Stop Climate Censorship

CFACT, Craig Rucker (

The debate over global warming has turned incredibly nasty in recent days.

This is no coincidence.

The most radical Left-Green pressure groups have launched a major offensive to silence scientists and experts who dare question their far-fetched pronouncements about the climate.

Please take a moment right now to sign CFACT’s petition against climate censorship.

Two of the global warming zealots’ biggest attack dogs in Congress, Senator Edward Markey (D-MA) and Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), recently sent letters to institutions that employ or support researchers whose work questions Green claims about the allegedly impending man-made climate catastrophe.

They want the employers of these scientists to disclose their funding sources in ways that those who toe the warming party line never have – and would never dare.

In short, they are trying to smear the reputations and intimidate skeptical scientists like Drs. Willie Soon, Richard Lindzen, Fred Singer, David Legates, Matt Briggs, Judith Curry and Roger Pielke, Jr. from speaking out.

By doing this, they hope to censor open discourse about global warming and prevent the public from ever seeing any scientific data, research or policy analysis that contradict their claims, no matter how wildly wrong they may be.

This is nothing less than an all out assault on one of our most fundamental civil rights – freedom of speech.

They cannot be allowed to succeed – that’s why we’re taking action.

Please sign CFACT’s petition to protect the right of scientists to publish their thoughts without fear of retribution or reprisal and forward it to as many friends as you can.

We’re going to distribute this petition far and wide to leaders in the media, academia and public policy to let them know the public will not stand for this sort of bullying.

You should know that it’s not just scientists they’re trying to silence – the climate alarmists are also working to pressure the media to censor all opposing views.

George Soros’ group “Media Matters” (run by Clinton confidant David Brock) and its allied “Forecast the Facts” has actually launched a petition essentially demanding an all-out media blockade of scientific facts that contradict the warming narrative.

They’ve even called out CFACT’s own Marc Morano, editor of our very successful Climate Depot news and information site, by name and demanded the media silence him.

Astoundingly, some large media outlets like the BBC and Los Angeles Times have announced they won’t publish or broadcast the opinions of climate skeptics.

Will you sign CFACT’s petition right away and let it be known that this giant leap backwards for civil liberties and science cannot be allowed?

You and I are well aware that the funding backing the warming alarmists dwarfs that available to those who question climate catastrophe. It’s not even close!

Yet the global warming Goliaths live in constant fear of underfunded scientific Davids who are able to defy all the odds against them. They topple the warming crowd’s arguments time and again.

That is why global warming and free speech are incompatible. That is why we must be silenced. That is why scientists must be muzzled, media outlets pressured to censor, and academic standards pushed upon educators at every level to exclude all facts that contradict the warmists’ narrative from our classrooms.

Of course, there’s a key reason for this sudden push to censor.

They mean to lock the nations of the world into a new destructive agreement when the UN holds the most significant climate conference it has sponsored in years in Paris, this December.

And for the first time, they have an American President who is prepared to give these international bureaucrats all they want.

When you consider UN climate chief Christiana Figueres’s recent admission that this agreement is really about “economic transformation” of the free-market economy it becomes clear that the right to speak out has never been more important.

Marc Morano recently told “The Hill” (while he is still permitted to speak), “the global warming promoters are so close to what they consider final victory that they’re trying to clear out any remaining roadblocks.”

Even NPR (not known as neutral players on climate) recently reported that these latest attempts at climate censorship are “more about intimidation than truth.”

As we state in our CFACT petition, “sound science requires vigorous debate and consideration of all data or it deteriorates into dogma.”

We must protect the right of scientists to publish their findings and everyone to speak freely about the climate and every public policy issue that confronts us.

Please sign this important petition and circulate it to as many people as you can right away!

Stand up for freedom of speech. Stand up for the facts. Sign the petition today!

Craig Rucker
Executive Director &
Thank you.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you, I have signed this al though it is geared for the USA. Is there also any NZ equivalent, that any one knows of?

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