Alex Jones Historic NYE 2016 Broadcast

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Aerosol Dumps in Northland -Again

The photos were taken between 8pm and 8.25pm on Sunday the 4th of December, 2016 looking west from Woodhill, Whangarei and show aerosol trails dispersing.  dscn0571dscn0570dscn0572dscn0577

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Australian Weather Modification History

Atmospheric Rain Ionization by Jack Toyer 1970s
Weather Modification History
By: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Geoengineering, HAARP, and the Space Fence Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes

The Awakening Liberty Show, Today I welcomed back Elana Freeland the author of “Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth.” Also joining us was former HAARP engineer Billy Hayes aka the HAARP man! Are the Elite conducting trans-humanist experimentation on mankind? Have all of us already been chipped with Nanobot technology? Has weather been weaponized to bully nations opposed to the agenda and influence international policies? Is the Space Fence a first generation, matrix like computer program designed to enslave mankind? Could the rings of Saturn be a prototype or influencing design? If all of this or even some of it is true, how can we protect ourselves? 

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Criss-Cross Aerosol Trail Formation Over Whangarei 24/11

It was yet another day during which aerosol trails were readily apparent and  as we do not often observe such obvious examples of the criss-cross formation here over Whangarei I decided to post these photos.  This first one was photographed at about 7.50pm on Thursday, the 24th of November, 2016 from Woodhill, looking eastward.  The second photo was taken in the morning of the same day and shows a sky replete with aerosol material.   There was a browney-yellow halo around the sun as a consequence.dscn0551ok


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Harold Saive: Proof Global Warming Caused by Climate Engineering and Chemtrails

Harold Saive, published on 27 Oct 2016

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Incessant Rain causes serious problems for farmers in Waikato-Hauraki Plains Region

Farmers Weekly  October 14, 2016

Dire weather in the Waikato-Hauraki Plains area is taking its toll on farmers and stock, slicing the top off the milk peak and affecting dairy herd mating cycles.

Weather patterns in the region have bought incessant rain for the past five weeks with low sunshine hours degrading pasture quality and high water tables making full grass use impossible.

The physical impact of the conditions has started to manifest on farmers’ mental health with Waikato Rural Support Trust reporting a surge in calls to its helpline from farmers nearing the end of their tether at what would normally be a high grass-growth, high-production phase of the season.

Trust chairman and north Waikato farmer Neil Bateup was receiving a call a day.

“September can be reasonably high for calls but it is October 12 and the calls so far this month are already equal to all of September.

Only two of the last 26 days were dry.

The calls reflected the level of stress the conditions were generating, ranging from friends and family calling on behalf of farmers they recognised with mental health issues to conflicts between staff, contract milkers and owners.

“Then we are getting those calls from people who just do not know where to turn to, don’t have any feed for their cows and really are at their wits end.”

Bateup farms in a region subject to more than its share of extremes in the past decade, suffering particularly badly during the drought of 2008, but the recent wet weather was proving tougher to deal with than drought.

“This is simply more concentrated in terms of its effect. The drought is always slower coming and you can and do adjust your plans as you see that.”


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Climate scientist shows why greenhouse gases aren’t behind observed ‘global warming’

USBlastingNews  22 Sept 2016  By Thomas Richard

Dr. Peter Ward is a full-time climate scientist, and his surprising new research shows how little greenhouse gases impact our planet.

Clouds form as solar rays hit the stratosphere. Photo – Pixabay

Climate scientist Dr. Peter L. Ward will be showcasing new research that details how the uptick in man-made greenhouse gases is too small to influence #Climate Change. Furthermore, he says not a single scientist has conclusively proven—at least to him—that greenhouse gases cause global warming. He even issued a challenge to pay $10,000 to anyone who can show man-made emissions such as carbon dioxide cause global warming. So far no one has won.

Many may recall Bill Nye, the ‘#Science guy, illustrating how greenhouse gases work through a tabletop experiment. In it, Nye fills one container with regular air and another with carbon dioxide (CO2) and exposes each to radiation from a sun-like heat lamp. According to greenhouse gas theory, the CO2-filled container should show a rise in temperatures, which it did. Nye ended up proving that convection, not infrared, raised the temperatures of the container. Convection has no role in climate change.

‘Right result, wrong physics’

That’s according to a paper that reproduced Nye’s experiment. The paper, published in the American Journal of Physics, used the non-greenhouse gas Argon as an experimental control gas because it has no greenhouse-gas properties, e.g., no infrared absorption. By reproducing what Nye did, even the Argon gas heated up. What Nye had proven, the authors wrote, was CO2’s convective heat transport abilities and not its infrared properties.


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Flashback: Rain-free weddings: UK firm will use cloud seeding to keep rain away for £100,000

Belfast Telegraph   3/2/15   By Andrew Griffin

A new service, from UK company Oliver’s Travels, will charge £100,000 to use chemicals to keep rain from falling and ruining weddings.

The firm will offer the service for certain venues in France, and hopes to bring it to the UK eventually “if it takes off”.

The technology uses silver iodide to “seed” the clouds — the compound allows the water vapour in the clouds to condense, and then produces rain.

The company’s meteorologists and pilots will begin planning three weeks in advance of the wedding, forcing the clouds to rain so that the sky is clear by the time of the date.

“The cloud will be burst over a period of 24 hours,” the company says. “The project itself will take around 3 weeks all in all. It would take a week to get the airplane, pilot and meteorologist to France and back. The crew will need to be on the ground at least a week before the event.”

The company says that “cloud seeding is now considered a mainstream tool, primarily to improve rain precipitation and snow”. While that is somewhat true — it is often used in China, where it was put to work to try and keep rain from affecting the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony — experts disagree on how effective it can be.

But the company says that it can guarantee success, unless a natural disaster such as a hurricane happens.

It says that it will be initially run in select areas of France because there are certain rules in place. The company will only fly at least 30 kilometres from major airports, it said.


Cloud seeding is not new technology. During the Vietnam war the United States used similar methods to modify the weather under a highly classified program called Operation Popeye. The operation was used to induce rain and extend the East Asian Monsoon season specifically over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.




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C Fact: Call off the “death spiral”

C Fact on 23/9/16    Climate campaigners love to stoke fears about ice.  They do this to distract us from the fact that their climate models continue to project warmer temperatures than real-world observations record.

Arctic sea ice extent for 2016 is up nearly 25 percent over 2012 levels as polar temperatures continue to drop. The information comes from satellite imagery provided by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), which has been tracking Arctic ice extent since satellite measurements began in 1979.”

Polar bears continue to thrive, contrary to the ongoing polar bear propaganda campaign.

On the other end of the Earth, Antarctic ice continues to expand.  This is very inconvenient for the the warming narrative, as the sea level scare campaign is based on projections of massive melting of Antarctic land ice that is simply not occurring.  Land ice impacts sea levels.  Sea ice not so much.

We’re just back from Canada where Friday night’s showing of Climate Hustle was standing room only.   Marc Morano, the star of Climate Hustle, was with me in Edmonton, Alberta, introducing the film and answering questions.

Marc was tickled to learn that Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles and Michael Mann (of hockey stick and Climategate fame) had inducted him into their global warming “deniers club.” He takes it as an honor.  Take a look at Toles caricature.  Not a bad likeness!

Climate Hustle is obviously getting under the warming-Left’s skin.  They fear the facts like a vampire fears garlic.  Buy Climate Hustle on DVD or Blu-ray today and arm yourself with the facts.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director
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