Evidence of Pulses? 19 Sept, 2018

Thanks to Brad.

The first image was shown during the 6pm news on TVOne on the 19th of September at approximately 6.25pm.   Note behind the weatherman’s head, evidence of a pulse.   In the second image are two pulses appearing to emanate from the Canterbury Radar.  This image was copied off the MetService website from the rain radar page on the morning of the 19th.

In previous posts on this website, Nigel Gray has commented on their possible relevance.

SONY DSCrain radar wed 10.20am

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Nigel Gray: Weather Modification Technology IS Used In New Zealand

Nigel Gray: I Predict Pulsing Will Lead To Extreme Weather This Week

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Ole Dammegård – What’s With The Shoes? on the Sage of Quay Radio

Information related to false-flag attacks and the symbolic appearance of foot wear in images from around the world.   This, according to Ole, is a Freemasonic message that is being sent and more.   Ole’s website: https://www.lightonconspiracies.com/

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Flashback: Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio

Researcher, Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio | Richard Sacks,   published on 19 Nov 2017.

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Scientists mark 300 years since last great Alpine Fault quake – preparing for the ‘inevitable’

Scientists say the last major Alpine Fault earthquake, in 1717, brought long-term disruption across the South Island and “there will be a similar earthquake soon”.

The 1717 quake is estimated to have had a magnitude of around 8.1, according to a special anniversary edition of the New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, published on Tuesday. That estimate comes from evidence for the ground breaking along 380km of the South Island.

“Land on the south-eastern side of the fault moved up relative to the north-western side in most places and 7–8 metres south in a matter of seconds,” an editorial said.

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Dutchsinse: 9/10/2018 — Major Earthquake Activity underway – Spread of M7.0 + M6.0 — New Zealand to Indonesia

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Canterbury ‘meteor’ may have actually been a plane spraying a chemtrail?

NewsHub, 29 8 2018

The “meteor” spotted above the South Island on Monday night may have actually been a flight full of Australians.

Canterbury residents reported seeing the alleged meteor just after 6pm on Monday night – the exact time a Qantas flight was passing over the area on its way to Sydney from Santiago.

The Boeing 747 crossed New Zealand’s east coast above Rangiora at 5:54pm and passed over the West Coast just south of Hokitika at 6:07pm, flying at a height of 12 kilometres. An aircraft at this height would most likely leave a contrail behind it – however, Qantas doubts its aircraft is responsible.

More:  https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/travel/2018/08/canterbury-meteor-may-have-actually-been-a-qantas-plane.html

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Most of The Censored ‘Chemtrailsplanet’ Website Online Again At NEWSPARADIGM.org

One of my favourite websites, Chemtrailsplanet,  Harold Saive’s  informative site, which hosted a plethora of useful no-nonsense articles, videos and documents about chemtrails and other nefarious activities the criminal “powers-that be” don’t want us to know about, was taken down by WordPress without warning on the 14th of August, 2018.

Thankfully, Harold has started a new website called NEWSPARADIGM.org, where most of the Chemtrailsplanet content has been uploaded.

Most of the articles are re-uploaded from Chemtrailsplanet, but WordPress failed to return Harold’s media and documents.

11 WordPress sites went down the memory hole with his.  Each site was exposing the Sandy Hook event.    This article from the New York Times points to the reason for the extremely heavy-handed, Orwellian behavior:    This Company Keeps Lies About Sandy Hook on the Web

From News Paradigm:

WordPress Censors Multiple Websites Exposing Sandy Hook as a Staged School Shooting

Update 8/16New WordPress policy allows it to shut down blogs of Sandy Hook deniers

8/18/18:  WordPress.com’s Lip Service to “Democratized Publishing” Belied By Censorship & New Executive Hires “Sandy Hook Deniers” CensoredBy James F. Tracy

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Malcolm Scott’s Complaint Upheld by Ombudsman – Ministry for Environment releases summary of chemtrail-related correspondence from 2016 – early 2018.

Update from researcher, Malcolm Scott, 28 August, 2018.

In July 2018, the Office of the Ombudsman informed Malcolm Scott that the Minister for the Environment had failed to comply with the Official Information request, and upheld his complaint.  The Ministry for the Environment was therefore requested to release whatever correspondence it held to him.   The summary below, released on the 22nd of August, which may not be complete, indicates that the Ministry has continued to receive regular inquiries from the public about chemtrails, aerosol spraying and geoengineering.  These inquiries clearly indicate that the public are looking to the Ministry for accountability and an explanation (as previous inquiries have since at least 2010).  However,  the Ministry has failed to take any steps toward developing a policy or regulatory framework for the investigation, monitoring or regulation of aerosol geoengineering.

The public should continue to correspond with the Ministry – every letter or e-mail forms a part of the public record which may, in the future, provide a basis for Parliamentary or legal action.

Below: Summary sent to Malcolm Scott, whose email address is blacked out by this website.



Malcolm Scott: Complaint to Ombudsman Regarding The Withholding of Information About Geoengineering in NZ By Minister for the Environment

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GreenplanetFM 104.6 Auck, Thurs, 8-9 am, Malcolm Scott talks about aerosol geo-engineering/ spraying


This week’s interview … streamed globally in real time.

Malcolm Scott: Is ‘atmospheric aerosol geo-engineering’ and white chemtrails happening over New Zealand?

Malcolm Scott is an experienced and qualified researcher recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission. He has authored several research reports for various organisations and is currently working on a thesis about people’s perceptions and experiences of climate change and chemtrails.

In 2015 Malcolm began investigating correspondence with various New Zealand Government Agencies and the Ministry for the Environment about the public reporting of alleged high altitude chemical aerosol spraying operations from aircraft in New Zealand. These are commonly referred to by the public as ‘chemtrails’, and since the late 1990’s chemtrails have become a global phenomenon.

In this interview Malcolm categorically states that ‘yes’ – they are happening over New Zealand 
This is an excellent introduction for the NZ public to finally recognise that things are not like we would want them.
By following the paper trail, we realise that our Government, the Department for the Environment, the EPA, the Environmental Protection Authority and the NZ Military Defence Forces are more than obfuscating. They are telling untruths that are showing that certain practices are being promulgated without our – the NZ publics – informed consent.
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You can listen to this GreenplanetFM interview live from the radio station on : 

www.planetaudio.org.nz  anywhere on earth at 8am on Thursdays NZ time. This interview will then remain available for the next 4 weeks.     Search – Green – then Greenplanet

You can hear all previous 400+ interviews at:


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Kia kaha and Aroha 
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Tech giants now censoring videos on climate change

After banning Alex Jones, tech giants now pushed to ban all “climate deniers,” targeting those who recognize the junk science of global warming

Image: After banning Alex Jones, tech giants now pushed to ban all “climate deniers,” targeting those who recognize the junk science of global warming

(Natural News) The great social media purge of 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down: Now that Alex Jones has been banned, the left-wing is on a power trip — and they’re already demanding more censorship. Media Matters, a left-wing organization funded by George Soros, has already stepped up to the soapbox, calling out Facebook for allowing “climate deniers” to have space on the network.

Writing for The Guardian, Dana Nuccitelli also recently called out the social media giant, with a headline declaring, “Facebook video spreads climate denial misinformation to 5 million users.” She goes on to argue that fake news is still running amok at Facebook. The call to silence anyone who presents opposing information is strong, and it’s coming from a variety of fronts.

More: https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-08-10-after-banning-alex-jones-tech-giants-now-pushed-to-ban-all-climate-deniers.html

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