Video: Rain Sample, New Zealand

This video comes from South Canterbury Sky watch, and was published on YouTube today.  It focuses on a rain sample collected in late-September, 2015 at Timaru, the lab report for which can be viewed here: Timaru Rainwater Sample Tests Positive For Barium, Aluminium & Strontium


Timaru Rainwater Found To Contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium, (2014)

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Nigel Gray: Weather Modification Technology IS Used In New Zealand

 January the 1st, 2016,  By Nigel Gray
As a Painting Trade Contractor I have spent several years checking the weather reports, almost daily, on a need-to-know basis.   A front of rain coming over can lead to financial losses, a damaged job and angry clients if I am unable to predict the weather correctly.
Consequently, I have taken more than a casual interest in observing what is predicted by MetService and what occurs tui ad 1subsequently,  or not, as the case may be.
If I’d had more time and interest in proving this absolutely and conclusively, I would have documented everything I have witnessed over the last several years.   I didn’t do this however, so I will likely be the target of so-called “experts” who are presumed to have more “knowledge” than I, accusing me of being a “nutter” or “a conspiracy theorist,” because they are qualified to “know better.”     Ha!
It is interesting that they feel so compelled to throw insults at someone who simply suggests that there is evidence which shows that reality might differ to that portrayed by the “powers-that-be”.    I will leave you to decide which camp you are in.
So, what have I witnessed?  OK, well to explain that, allow me to relate what happened on January the 1st, 2016, as a rain front moved over the North Island –  one that was visible on the MetService’s Rain Radar page,  that I saw evidence of being created or ‘pulled in’ over two days.

I will leave you to do research into how the weather can be manipulated using Nexrad, GWEN towers and HAARP transmitters,  all of these terms can be found on the internet along with vast amounts of information on each one.    I am going to keep this about my observations of what you need to know and this is based upon my experience.   Science is, after all, facts gathered by observation and experience.

Throughout New Zealand there are antennae placed in various locations.   Whether they are owned by the culprits involved in manipulating the weather or simply used as platforms to bounce off,  I do not know, but they are being used systematically to superheat the upper atmosphere, causing air to rise and pull cold air into that space by creating a vacuum below.
So essentially what happens is that there are high-powered microwave pulses emitted from these antennae in a specific direction.  This happens at about 7:25am usually, daily and at other times during the day, at a frequency which may be dependent on how important it is for the “powers-that be” to create bad weather in a particular area.
I have often observed these pulses occurring in twos, emitted from two antennae that are in proximity to each other with the pulses being emitted in the same direction.  First one antenna pulses, then approximately one second later, the second antenna pulses in parallel.
For example, if perpetrators of weather modification aim to pull a cold front down from the north, then the pulses would be directed in a southwesterly direction.   I observed this occurring yesterday, and hence today, January the 1st, 2016, there is a band of rain coming down from the north upon New Zealand.  
Similarly, if  the aim is to bring in some cold front that is hanging over the Tasman, then they choose a different set of antennae, one usually located around the  Gisborne/Napier area, and send pulses in an easterly direction.
Below is an example of two pulses in parallel evident in an image from the MetService website for the 2nd of November, 2015.  
2Nov2015B.jpegIn this second image there are two pulses in parallel evident, one of which is over the South Island and the other to the west of the South Island.  

Image from Met Service website showing New Zealand rain radar.

pulseAbove: This third image, dated 2014, shows one pulse but, as you will notice, behind the pulse is a band of rain following exactly in the direction of the pulse.

 So, coincidence? No. I could show you numerous images, all taken directly from the MetService’s Rain Radar pages that show much the same thing.  

A couple of years ago I contacted MetService via their page and asked them to explain these anomalies, (the pulses).  Not only did they have no explanation for the pulses, but tellingly, they ridiculed me for my observations.

This is not surprising given that MetService is a State-owned enterprise,  and as a State-owned enterprise,  it has two shareholding ministers – the Minister for State Owned Enterprises and the Minister of Finances.    Could it be that they have sworn a confidentiality agreement, so are unable to disclose that weather modification is taking place?   Or are they just ignorant and uncaring?   It must be one or the other.   Of course, they would be critical of anyone who questioned their veracity.
There are other anomalies evident in Rain Radar images, also.   Invariably when rain does show up there are “blank spots,” usually in the shape of a circle, rectangle or triangle, where the rain does not appear to penetrate, at least according to the radar results.   Could these be explained by the use of EMF waves that are emitted either as sine waves, sawtooth waves or other? Could these be areas that are already “hot” and therefore unable to be penetrated by the rain?   I can’t answer these questions, sorry.    What I do know is that these results have been invariable over the last ten years when I started taking notes on it. 
What I do know is that, invariably, prior to major rain fronts, these pulses occur in the direction that the front will follow. That these pulses emanate from antennae located in places such as Gisborne, Taranaki, Taupo, Napier, Blenheim and Auckland.
jfk-weather-controlaIt seems feasible that the New Zealand Government may be hiring a private company or companies to modify the weather to protect farm production, however there is always the possibility that the reasons are more nefarious, particularly given the regularity of severe droughts in New Zealand since early-2010.
  If they have this technology available to them,  one has to wonder why it has not been used to break dry spells before they cause significant economic damage, such as that caused by the North Island drought in 2013,  described as the worst in history?  Again, we can only guess.   It is clear that if the Government is “in” on this, then they are not informing us, and if they are not aware of it, then it leaves me wondering if our Government is sadly lacking any credible security when it comes to protecting our country from the threat of this sort of technology.
Nigel Gray is a New Zealand-born and bred international lecturer on the Human Mind and Detoxification Technology, and a Painting Contractor.  He has lived in the United States and Russia, where he instituted a detoxification program that now spans the entire CIS, (Commonwealth of Independent States).

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Numerous Aerosol Trails West of Northland In Satellite Imagery For 28 December, 2015

Below, satellite imagery from Rapidfire showing an area over the Tasman sea to the west of Northland, New Zealand.  It reveals numerous aerosol trails were emitted into atmosphere on the 28th of December, 2015, and provides more evidence to show that the current dry period has more to do with weather modification technology than “El Nino”  and “climate change.”

362 nasa west of NZ362 nasa west of Northland NZ.jpg 2  362 nasa west of Northland NZ

This photo below was taken from Whangarei, Northland on December the 29, 2015, (the next day). chem 29 dec 2015 whangarei


Rainwater tests conducted since 2010 have likewise exposed the presence of the heavy metals associated with the use of this technology.

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17. Frances Mangels Talks To John Whyte About Geoengineering:

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Study: 58 million dry California trees threatened by drought

david dees 1

By Kurtis Alexander, 29 Dec 2015

Beneath the canopy of snow that recently blanketed California’s mountainsides are vast swaths of forest struggling to survive the drought.

A study released Monday by the Carnegie Institution for Science counts as many as 58 million trees statewide experiencing severe water loss, whose ruin would not only turn massive stands of pristine green to ugly brown but upset vital watersheds and wildlife.

The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, follows a U.S. Forest Service report last spring that identified 12 million trees killed by drought but left questions about how many more might wither.

“Our maps reveal much wider, much larger-scale impacts on our forest than the dead trees would tell in themselves,” said Greg Asner, an ecologist at Stanford University who led the new study. “What we found are large sections of forest at high risk of mortality if drought persists after the El Niño.”

Asner and his team evaluated the health of California’s woodlands by using laser-guided imaging, deployed from an airplane and unique to the Carnegie Airborne Observatory, to measure water content in trees. Their flight observations across the state were compared to older satellite data.

The results show that 7 to 10 percent of trees are severely stressed by the drought. In an average non-drought year, only about 1 percent of California’s forests typically die.


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Marlborough, NZ drought threatens grape harvest

RadioNZ, 29 Dec 2015.  Extremely dry weather in Marlborough is already taking its toll on vineyards in the region, a winemaker says.

Water restrictions are likely for residents in Marlborough as the region prepares for what could be one of the driest summers in decades.

The Marlborough District Council said the region would experience a severe drought unless there was a substantial amount of rain soon.

Yealands Family Wine founder Peter Yealands said the area was as dry as he could remember.

“There is no soil moisture whatsoever. If you’re trying to drive a post into the ground, it’s nearly impossible.”

“We’ve never never anticipated such an extreme drought, or dry, so early in the season.

Mr Yealands said most wineries would have a backup water supply for dry conditions, but it would only last a month.

Marlborough District mayor Alistair SowmanMarlborough District mayor Alistair Sowman

Photo: RNZ

He said if he ran out of water he may have to sacrifice some of his crop to save the vines.

Listen to Alistair Sowman on Summer Report ( 3 min )

Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman said wine was the dominant economy driver in the region.

“If we don’t get any rain by the end of the week, the southern valleys irrigation scheme, that irrigates about 4500 ha – mainly grapes – is likely to be turned off, and that’s a major.”

Mr Sowman said if the irrigation scheme was turned off, water would have to be trucked to vineyards.


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Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes on the Bob Charles Show

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Timaru Rainwater Sample Tests Positive For Barium, Aluminium & Strontium

An aerosol trail pollutes the sky over Greymouth on December the 4th, 2015. Photo: Terena

Another aerosol trail pollutes the sky over Greymouth, New Zealand on December the 4th, 2015.  Photo: Terrena C.

Concerned citizens are voicing their concerns about the aluminium, barium and strontium contaminating their environment in association with the issue commonly referred to as chemtrails/ geoengineering.   “Chemtrails,” which are more correctly referred to as “aerosol trails,” have been erroneously portrayed by the mainstream media as vapour trails,  while evidence reveals that the lingering plumes emitted from aircraft are part of world wide programs and normally comprised of cocktails of aerosolized heavy metals, amongst other environmental contaminants.    These contaminants are being found globally.


Mass aerosol spraying. Waikato region, November 23, 2014.  Photo: Leonie P.

Massive aerosol operations, which evidence shows are primarily being used to modify the weather and create extremes, which are then used to win sympathy for climate change agendas, are continuing around the world and appear to being stepped up, including in New Zealand.

Rainwater testing conducted in this country since 2010 has repeatedly confirmed the presence of elements associated with chemtrails and these latest results further reinforce our contention that our environment is being poisoned via an insidious and cumulative process, not acknowledged by the IPCC at the climate change conference in Paris, even though it is known to influence weather.

Thank-you to anti-chemtrails/geoengineering activist, Darrell McGrath of Timaru, who makes YouTube videos under the name of South Canterbury Sky Watch, for sending us this laboratory report and for his ongoing commitment to exposing this crime.

The rain sample was collected in his backyard on September the 23rd and 24th, 2015 and delivered to R J Hills Laboratories in Christchurch on the 20th of October, 2015. This lab is trusted and accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand.   hills lab test oct 1HILLS LAB TEST 0CT 2015.pdf2


Total Aluminium       g/m3  0.099
Total Barium              g/m3   0.183
Total Strontium         g/m3  0.0162

To see more rainwater test results from around New Zealand, please go here:

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Flashback: Australian Politician, Ann Bressington Exposes Global Warming As A Hoax, Agenda 21 & New World Order

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Public Help Needed As California USA Government Climate Offices Are Put On Notice About Geoengineering

“Fellow Activists, This is a very important and time sensitive call to action related to geoengineering. As you know, countries around the world are expected to sign the Paris Climate Agreement this December. This agreement, if passed, will allow an unelected body, the UN/ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to micro manage our lives by massive taxation and other oppressive means without our input or the input of our legislators. It will circumvent constitutions, national sovereignty and laws that protect individual freedoms around the world. Even more troubling, the agreement will provide a framework to approve and legalize geoengineering without the input of the public or legislators in countries around the world.

Discussion of climate issues has focused on CO2 and ignored ongoing geoengineering programs that are a major cause of our changing climate. Because of this, it makes all climate models at best flawed and at worst fraudulent when developed by those who are aware of these clandestine programs. Even legislators concerned about global warming are not aware of the threat presented by the Paris Climate Agreement that will strip them of their power and ability to have legislative authority in their respective districts and regions. This removal of power will undoubtedly limit the way we live and our ability in the future to live in constitutional republics and democratic societies.

It is essential that we reach out to our legislators and educate them of the planned agenda to strip them of their power, authority and ability to govern in a free society. It is also essential that geoengineering be stopped and all climate talks, mandates and legislation be stopped before it is too late. The following is a letter that we drafted and request that you send it to your local, state and federal legislators.” – Michael J. Murphy

District: Rep Contact #

1 LaMalfa, Doug KevinEastman 202-225-3076

2. Huffman, Jared Logan Ferree 202-225-5161

3. Garamendi, John Garrett Durst 202-225-1880

4. McClintock, Tom Steven Koncar, J.D. 202-225-2511

5 Thompson, Mike Allison Colden 202-225-3311

6 Matsui, Doris O. Jonathan Gilbert 202 225 7163

7. Bera, Ami Kelvin Lum 202-225-5716

8. Cook, Paul Tim Itnyre 202 225 5861

`9 McNerney, Jerry 202- 225 1947

10 Denham, Jeff Chris White 202 225 4540

11 DeSaulnier, Mark Emlyn Struthers 202 225-2095

12 Pelosi, Nancy Kenneth DeGraff 202 225 0100

13 Lee, Barbara Emma Mehrabi 202 225 2661

14. Speier, Jackie Miriam C. Goldstein 202 225 3531

15 Swalwell, Eric Andrew Ginsburg 202 225-5065

16. Costa, Jim J Scott Petersen 202 225 3341

17. Honda, Mike Laurie Chong 202 225- 2631

18. Eshoo, Anna G. 202-225-8104

19. Lofgren, Zoe Angela Ebiner 202-225-3072

20. Farr, Sam Troy Phillips & Ana Sorrentino 202 225 2861

21. Valadao, David Andrew Renteria 202 225 4695

22. Nunes, Devin Rocco DiCicco 202 225 2523

23. McCarthy, Kevin Kyle Lombardi 202 225 2915

24. Capps, Lois Eliot Crafton 202 225 3601

25. Knight, Steve Brandon Eden 202 225 1956

26. Brownley, Julia Jean Fundakowski 202 225 5811

27. Chu, Judy Sonali Desai 202 225 5464

28. Schiff, Adam Courtney Fogwell 202 225 4176

29. Cárdenas, Tony Miguel A. Franco 202 225 6131

30. Sherman, Brad Lauren Wolman 202 225 5911

31. Aguilar, Pete Stephanie Cuevas 202 225 3201

32. Napolitano, Grace Joseph Ciccone 202 225 5256

33. Lieu, Ted Megan Price 202 225 3976

34. Becerra, Xavier Johanna Montiel 202 225 6235

35. Torres, Norma Benjamin Ward 202 225 6161

36. Ruiz, Raul Ross Arnett 202 225 5330

37. Bass, Karen Chris Randle 202 225 7084

38. Sánchez, Linda Andrew Noh 202 225 6676

39. Royce, Ed Blair Alexis Rotert 202 225 4111

40. Roybal-Allard, Lucille Adam Sachs 202 225 1766

41. Takano, Mark Claire Viall 202 225 2305

42. Calvert, Ken Ian Foley 202 225 1986

43. Waters, Maxine Kathleen Sengstock 202 225 2201

44. Hahn, Janice Amanda Truong 202 225 8220

45. Walters, Mimi Yvette Wissmann 202 225 5611

46. Sanchez, Loretta Lorenzo Rubalcava 202 225 2965

47. Lowenthal, Alan Rachel Gentile 202 225 7924
Devin Helfrich

48. Rohrabacher, Dana Jeff Vanderslice 202 225 2415

49. Issa Darrell Chelsea Cuellar 202 225 3906

50. Hunter, Duncan Tim Carlton 202 225 5672

51. Vargas, Juan Aaron Allen 202 225 8045

52. Peters, Scott K.C. Jaski 202 225 0508

53. Davis, Susan Matt Weiner 202 225 2040




Exposing Climate Gate Letter To Legislators.Please cut and past any of the material in this letter and send it to your local Legislators



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Stunning Satellite Images Show Massive Aerosol Dumps Over Florida

Harold Saive, Published on 3 Dec 2015

Analysis of chemtrail aerosol dumps over Florida suggests a fleet of tanker aircraft More:

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