What Happened To Betty Rowe’s Interview About Chemtrails with Mysterious NZ?

SONY DSC Above: From the home page of the Mysterious New Zealand website, which is closed indefinitely, but archived at the Wayback Machine.

What happened to the revealing interview the now deceased Betty Rowe had with Mysterious NZ  regarding chemtrails?

Unfortunately, the website on which  ‘Chemtrails Health Effects worrying to Arapawa’s Goat Lady, Betty Rowe,’  was published has been closed indefinitely and its authors say they will not be reposting the interview.

As some may recall, Rowe, who passed away on the 18th of May, 2008, told authors John and Melody Anderson in April, 2005, that she had been very healthy until she saw her first chemtrail.  Then, three days later she became very sick and everything in her body seemed to start breaking down.

The Andersons’ article provided plenty of useful evidence, including photos and Rowe’s  verbatim descriptions of how she and husband, Walt, their goats and plants on Arapawa Island, in the Marlborough Sounds, deteriorated following chemtrail spraying.

It also referred to Betty Rowe’s disappointment in the Green Party, who did not appear to want to know anything about the chemtrails issue.  Rowe sent them photos and information and did not get a reply, so she rang them and told the Andersons that the person who answered the phone said that others had sent letters about it, but they did nothing, which Rowe said she found strange for an environmental political party.

I asked John and Melody, who currently operate a photography and design-related website, if they would be willing to provide their article to another website to post.  Sadly, the answer was no.  When asked why not, Melody advised that she did not wish to discuss why they had decided not to re-publish it.

She did however supply a lab report for filaments/fibers Betty Rowe had commissioned, which had been published with: ‘Chemtrails Health Effects worrying to Arapawa’s Goat Lady, Betty Rowe.’  Betty had advised the Andersons that at times she found filaments everywhere on Arapawa Island and in places where you would not expect to find cobwebs.  Some of the fibers had been very long white strands.   The sample she sent to the lab was found on a fence in front of her house and collected on a clean cotton bud, then put in a clean syringe and sent to the lab like that. On the advice of Hadleigh Shaw of Wanganui, who was a fellow member of the Mysterious NZ Forum, and in correspondence with Betty at the time, she collected filament samples, which were tested for aluminium, barium and bromine.  (See report below).

While the very important and interesting interview with Betty Rowe is no longer locatable using search engines such as Google and Yahoo, it fortunately may still be accessed at the non-profit archiving website, the Wayback Machine, which captures and archives content that would otherwise be lost whenever a site is changed or closed down.

Betty Rowe’s contribution to raising awareness of the chemtrails issue is safe for now then and furthermore does not end with that article.   She’d been in correspondence with another goat lady – Betty Hooper of Hikurangi, Northland from 1983 until 2008.

Betty Hooper, friend of Betty Rowe.

Betty Hooper, a friend of Betty Rowe.

Betty Hooper, now 95-years old, believes she was the last person to see Rowe before she had a stroke that led to her passing.   Hooper says during the week she spent with her on Arapawa Island, Betty Rowe introduced her to chemtrails and Uncensored, a magazine which regularly publishes articles about chemtrails.

Since 2008 Betty Hooper has become conversant with the topic and has been out on the streets in Northland, where she sets up stalls to sell her silk scarfs, beads and paintings.   She brings up the topic of chemtrails with passersby and tourists and on occasion gives away DVDs, including Why In The World Are They Spraying?.   She intends to donate one of her three copies of Elana Freeland’s book ‘Chemtrails HAARP, and the “Full Spectrum Dominance” of Planet Earth‘ to her local library soon.

She offers: “It’s frightening what’s going on and I might not have known about it had it not been for Betty Rowe.”

Below: A lab report kindly provided by Melody Anderson showing Al and Ba content in fibers/filaments collected from a fence on Arapawa Island by Betty Rowe.  This report was originally posted on: http://www.mysteriousnewzealand.co.nz/chemtrails/chemtrailsbettyrowe.html transcript_analysisdoc

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Michael Murphy: Very Important! Geoengineering Legislation and the Planned Climate Treaty‏

Thank-you to Michael Murphy for this update which came via email on April the 11th, 2015:

Fellow Activist,

It is vital to understand the season of our activism. Climate change related treaties scheduled to be enacted this December will most likely include the global legalization of geoengineering programs. Why is this vital to stopping geoengineering? See below.

As many are aware, geoengineeing is the deliberate large-scale modification of the Earth’s climate. It changes climate and our planet’s weather. Because geoengineering changes our climate’s temperature, disrupts our natural weather events and causes a series of other events that mimic the consequences of climate change, we feel strongly that geoengineering must be stopped in order to proceed with any climate talks, treaties and climate change legislation and mandates.

Because geoengineering has, to date, not been included in climate models and therefore makes it impossible to determine whether the planet is warming or cooling, we therefore demand that the ongoing global geoengineering programs be stopped before any more climate change talks, legislation and mandates are enacted.

Climate change treaties and legislation will, if passed, lead to global governance, the disintegration of nations (including the sovereignty of Native American Nations), transfer potentially trillions of dollars of wealth into the hands of a few at the expense of many and allow an unelected body (IPCC) to intervene and micro manage our lives. This legislation/treaty, which is a violation of The U.S. Constitution, is expected to go into effect in December of 2015. If passed, it will most likely lead to the legalization of geoengineering which in turn will prevent lawsuits, establish global governance start a public propaganda campaigns to influence people’s support, create clear and open financing to such programs and therefore make it exponentially more difficult to stop. Also, because geoengineering is being sold as the quickest and most cost effective step in addressing the issue of climate change, it is almost certain that climate treaties will include the l egalization of the very damaging programs. It is essential that we address the legislative attempts to legalize these damaging programs.

This is a radio show I did where I explained the importance of addressing the legislative and political implications of the planned climate treaties. We discussed the legislative and political implications starting around the 36 minute mark.

Thank you all for your support. I will keep you updated with our progress in this vital approach.


Michael J. Murphy

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Aerosol Trails In Parallel on April 7 and 8 Prior To Approach of Rain Clouds

Aerosol trails sprayed in parallel on April the 7th and 8th.  See photos below that were taken from Whangarei on the 7th and 8th, respectively.  It was cloudy throughout the 9th of April with light showers occurring on occasion.



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Alex Jones: Why California is running out of water

Contributor, DJM, who lives in the South Island of New Zealand, emailed this Alex Jones clip yesterday in relation to the drought conditions in the Lake Opuha area in South Canterbury, where drought was officially declared in mid-Feb.   He referred to seeing aerosol trails being sprayed repeatedly along the adjacent mountain range.  Video footage was next to impossible to film of this crime, due to the glare created by the sun advises DJM.

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Stop Climate Censorship

CFACT, Craig Rucker (cfact@cfact.org)

The debate over global warming has turned incredibly nasty in recent days.

This is no coincidence.

The most radical Left-Green pressure groups have launched a major offensive to silence scientists and experts who dare question their far-fetched pronouncements about the climate.

Please take a moment right now to sign CFACT’s petition against climate censorship.

Two of the global warming zealots’ biggest attack dogs in Congress, Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), recently sent letters to institutions that employ or support researchers whose work questions Green claims about the allegedly impending man-made climate catastrophe.

They want the employers of these scientists to disclose their funding sources in ways that those who toe the warming party line never have – and would never dare.

In short, they are trying to smear the reputations and intimidate skeptical scientists like Drs. Willie Soon, Richard Lindzen, Fred Singer, David Legates, Matt Briggs, Judith Curry and Roger Pielke, Jr. from speaking out.

By doing this, they hope to censor open discourse about global warming and prevent the public from ever seeing any scientific data, research or policy analysis that contradict their claims, no matter how wildly wrong they may be.

This is nothing less than an all out assault on one of our most fundamental civil rights – freedom of speech.

They cannot be allowed to succeed – that’s why we’re taking action.

Please sign CFACT’s petition to protect the right of scientists to publish their thoughts without fear of retribution or reprisal and forward it to as many friends as you can.

We’re going to distribute this petition far and wide to leaders in the media, academia and public policy to let them know the public will not stand for this sort of bullying.

You should know that it’s not just scientists they’re trying to silence – the climate alarmists are also working to pressure the media to censor all opposing views.

George Soros’ group “Media Matters” (run by Clinton confidant David Brock) and its allied “Forecast the Facts” has actually launched a petition essentially demanding an all-out media blockade of scientific facts that contradict the warming narrative.

They’ve even called out CFACT’s own Marc Morano, editor of our very successful Climate Depot news and information site, by name and demanded the media silence him.

Astoundingly, some large media outlets like the BBC and Los Angeles Times have announced they won’t publish or broadcast the opinions of climate skeptics.

Will you sign CFACT’s petition right away and let it be known that this giant leap backwards for civil liberties and science cannot be allowed?

You and I are well aware that the funding backing the warming alarmists dwarfs that available to those who question climate catastrophe. It’s not even close!

Yet the global warming Goliaths live in constant fear of underfunded scientific Davids who are able to defy all the odds against them. They topple the warming crowd’s arguments time and again.

That is why global warming and free speech are incompatible. That is why we must be silenced. That is why scientists must be muzzled, media outlets pressured to censor, and academic standards pushed upon educators at every level to exclude all facts that contradict the warmists’ narrative from our classrooms.

Of course, there’s a key reason for this sudden push to censor.

They mean to lock the nations of the world into a new destructive agreement when the UN holds the most significant climate conference it has sponsored in years in Paris, this December.

And for the first time, they have an American President who is prepared to give these international bureaucrats all they want.

When you consider UN climate chief Christiana Figueres’s recent admission that this agreement is really about “economic transformation” of the free-market economy it becomes clear that the right to speak out has never been more important.

Marc Morano recently told “The Hill” (while he is still permitted to speak), “the global warming promoters are so close to what they consider final victory that they’re trying to clear out any remaining roadblocks.”

Even NPR (not known as neutral players on climate) recently reported that these latest attempts at climate censorship are “more about intimidation than truth.”

As we state in our CFACT petition, “sound science requires vigorous debate and consideration of all data or it deteriorates into dogma.”

We must protect the right of scientists to publish their findings and everyone to speak freely about the climate and every public policy issue that confronts us.

Please sign this important petition and circulate it to as many people as you can right away!

Stand up for freedom of speech. Stand up for the facts. Sign the petition today!

Craig Rucker
Executive Director &
Thank you.

For nature and people too

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Dr Nick Begich On The Vinny Eastwood Show: Does Covert Technology Threaten Freedom & Planet Earth?

Vincent Eastwood Mar 22, 2015

Does Covert Technology Threaten Freedom And Planet Earth? Dr Nick Begich

Dr Nick Begich is considered one of the worlds experts on covert technology, surveillance and the HAARP machine. We explore some of the unspoken thoughts of this brilliant man and even delve into his earlier life in a politically connected family where his father, an elected official, went missing without a trace.


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Numerous Aerosol Trails Over Whangarei on March 11

These photos provide a sample of the many aerosol trails seen spreading out in the sky on the morning of March 11th, 2015.   This kind of display of pollutants is not particularly unusual for this region this year.  I keep taking photos of trails and don’t get around to posting them, but these were so blatant, that I decided I would make the effort to share these today.  I hope these help to wake people up who still believe the mainstream media’s lies that these are contrails.  Ask yourself, “How can these be condensation trails?” SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC

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Written by Wally Richards.

Wally Richards

Wally Richards

March is the first month of Autumn but according to my plants, autumn conditions started in early February which does not bode well to what the next few months will bring us.

It is an interesting situation this gardening season having a very poor spring then through summer till January. After which summer hit for about a month with some very warm/hot conditions but lacking in strong direct sunlight as a result of many hazy days (likely trapping heat).  Then in February it was like a fight between the heat tempered by some fairly chilly winds.

I had a call this week from a reader who has been studying sun spots and the effects they have on global weather. An interesting discussion which would appear that low or no sun spot activity means cold temperatures and a possible mini ice age.  Lots of solar activity tends to create the reverse.

The current solar cycle (number 24) ends in 2020 when a the new cycle number 25 begins.

It would appear that we may have peaked with sunspot activity about now and predictions are that there will be less activity heading to no activity around about 2020 which would indicate some chilly times ahead. The whole thing can be very confusing as to what is natural and what maybe influenced by mankind. In my book I think I would rather prefer natural no matter what that means to the possible effects mankind has on the climate or this Geo-engineering thing.

We have had a couple of milder winters but poorer summers – it’s as if the seasons are becoming less distinct; while people in our senior years can relate to hard frosts in winter, for instance, coming out of school at lunchtime to see frost still thick on the ground especially in shaded areas. Yet on the other hand we had lovely long hot summers. (I am referring to the Palmerston North area, and realise it’s not the same everywhere in NZ).

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

Plants tell us what we can’t see or realise. For instance about 40 years ago, I could grow passion fruit vines in the open, in good draining soil and have ample fruit in summer. In winter I would throw sacks over the vines to protect them from frosts. In more recent years I really struggle to grow a passion fruit vine outside without the help of a glasshouse or shelter. I put this down to milder springs and summers.

My phone conversation has lead me to think maybe we could be heading for some cold times.

No matter what the weather makers throw at us one thing is for certain the day light hours are decreasing and that is one factor that plants really relate to.

March is normally the last month to plant up vegetables for harvest later in winter.

Taking advantage of the light hours and warmth still available you can get good growth towards maturity as the light/growing times diminish.

It really is getting a bit late in many areas to start vegetables off by seed so buying seedlings is the best option.

Vegetable seedlings of foliage plants (brassicas, lettuce etc) need to be young plants in their punnets, not large plants which likely have been stressed already. Stressed plants dont mature, they go to seed.

Often when you plant out seedlings from punnets they collapse initially then slowly pick themselves up and start growing.

You can reduce this stress situation by spraying the seedlings with Vaporgard which reduces loss of moisture from foliage and helps balance out the potential root damage.

Prepare your soil or raised garden/container with a good amount of food such as chicken manure, any animal manures, blood & bone, sheep manure pellets and garden lime.

Good food will stimulate good growth and that is what we want, to take advantage of autumn conditions.

In the planting holes for the seedlings place a little of each of the following, Rok Solid, BioPhos and Neem Granules.

If planting out brassicas check the seedlings before planting and rub off any yellow eggs on the leaves as these are caterpillar eggs.

To keep white butterflies and moths from laying more eggs use the crop cover mesh over hoops so they cant reach the plants.

This will also stop birds and cats from doing damage.

Keep the soil moist by light watering till autumn rains take over. We are now seeing dew in the mornings so that means there is less watering to do overall.

Strawberry plants are running now and that means you have free new plants to use or give away later on.

There is nothing to do other than direct them to areas of clear soil so they can root up.

The time to lift and re-organise your strawberries is about May.

If you are wanting to grow tomatoes through the winter in a glasshouse now is the time to take cuttings of existing plants. The laterals on the plants are ideal for this.

Russian Red and other cool temperature varieties are best as they will produce pollen in the lower temperatures of winter.

Capsicums and hot pepper plants in containers can be moved into your glasshouse or similar to protect them through the winter and continue harvesting them.

Open ground grown plants maybe lifted carefully after spraying with Vaporgard to pot up and keep growing.

Talking about Vaporgard you could start thinking about frost protection of tender plants and spray them soon.

A sprinkling of Fruit and Flower Power around them will also assist in toughening up the plants for winter.

If you want a nice show of winter flowering plants now is the time to get them in.

Unlike vegetable seedlings you can now go for the over grown ones in punnets or colour spots as that is what you want, for them to flower.

Some sheep manure pellets and blood & bone are ideal under the plants along with a little Rok Solid.

Spring bulb time is now with new seasons stocks in the garden centres.
If you are in drought situations or with water restrictions delay planting out till the autumn rains come.

Otherwise the sooner in after the soil temperatures have drop to 10 degrees or lower.

If growing in containers place the pots in a more shaded area getting only early of late sun so the bulbs will not cook.

Later as winter comes on they can then be relocated into full sun areas for flowering in spring.

Place some Rok Solid under each bulb at planting time as you get better flowers.

That was a tip from a daffodil hobbyist than grows competition daffodils.

Problems ring me at 0800 466464 (Palmerston North 3570606)
Email wallyjr@gardenews.co.nz
Web site www.gardenews.co.nz

Phone 0800 466464
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Proud sufferer of Orthorexia nervosa

The new eating disorder invented by

the broken
and agricultural/food systems for people that prefer to eat
healthy which is effecting these company's bottom lines.

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CALL TO ACTION! Critical Geoengineering Film!‏


Fellow supporters and activists,

I am writing to announce my commitment to producing a third and hopefully final film about chemtrails/geoengineering.

Because geoengineers are moving quickly to establish global legislation to make geoengineering legal, time is of the essence to start this project. My third film (name yet to be determined) will expose more agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs and include an atmospheric test that will change the dynamics of our growing movement. Plans also include a call to action for a class action lawsuit which I am currently in discussion with attorneys. If able to be complete by Fall, the film will also include a call to action for the public to attend a protest at the climate summit in France in December 2015. Because governments are moving towards a global climate treaty which is expected to take place during the France conference, I feel strongly that 2015 is the year to move forward with this project before geoengineering legislation is established. Please take time to help me kick start his next project and utilize my film making gifts in helping to bring unity and legal action towards getting geoengineering stopped. Thank-you for your support and as always, “Keep looking up!!!!!”

Click on this link to support my efforts: gofundme.com


Michael Murphy




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Wally Richards: Agricultural worker believes food production reduced owing to strange vapour trails

By Wally Richards
Wally Richards

Wally Richards

My articles for many years have had a thread running through them; Namely, Gardening is Healthy.

Gardening is getting close to nature, it has a calming effect, relieves stress and you are rewarded by your efforts. Gardening is good exercise for both body and mind.

Gardening gets you outside into the fresh air and through the sunlight gives your body the Vitamin D it needs to be healthy. (As long as you dont cover up all the time with sunscreens)

Garden practices, being natural without the use of man made chemicals, creates healthy soil and healthy plants, which when applied to your vegetables and fruit, makes your immune system strong and your body healthy as you consume them as part of your food chain.

If more people gardened, the health of our citizens would greatly improve and waiting lists for hospital treatments would shrink.  (Like they were 50 odd years ago).

There is a problem when this happens because food producers and pharmaceutical companies would not make so much money out of us and they would either have to find new jobs or fight against us making ourselves healthy.

This week I received an news item from America which is amazing to say the least. It reads:

  'As the people continue to walk away from the broken
medical and agricultural/food systems, like any abusive relationship, 
the abuser will do anything to maintain their waning control. 

Organic and non-GMO food markets have exploded in the last five 
years so much so that any corporation wishing to not follow the 
trend risks financial hardship or ruin. 

    In addition, pharmaceutical companies are feeling the
strain as less people want their toxic medications and crippling side
effects. In an attempt to curb this mass rush for the exits, 
psychiatry has green lighted a public relations push to spread 
awareness about their new buzzword “orthorexia nervosa”. 

CNN, Fast Company, Popular Science, and other top outlets have 
all began to trumpet the talking points on cue recently. 

“Orthorexia nervosa is a label designated to those who are concerned
about eating healthy. Characterized by disordered eating fueled by a
desire for "clean" or "healthy" foods, those diagnosed with the
condition are overly pre-occupied with the nutritional make-up of
what they eat.

In short, if you turn your back on low quality, corporate food 
containing known cancer causing toxic additives,
and a rich history of dishonesty rooted in a continuous “profits 
over people” modus operandi…then you have a mental illness. 

  The cherry on top is that if you have the pseudo-science labeled
disorder of orthorexia nervosa, you will be prescribed known toxic,
pharmaceutical drugs from some of the same conglomerate corporations
that you are trying to avoid by eating healthy in the first place.

    Orthorexia has not yet found its way into the latest
edition of the psychiatric bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), yet is commonly being lumped in 
with other eating disorders.
  Stepping back and looking at the ones pushing this label on us
shows highly questionable motives. Psychiatry as a whole is deeply
in bed with a pharmaceutical industry that makes the drugs to 
“treat” every one of these “disorders”. 

It is often these companies that are wielding influence behind the 
scenes to invent more mental health categories with their toxic
products as the answer. 

This latest media push to popularize orthorexia as a mental disorder
with a goal to marginalize or derail the food revolution appears 
to have been dead on arrival.' End.



Orthorexia comes from Greek orthos, “correct or right”, plus orexis,

 Would you believe that? People that have the common sense to grow
and eat healthy food because it keeps/makes them healthy, active and
mentally astute are labeled as having an eating disorder because
pharmaceutical and agriculture companies are loosing market share. 

 The Food Act which currently is being fast tracked through
Government is placing more controls and regulations on food, reducing
your rights and looking after the corporations under the pretext of
food safety!

  I had the privilege this week to be visited by a retired 86 year
old agricultural worker who has been collecting data on his 
vegetable garden performance and the many commercial agriculture 
operations in his area of Rata and his expertise.

  Commercial growers are suffering with reduced returns because they
are not getting the volume of produce they normally obtain.

I was shown a pile of newspaper clippings most of which were from 
farming publications and light readings taken by this gentleman 
which confirm the amount of direct sunlight needed for successful 
vegetables and fruit growing is being reduced. 

The reason he told me is what he called strange Vapor Trails that
progressively turn the clear blue sky to a hazy blue, deflecting 
sunlight while trapping heat.
Photo: Helen. Ohakune sky full of chemtrails, Jan 23, 2015

Photo: Helen. Ohakune sky full of chemtrails which spread out and block out sunlight, Jan 23, 2015.

I was shown a series of photos that he had taken over a day showing
exactly how this transpires.

Here is a man that has spent his life growing commercial crops, 
according to him just about bathing in chemicals in the process 
because protection was not even thought of years ago.

But he is healthy, alert and doing well because he grows all his own
vegetables and fruit naturally for his own home consumption. Because
of this he has likely avoided the damage the chemicals should 
have done to his health.

Reminds me of a Chinese family of Market Gardeners that had acres of
vegetables growing yet well protected by their home was a nice size
vegetable garden.

When asked why have a private garden when you can walk out into the
fields and pick vegetables to eat. He looked at me for a few moments,
likely summing me up, then he said “no too dangerous for family”

 One bit of good news this week in the DomPost said that a report by
the local government and environmental select committee was tabled 
in Parliament in response to a petition of nearly 6600 people in 2008.

The report says that the EPA should reassess neonicotinoids (the
insecticide such as Confidor). 

The EU has placed controls on its use in member countries (And being
sued by Bayer for doing so; how can a company be allowed to sue 
the EU or a country? Sounds like TTP stuff.) 

Honey bees and Bumble bees are badly effected by this chemical 
family as we showed in last weeks article. Hopefully they will be 
sensible and either ban or strictly control these dangerous
insecticides, especially in regards to the home garden market.

  On the brighter note now is the time to plant your winter
vegetables out but if buying seedlings of vegetable plants look 
for the smaller ones in punnets. 

I was in one of the chain store garden departments this week and saw
vegetable seedlings that had been knocked down in price but if
planted they would be useless as they would just go to seed. 
They were over grown in their punnets and stressed.

Good garden shops would have composted them.

Small is good in vegetable seedling and you can grow them on at home
till ready to plant out. Use hoops and crop cover over brassicas 
seedlings to keep birds and white butterflies off. 
Happy Healthy Gardening for Autumn.    

Problems ring me at 0800 466464 (Palmerston North 3570606)
Email wallyjr@gardenews.co.nz
Web site www.gardenews.co.nz
Garden Pages and News at www.gardenews.co.nz
Shar Pei pages at  www.sharpei.co.nz
Mail Order products at www.0800466464.co.nz

“Surely by now there can be few here who still believe the purpose of government is to protect us from the destructive activities of corporations. At last most of us must understand that the opposite is true: that the primary purpose of government is to protect the destroyers of our Earth, our Home from the outrage of injured citizens.
If we do not resist using whatever means necessary, we condemn ourselves, our children and future generations to trying to exist on a lifeless planet. Make no mistake, we are in a fight for our very survival.

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