South Canterbury Sky Watch On Chembows

This is the latest video from South Canterbury Sky Watch, aka Darrell, who is based in Timaru, which is a major port city in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand, located 157 kilometers southwest of Christchurch.

He offers: Once again we see unnatural activity in the sky – in this case “Chem-Bows”.   These are far from natural – listen to Harald Kautz on this.

This image isn’t the greatest I’ve captured, but provides examples of these so-called “chem-bows,” these odd examples of colours in the sky that you don’t see everyday. Keep looking upwards, but ensure you protect eyes with sunglasses.

Sadly,  damage is being done by aerosol spraying.
It’s up to you to investigate this for yourself.  You won’t hear about it from the controlled mainstream media.

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The Ministry for the Environment & Civil Aviation Authority in Cahoots To Suppress Truth About Aerosol Spraying Activity?


Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott.

Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott has been  continuing his investigations into the Ministry for the Environment’s responses to the public’s concerns about aerosol trails aka “chemtrails.”

On May the 11th, 2016 he submitted a request under the Official Information Act 1982 for chemtrail-related correspondence between the Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority, (CAA), to find out why the Ministry had changed its tactics and had started directing members of the public who wrote to them about chemtrails to the CAA website.    Here is such an example – this reply was emailed from the Ministry on the 3rd of May, 2016 to Mr Jim Reece of Whangarei, who on the 11th of December, 2015 had written to the Ministry about a Dash 8 aircraft spraying aerosol trails over Christchurch from its wings. These trails were not coming from the engine area, thereby proving that the trails were not ‘contrails’:
Dear Mr Reece
Thank you for your email.
Our approach aligns to the findings of the New Zealand Civil Aviation
Authority (CAA). The CAA publishes information about aircraft trails
Kind regards
Info at MfE
Ministry for the Environment – Manatu Mo Te Taiao
Before April 2016, the Ministry often replied to those writing regarding aerosol trail sightings by advising deceptively that the lingering trails were merely “vapour trails.”  Now it seems they are passing the buck to another government institution, (which the CAA is).
In the Ministry’s reply to Malcolm’s OIA request came these two pages showing email evidence of some of what occurred between between Ministry and CAA staff:Min of En to Malcolm Scott 30 June 2016 3min of en 4
Offers Malcolm:  “It looks like MfE requested advice from the CAA sometime prior to the 28th of April, 2016 and received information, and then the CAA decided, or was requested by MfE, to ‘upload’ this to their website.  Then on the 3rd of May, the CAA contacted the MfE to advise that “it is live now” (the ‘revised’ CAA webpage).
From the 3rd of May, 2016 this is the web-page that the MfE now refers the public to when they are contacted about aerosol sightings.  This really only confirms what we had figured out.  There would have been further communication by phone, but we are not likely to get this since there may be no written records.”
   Note that the information at the link the CAA website provides for the Ministry fails to acknowledge that aerosol trails may be what people are seeing, in spite of the fact that they are a worldwide phenomenon, frequently witnessed and even referred to openly on US government websites.
  New Zealand taxpayers are paying for brainwashing…  A noteworthy component of propaganda is not just false or spun information, but the omission of critical information to enable the reader to place the information in a meaningful context.
    Because the Ministry and the CAA fail to openly investigate the aerosol spraying activity that is occurring in spite of a plethora of evidence to show that they are real and harmful to human health and the environment,  not only are they exhibiting a high degree of negligence and the Ministry failing in its duty of care under the Hazardous Substances & New Organisms Act 1996, but in attempting to conceal the truth, they are complicit in enabling this crime against humanity and the environment to continue.
   Although the evidence to confirm the existence of aerosol trails is readily apparent, when confronted with questions about this crime against humanity and the environment, the government claims it does not exist.   Their repeated claim of CO2-driven climate change, without acknowledgment of the overwhelming evidence of weather modification due to aerosol spraying-related activities, represents both a breach of trust and a serious corruption of the public’s beliefs regarding “man-made climate change.”


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Chemtrails Become Contrails & Cirrostratus Clouds In The Kiwi Kids Cloud Identification Guide

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Multiple Cork-screw Shaped Chemtrail Deployments Over Australia

Thanks to Harold Saive who published this on 30th June, 2016 and wrote: “Posted on June 26, 2016, this interesting time-lapse video was captured near Sydney, Australia by owner of “Inner Sanctum Screen Printing” channel. — The initial set of 3 trails appears relatively confined but ultimately morphs into a large bank of artificial Cirrus clouds. The single trails depart form typical aircraft chemtrails with their curious cork-screw appearance mostly at the beginning and end of each trail — Later, we see an almost identical aerosol deployment of 3 trails suggesting they’re released by drones, ground-based artillery or from cargo aircraft such as C-130 with a service ceiling above about 22,000 feet where normal cirrus clouds are formed. Original upload – “

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The Strange Times We Live In: Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease

VeteransToday June 20, 2016

Tanker Jet Spraying and Its Effect on Human Health


A friend of mine sent me the following graphic a few days ago. It expresses, through a heavy dose of irony, the strangeness of the times we live in…


We have of course become a society rigidly governed by concepts of political correctness. Offend this or that group and you will pay a price of some sort, such as loss of your job. But accidentally stepping outside the bounds of PC covenants isn’t the only thing we have to worry about these days. Not by a long shot…

Our media are controlled by a handful of corporations, whose owners uniformly support a genocidal, apartheid state in the Middle East; we have governments who claim to be fighting terrorism while bankrolling terrorists; each election year we are presented with the wearisome choice of a “lesser of two evils,” while at the same time our food supply has become contaminated with genetically modified organisms, and even those of us who make a conscious effort to avoid such foods are probably consuming them anyway due to the absence of labeling.

But perhaps most striking and telling of all, in terms of how strange everything has gotten, is the fact that our skies are now filled with unnatural, aerosolized clouds–a phenomenon that goes unremarked upon by the media while millions of people either, a) are wholly oblivious to it (probably the majority), or, b) pretend not to notice (a not insignificant minority). This perhaps more so than anything is testimony to how controlled we have become, for unlike the GMO foods, the chemtrails, as they sometimes are referred, stretch through our atmosphere in plain view for anyone with eyes to see. All you have to do is look up.


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Lost Arts Radio – Maximize Your Resistance & More – 6/20/16


A Lost Arts Radio Special Event Announcement!

On Monday, June the 20th, 2016, Lost Arts Research Institute had a class on how to maximize your resistance to Wi-fi, chemtrails and other environmental hazards. This show included information and ideas for you on natural strategies to raise your immunity and resistance without the use of chemicals or drugs.

Richard Sacks, independent holistic health research scientist since 1965, shares measures you can use to counteract and reverse the effects of electronic and chemical assaults on your body that are taking place right at this moment with the blessings of the U.S. government and other governments around the world. Stopping these attacks against us, is of course the best answer. But until that is accomplished, whatever we can do to minimize the damage we suffer is well worth the effort to learn and do. 

Lost Arts Radio

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Aerosols Caught on Valencian Community Radar/ Heater Array Returns

Valencia, Spain has one of the largest online accessible radar systems anywhere.  

               It is known as Valencian Community… 

These are Radar returns from the last two plus days. Within the loops you can see Aerosol disbursal over three to four hour periods. This system displays 20 minute intervals, in loop format, of the installation’s Weather Radar format. That is; what is made available for public view.

All of the systems of this nature are interfaced with numerous dishes, Radar fences, Antenna, return data collection subarrays, et al.. In several images of the installation secondary RF/EMF transmitters – AKA Heater Arrays – are visible. This is far more than your standard, even upgraded, Technologic R and D research installation. Look at the constant radiants. This place is cooking. Here is the data slideshow.  


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New Bye Bye Blue Sky Chemtrails Billboard – Windsor, Ontario!   June 19, 2016,  By Suzanne Maher

Thanks to the brilliant efforts of activist Bernadette Gervais Greene, founder of G.A.G. Canada, a new Bye Bye Blue Sky billboard in Windsor, Ontario has now gone up.  A a 10′ x 20′ foot billboard at Walker and Grand Marais Road telling people that their air is toxic and to investigate the truth.

This board gets approximately 17,500 impressions daily, which translates to over half a million a month!

If your not sure how you can help the movement, billboards are an easy and effective way to make a difference.  Billboards are working, we see them working.

You may donate to the current Bye Bye Blue Sky Go Transit campaign which will appear in 4 Ontario cities through the donate button on this site, or to any of the existing  Go Fund Me billboard campaigns in North America under the “Go Fund Me Link” on this site also.

Thanks everyone we are moving the dial in a big way!


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Chemtrails, chembombs and now RAIN BOMBS is this what is causing floods worldwide?

Wimp reports on this “rare phenomenon”
Last summer, photographer and storm chaser Bryan Snyder was taking some long distance photos of a storm as it broke over Tucson, Arizona, when he captured a once-in-a-lifetime event. As the rain fell over the city, he saw what appeared to be a “rain bomb” fall and disperse all over the area
What Snyder observed is technically known as a microburst, and it occurs when a column of cool air suddenly sinks rapidly through the middle of the storm. This unique phenomenon usually only affects an area under two-and-a-half miles, but the impact of this column of air and rain hitting the ground and dispersing can result in temporary wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour!
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The Demise of Rainwater by Clifford E Carnicom

(Eds note: We reported on a pH test done on rainwater in Whangarei at the link here, which found that the pH was far higher than it should be.)  by Clifford Carnicom, June 19, 2016

“The single most important chemical species in clouds and precipitation is the .. pH value.”

Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1995
Atmosphere, Climate and Change, Thomas Graedel & Paul J. Crutzen
Scientific American Library, 1997

An analysis of five rainfall samples collected over a period of six months and spanning three states in the western United States has been completed.  There are five conclusions that are forthcoming:

1. The rainfall samples studied portray a smorgasbord of contamination. The contaminants appear to be both complex and numerous in nature.
2. There does not appear to be effective or comprehensive monitoring or regulation of the state of air quality, and consequently, rainfall quality in the United States at this time.
3. The results of the current analysis, utilizing more capable equipment and methods, are highly consistent with those that originated from this researcher close to two decades ago.
4. All reasonable requests or demands by the citizenry for the investigation and addressing of this state of affairs over this same time period have been refused or denied.
5. The level of contamination that exists poses both a risk and a threat to health, agriculture, biology, and the welfare of the planet.


Let us now proceed with some of the details.

We can begin with the pH, i.e., the acid or alkaline nature of rainfall.  Biochemical reactions take place (or, for that matter, do not take place..) at a specific temperature and pH.  If the system or environment for that reaction is disturbed with respect to the acidity and temperature, then the reaction itself is interfered with.  If the conditions depart far enough from what is required, the reaction may simply not even take place at all.  Such is the risk of interference to the acid-base nature of rainfall, upon which all life on this planet depends.


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More evidence to suggest Timaru’s air pollution probably attributable in large part to aerosols

Further to the reports regarding the high levels of air pollution in Timaru,  these photos, showing a sky heavily polluted with aerosol particles,  were taken at Caroline Bay in Timaru yesterday, the 17th of June 2016, shortly before sunset.

Is it primarily the wood burners that are causing the high level of pollution? Clearly not, but why then will the mainstream media not mention the obvious?  Corruption is endemic…

Timaru 17 june 16Timaru on 17 June 16

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