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Obvious Aerosol Trails over Whangarei 31 July – 5 August 2017

These photos were taken from Whangarei between July the 31st to the 5th of August, 2017. Planes were not identified nor seen emitting these.  The photos provide a record of a tiny sample of the kind of pollution seen often … Continue reading

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Alex Jones Historic NYE 2016 Broadcast

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CHEMICAL WARFARE RED ALERT: Zika panic DEET chemical part of a brain damaging binary weapon being carpet bombed across America’s cities

August 21 2016  By Mike Adams (NaturalNews) With every ignorant news organization across America now pushing Americans to slather their skin with DEET chemicals as a defense against Zika mosquitoes, there’s something every American needs to know: DEET is one … Continue reading

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Mass Aerosol Dumps Coincide with Multi-national Air Force Exercises held in Australia

Updated report (12/8/ 2016) from “Niu Rangi” (Real name known, but withheld on request). On Monday, the 8th of August, 2016 I was on board a three-and-a-half-hour flight from Darwin to Brisbane.  Throughout this flight, until it became dark, I … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Tanker Nozzle Malfunction

How would the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, who fail to acknowledge the existence of aerosol trails, aka “chemtrails”, explain this occurrence? Published on 13 Jul 2016 Secret chemical aerosol deployment by jet aircraft. Deployment nozzle malfunction occasionally reveals contrails … Continue reading

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Criss-Cross Aerosol Trails Expand Across Hokitika Sky on July 11, 2016

These photos, taken by a concerned resident of Hokitika, which is a township in the West Coast region of New Zealand’s South Island, 40 kilometres south of Greymouth, show large aerosol trails intersecting and dispersing over a one-and-a-half-hour period. The … Continue reading

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Timaru residents breathing badly polluted with air pollution regime imminent

Eds note: As we reported in the blog: Timaru’s Air Monitoring Stations Picking Up More Than Smoke From Wood Burners As Photos Show, the mainstream media is not acknowledging all sources of pollution, one of which is the heavy metal aerosol … Continue reading

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South Canterbury Sky Watch On Chembows

This is the latest video from South Canterbury Sky Watch, aka Darrell, who is based in Timaru, which is a major port city in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand, located 157 kilometers southwest of Christchurch. He offers: Once … Continue reading

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More evidence to suggest Timaru’s air pollution probably attributable in large part to aerosols

Further to the reports regarding the high levels of air pollution in Timaru,  these photos, showing a sky heavily polluted with aerosol particles,  were taken at Caroline Bay in Timaru yesterday, the 17th of June 2016, shortly before sunset. Is … Continue reading

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More on that “dark oily-looking” Aerosol Trail Shown in the Otago Daily Times on June the 15th

Further to yesterday’s post regarding the Otago Daily Times (ODT) publishing a photo of a “dark oily-looking” aerosol trail,  we received additional information from Barbara Hearn, who lives in the Dunedin suburb of St Leonards who said the trail was … Continue reading

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