt with Wendy Myers: How Toxic Metals Promote Parasites

This is not new, but users of this site who have not heard it before, may find it useful.

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Were the 2010 UK Cumbria Shootings Committed To Help Conceal Real Reason Behind 2009 Floods?

To the users of this website, watch this four-part film by researcher Richard D Hall to the end if you wish to understand why it is posted here.  

Those at the highest levels of power are spending an unbridled fortune on trying to convince the public that (carbon-dioxide induced) “man-made climate change” is real.   Flooding in Cumbria, England in November, 2009, which led to a policeman being swept away to his death, may have been one of a multitude of manufactured “climate-related” environmental disasters.

Related:  Flood Experience Boosts Climate Change Acceptance

The engineered nature of the flooding was going to be exposed by a solicitor named Kevin Commons, who was seeking compensation for its victims.  It may have been Commons who was the main target of the Cumbria shootings of 2010.  

Published on Richplanet.net by Richard D Hall:

In June 2010 Cumbria suffered one of the worst criminal acts involving firearms in British history. Twelve people were killed and eleven injured at 24 shooting locations. The mainstream media rushed to Whitehaven the same day and had the entire case all wrapped up before the sun had set. They named the perpetrator as Derrick Bird, who they said was responsible for the entire massacre. It didn’t take them long to then explain his motives, and it seemed there were many. This case immediately suggested to me there was more to these shootings than had been discovered. In December 2013 I started my own investigation, and I have now spoken to dozens of first hand witnesses. The film follows my search for the truth and, demonstrates major anomalies in the evidence which suggests there could be an entirely different motive for what happened that day.

Link Here: http://www.richplanet.net/starship_main.php?ref=205&part=1

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Reggae Legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Calls Out Chemtrails and 5G Pollution

Wakingtimes.com    18 January 2018  By Vic Bishop

It’s been called a conspiracy theory so many times that it’s easy for people to overlook the ever-growing body of evidence that atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) is in fact happening today. It is well-documented that governments the world over have geoengineering programs, which include cloud-seeding and the airborne dispersal of aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium and other toxic agents.


More: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/01/18/reggae-legend-lee-scratch-perry-calls-chemtrails-5g-pollution/

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TV One’s Weatherman Normalizing Evidence of Unnatural Goings On?

15 Jan 2018 2Corbett

The odd-looking cloud formations shown during the 6 o’clock news on TV One on Monday, January the 15th by weatherman, Daniel Corbett, were introduced as: “Some really cool-looking clouds…”    Let’s hope that one day mainstream weather presenters talk about the weather modification technology that is in play globally.  Note what appears to be an obvious aerosol trail in the first image at the level of his head.

In my opinion, the odd formations and aerosol trails, of which these images provide an example of,  provide evidence to show that so-called “global warming” and extremes in weather are being manufactured to meet nefarious agendas.

Here are some more supposedly “natural” formations found among satellite imagery at ‘rapidfire,’ that were taken over New Zealand in 2013, which I had on record:




Currently there is a poll on the TVNZ website (see below), asking the public if they believe New Zealand’s record rain is the result of (carbon-dioxide, fossil-fuel induced) “global warming.”    Evidence shows that global warming is an engineered hoax that is being promoted as a repairable environmental issue – supposedly repairable if the public pays carbon taxes, among other sacrifices.    Will the powers-that-be cease manipulating the weather if we pay carbon taxes?  They have too much to gain from controlling the weather, so it seems highly unlikely.   Carbon taxes may be used to fund weather modification globally?

TVNZ website being used to monitor belief in the global warming scam?
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Aerosol Trail Blitz, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, January 11 2018

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All the biggest lies about climate change and global warming DEBUNKED in one astonishing interview

Image: All the biggest lies about climate change and global warming DEBUNKED in one astonishing interview

Everything you’ve been told about global warming, climate change and carbon dioxide by the mainstream media — and mainstream “science” — is an outright lie. Far from being a dangerous poison, carbon dioxide is a miraculous life-giving nutrient that plants need to thrive. Rising carbon dioxide is actually helping “green” the planet, as any legitimate science already knows. Without CO2 in the atmosphere, nearly all life on the planet would collapse, including both human life and plant life. (See my numerous science videos, below, which explain all this in detail.)

More:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-30-all-the-biggest-lies-about-climate-change-and-global-warming-debunked-in-one-astonishing-interview.html

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Military planes carpet bomb hurricane-traumatized victims in Texas with neurotoxins

The war on humanity continues unabated in Texas, where over one million acres of land are being carpet-bombed with the aerial spraying of neurotoxic chemicals in an effort to kill mosquitoes. Texas authorities are openly lying to citizens, claiming these poisons are magically not poisons at all when they come into contact with humans. Even more alarmingly, Texas authorities are urging their citizens to use other toxic chemicals on their skin — chemicals that are part of a binary weapon system that causes Alzheimer’s and dementia by incurring permanent brain damage (see the science, below).

“U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes began spraying insecticides over three eastern Texas counties over the weekend and will expand to other areas over the next two weeks, officials from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) said,” reports Reuters. “About 1.85 million acres have been treated as of Tuesday, according to the department.”

In effect, the State of Texas is unleashing weapons of mass destruction against its own citizens, generating trillions of dollars in long-term health care costs that financially benefit the drug makers who sell prescription “treatments” for Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer and other diseases caused by chemical exposure. The aerial bombardment of high-density population centers, it turns out, is a revenue generating activity for the for-profit “sick care” industry that has infiltrated the entire Texas legislature.

“DSHS is working with counties that have requested assistance with mosquito control to coordinate spraying by two state contractors and federal support through FEMA and the U.S. Air Force Reserve,” reports the official DSHS website. “A total of approximately 4.36 million acres has been sprayed across all areas.”

More: https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-09-18-texas-carpet-bombs-its-own-hurricane-traumatized-victims-with-neurological-poisons-sprayed-from-military-planes.html

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