Activist’s Message To Top Geo-engineer, Ken Caldeira & His Reply

 A Spanish activist wrote to one of the top geo-engineers, Professor Ken Caldeira of the Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution of Washington, yesterday.  On his webpage, Caldeira claims carbon dioxide, which is essential to life on earth, is a ” villain.”  Plants require carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesisHe is also a major proponent of using geo-engineering to halt the non-existent problem of man-made global warming. She shares her e-mail to him and his brief reply.  (The video link she sent him appears to have been a dud.)

Dear Ken Caldeira,

I enclose a documentary film that will be of interest to you, your partners such as David Keith and financial backers such as Bill Gates, who no doubt you will be in direct contact with.

Exposure of the financial ties that you and others are linked into, who are involved in the climate warming “scam” whilst selling to the public, methods you so kindly promote as benevolent toward mankind and the globe, to correct an ill that does not exist in reality. Those in the know call this “PROBLEM CREATION, FOLLOWED BY FEAR DRIVE, FOLLOWED BY SOLUTION TO THE INVENTED PROBLEM. Your team have not convinced many people on a global scale, although they have infiltrated the corridors of power and have become an “extreme threat” to mankind as a result.

Being an invention that reaps great financial rewards to a few, a science that in truth does “not” exist and is just pure invention plucked from the minds of evil men to make a buck, to take power and control of nations via weather weapons and crop control, is nothing short of utter madness and a crime going on in our faces daily!  Nevertheless enough fools have been sold the lie and the environmental damage persists on a global scale as a result. The fall out of toxic particulates sprayed into our upper atmosphere is now found in rain water samples and visible in the break down of natural eco-systems since Geo-engineering programs in our skies have been recorded and  filmed  for millions to see, report on and share the knowledge about this crime committed against us all.

All corporate “whores” learn to lie exceedingly well. They will do so regardless of the real harm they do to our planet and all life forms on earth . In films, they expose themselves as having “run experiments”, they  depend on the mass ignorance of populations not to know that they are criminals breaking the “Nuremberg code” and commit crimes against humanity daily by interventions to our environment that impacts on all life on earth and destroy the world’s natural eco-systems .

So called Scientist’s ? who are involved in such experimentation, are so out of touch with the reality of what they are creating and promoting, they are so lost in greed and self gratification, it is a form of insanity that will in due course destroy all life on earth stage by stage!  So blind, they even think they are exempt to the environmental impacts even to themselves and those they “might” care about.

Millions of people are now aware of what you and your partners in crime are doing to our natural world and all life forms upon it, that number is growing daily and will continue to grow. It is important that all associated groups and individuals are named and exposed for what they are doing to our planet. The work goes on it will not stop! Exposure of the crimes against humanity via Geo-engineers experiments and all associated groups who are involved will reach a tipping point in due course.

Yours Sincerely
Bertha Quayle

His reply:

Subject: Re: Geo-engineering
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 08:41:12 -0700

The contrast between reality and your mental projections is quite stark.

Ken Caldeira

+1 650 704 7212

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2 Responses to Activist’s Message To Top Geo-engineer, Ken Caldeira & His Reply

  1. She replied to his email and he replied again. Start at bottom. They are dated the 3rd and 4th:

    Subject: RE: Geo-engineering
    Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 01:28:02 +0000

    Dear Mr Caldeira ,

    Thank you for your reply .

    I believe science to be a very dangerous thing in the hands of those who ignore the natural order of life on earth and look at a theme they have invented that is not based on provable facts but , based mainly on assumptions, theory that can be challenged as unsustainable and becomes a far greater threat than the assumed global warming said to be taking place.

    It is a fact born out over many many decades that global warming is a natural periodic event as is cooling, it is recorded throughout history, botanists and many other experts who study earths environment are well documented. It is nothing to fear or to be altered by man , until recent times and the new science you call your own ! CO2 charts rise and fall as they have always done since records started.

    The fact that systems are in place that enables man to interfere with climate and weather patterns , however secret those systems have been, will never change the fact that mans intervention of nature to the level of mindless proportions can ever be good ,knowing so called scientists carry out such experiments with no known impacts fully understood .You say as much yourself in countless films, yet you ignore the truth of your own knowledge and go on to say , some will suffer ! This knowledge does not phase you , it seems normal for you to promote systems of experimentation regardless of the outcome on some if not all of earths populations and our eco system . Our eco-system, not yours or the scientific worlds Mr Caldeira, it is our eco-system.

    Yes I do believe you have a vested interest to deceive not only millions of people but, yourself. You will not be the first or the last in history who use title , the word science teaching and positions in higher education to give weight to your theories to a mainly ill informed public.

    It is you who will know first hand what your own interests are in the field you work in and what private advantage you will have as a reward. People see from reports what your vested interests are, that is enough for them to prove a conflict of interest for you to carry on regardless, men money and position have always lived side by side, morals and ethics never play a part. Did Einstein really care what he left on earth, regrets he had but, his legacy goes on destroying lives and threatens global stability and the environment even today. He was full of extreme contradictions a kindly old man we are led to believe who split the atom and unleashed death to millions and on going decades later. !

    Strange how you and Bill Gates have a thing about the “numbers of people” on earth but, ignore the chemical industry who pump out toxic waste in uncalculated amounts daily. Likewise GMO food crops that require vast amounts of toxic chemicals sprayed on plants every year , with growing amounts each year as they are none affective after a short time. Tunnel vision is not science Mr Caldeira !

    Yours sincerely
    Bertha Quayle

    Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 10:45:19 -0700
    Subject: Re: Geo-engineering

    Do you really think I have a vested interest in deceiving millions of people?

    Exactly what is my interest? How am I to benefit from such deception?

    Have you read what I have said? (Or do you think that everything I say is just part of my insane plan to deceive the world so that I can achieve my own nefarious ends?)

    On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Bertha Quayle wrote:

    Dear Mr Caldeira,

    It is fortunate indeed that millions of people will not agree with you on my ability to determine what is going on in “reality” or what people like you are doing . I think your reply to me will raise far more questions about you and your form of double talk , that ,on closer inspection, is not typical of a scientific man who is open to thinking beyond his own agenda and financial interests. In your own words in films posted by you , you tell us that you have run experiments in our environment to determine the outcome on crop yields.

    Your propaganda films will not wash with people who have knowledge of our natural eco-systems and hold information on people who have a vested interest to deceive millions of good people ,as you and others like you have done for far too long !

    Even the format of your reply shows a man unable to to take a challenge and answer in a normal way . Do I take it the film enclosed will be rubbished in like manner ? I think people must be made aware of the mind set that determines our demise.

    Yours sincerely
    Bertha Quayle

  2. Though “Beth” is correct to label geoengineering as anything but a “cure”, the notion that the planet is going through some sort of “natural” cycle could not be further from reality. Its about as natural as shooting someone and then saying “its natural, people die” No, there is nothing natural about decimating the planet with human activity, burning 20,000,000 years of stored fossil fuel, deforesting the planet, poisoning the ocean from top to bottom, and sprawling out across the planet like a malignant cancer. The human race has shown virtually no willingness to face the fact that all 7,000,000,000 of us have decimated the planet and the climate. That being said, the final and greatest insanity of all is geoengineering. The spraying programs are the final blow to an already injured biosphere. SAG and SRM have kept Earth from responding in any and every way to the damage done to her. Geoengineering has greatly reduced global rainfall, what rain does fall is poisoned with bioavailable metals and chemicals. The boreal forests (the lungs of the planet) are literally being killed by the spraying instead of a growth increase that would have come from increased carbon and rain. The spraying is destroying the ozone layer. Each of these facts puts life in the balance and there is yet much more to this equation.
    I have put well over a decade into the fight against geoengineering. I am interviewed in both of Michael Murphy’s films. I could not be more against geoengineering than I am. But to think the planet is doing fine otherwise, or that the human race has not horrifically damaged the planet, is also wrong. If we truly wish to bring the geoengineering issue to light and hopefully to a halt, we need to have our facts and our argument based in reality.
    The planet is now in unstoppable runaway global warming. I believe all available data indicates that the ongoing geoengineering was the largest single causal factor in bringing this about.

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