Weather Forecaster Predicts Australia’s Agricultural Sector Will Be Wiped Out in 2 Years Unless Drastic Action Is Taken

Anthony Violi

Anthony Violi of Mount Barker in South Australia,  has studied meteorology for more than 35 years and has a dire warning  he shared in a submission to the Australian government, [1].  He believes if the man-made drought continues, the agricultural sector will be wiped out in the next 24 months, unless drastic action is taken.

A former strawberry farmer,  he is now director at the AV Weather website, which provides paid-for forecasts for farmers around Australia.

He told The Bloody Aussie Battler podcast in June, 2020 that as the weather is being controlled now, his work has become more challenging, as there are things happening with it that don’t make sense anymore.   While he says he found it easy to forecast four years ago,  he has had to “go back to school” to learn about what is effecting the weather now.

Violi contends that the out of this world levels of electromagnetic radiation are influencing the weather, including that from the radars, cell phone towers, 5G (Fifth generation wireless technology) and HAARP arrays.  Who is in control? Water access is being restricted to farmers by the New World Order he says [2].

He refers to HAARP and chemtrails in his work and in his submission to the Australian government warned: “The weather is being modified deliberately to induce a drought, with Australia being the specific target, whilst the majority of the world floods, due to record high cosmic rays, which increase cloud condensation nuclei, thus enhancing rainfall worldwide. We are going to see a La Nina develop in 2021-22, by then most farmers will be gone and our economy will be decimated if action isn’t taken, urgently.”

Violi suggests that rain could be produced using negative ion generators, as it is in the UAE and elsewhere.  At the moment Australia does not have any of these programs and he asks: “[W]hy not? It is easy to set these machines up, but artificial ionizing would need to be stopped first.”


[1]   Submission 106 – by submission 106 – Anthony Violi Anthony Violi, Inquiry into growing Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030

[2] Anthony Violi talks about his forecasting work and Common Law, which can be used to win back people power.   Common Law presents a potential remedy to some of the overreach of the current tyrannical powers-that-shouldn’t be.


AV Weather takes off


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2 Responses to Weather Forecaster Predicts Australia’s Agricultural Sector Will Be Wiped Out in 2 Years Unless Drastic Action Is Taken

  1. Tony Milligan says:

    Can Anthony tell me what these weather engineers are up to with this La Niña that they have scheduled for the next 6 months? It could be good news for good rains for drought stricken farmers, or it could be devastating for too much rain causing floods and or cyclones causing crops to be wiped out. What are these controllers up to?? Yes the weather is never anything like it was when I was a boy from a farm in northern Victoria during the 70s. Cheers Tony (Adelaide)

    • Thank-you for your comment, Tony. I have found that the best evidence to use for predicting a drought in Northland, NZ comes from the appearance of numerous atmospheric aerosols or “chemtrails” in our skies, sprayed ahead of approaching rain fronts, during the drought period. Geoengineers admit that a known consequence of saturating the atmosphere with particulates is drought, because when there are too many condensation nuclei in the air, the moisture can not form into droplets big enough to fall as rain.

      The ability to induce droughts is not new according to Fixing The Sky (2010) by historian, Professor J. Fleming, which states Mexico denounced the US for having caused a protracted drought in the 1960s and in response to the complaints, restrictions were put on where cloud seeding could take place. Aware of this technology, National Security Advisor to President Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who advised the most powerful “elite,” wrote in Between Two Ages (1970),”…’By the year 2018, technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations, a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare…[T]echniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm….”.

      I believe the droughts we have had in Northland since 2010 were engineered by the robber barons who aim to bring in UN Agenda 21/ UN Agenda 2030 in the name of ‘sustainability.’ One aim of the UN is to take away your private property rights. If droughts occur regularly Tony, there will be fewer people able to make a living off their land, and fewer people to care if their private property rights are taken away.

      According to an award-winning weatherman who is based in the US named Scott Stevens who also used indicators this technology was being used to better his forecasting record, the world’s weather is being controlled and he saw evidence of this from Lt Col Tom Bearden’s work. In the mid-1980’s, Bearden reported that the weather in the US was being manipulated using scalar energy. Signs scalar waves are being used include the presence of grid patterns and wave formations in the cloud material. I have photographed these grids during unseasonably dry weather.

      Some of the forms of technology being used are probably way beyond what we can imagine, however, there’s evidence HAARP/scalar technology are being used, and it’s known Trevor Constable provided governments with the playbook on how to manipulate the orgone or etheric energy back in the 1970’s.

      Another clue that weather modification technology is being used is that barium, which is mentioned on the HAARP patent, is found in rainwater. Barium is a desiccant by the way.

      I recommend ‘Aerosol Crimes’, the documentary by Clifford Carnicom for some further information.

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