Donations Required To Complete Chemtrails Documentary, OVERCAST


The following message came via email on June the 21st, 2013 from Matthias Hancke:

 Hi everybody,

Swiss Filmmaker, Matthias Hancke.

Swiss Filmmaker, Matthias Hancke.

So far we have 7,800 dollars on indiegogo and 3000 came to the Dedal Films account. That means that we reached over 40 percent in 20 days, which is not bad, but according to the relevance of the issue and the seize of the movement it is also kind of disappointing, since there were just 95 people who made a donation.

Nonetheless, we are optimistic to reach the goal, but we need the help from the States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia!
Thanks to all the people who already supported the project, thanks to all, who spread the word and thanks for the ones who will support us in the second half.
All information is on: and
follow the campaign (click on the button “like”) on Facebook
Best regards,
Matthias and Tristan.
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