Aluminium, Barium & Strontium In Hamilton Rainwater Collected in March & April 2014.

Credit: Pat McNair

Credit: Pat McNair, Protest in Hamilton 2012

Thank-you very much to Tom MacRae.  He collected two rainwater samples in Hamilton, New Zealand in March and April, 2014 and sent them to Hill Laboratories for testing for the three elements being found globally in association with sightings of aerosol trails.  The full report from Hills may be viewed in pdf format here: 1266087-DWP-1.

Tom sent rainwater samples for testing, as he and his partner Mischele had serious concerns about the masses of aerosol material in the sky over their region.   As the results below show, aluminium, barium and strontium were present in the rain.

In a number of New Zealand rainwater samples, the concentration of aluminium was found to be about ten times that of the barium. For example, rainwater from Whangarei in April-May, 2013,  contained aluminium at a concentration of 0.027 g/m3 to barium of 0.0024 g/m3.  Likewise, rainwater from Nelson in April, 2012, had aluminium at a concentration of 0.54 g/m3 to barium of 0.06 g/m3, and another from Nelson from June, 2010, had an aluminium concentration of 0.046 g/m3 to barium of 0.004 g/m3.  These results from Hamilton show aluminium is 5.6 times the concentration of the barium in the sample dated 14-15 March 2014 and 7.6 times the concentration of barium in the sample dated April the 3rd, 2014.  The aluminium, barium and strontium that is falling with the rain and from the atmosphere, is accumulating in the environment and poisoning it slowly.

In addition, during recent droughts in New Zealand, long white aerosol trails, that linger and spread out were seen in the sky and in satellite imagery, suggesting that the aerosols, comprised of heavy metals, are being used for harmful weather modification purposes, a technology that’s far from new.  According to Fixing The Sky (2010) by historian Professor James Fleming, Mexico denounced the United States for having caused a protracted drought in the 1960s and in response to complaints, restrictions were put on where cloud seeding could take place.  Satellite imagery shows weather modification technology is being used worldwide now.

As mentioned before on this website, beware of websites such as Metabunk, which deceive the public into thinking all is normal.   It isn’t normal or OK for aluminium, barium and strontium to be present in the rainwater like this, just as it is not normal to find aerosol trails in the sky overhead week after week.  Also mentioned before on this website, we have found bright-white particles floating in the rainwater on a number of occasions, demonstrating that what we are finding is an industrial form of these chemicals, not a natural one.   And these findings are supported by those of the CarnicomInstitute’s and what whistleblower, Kristen Meghan, a former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer has revealed.   She said she witnessed the importation of canisters of powdered toxic metals including aluminum and barium onto U.S. Air Force bases.  Refer: Kristen Meghan, Info Wars Interview.

The difference between contrails and chemtrails.

The difference between a contrail and chemtrails.

In regard to the pH of 6.2 that was found for both samples, this provides additional evidence of contamination and is a cause for concern. According to Environmental Chemistry at a Glance, (2006), by I. Pulford and H. Flowers, two professors of chemistry, the pH of unpolluted rainwater should be approximately 5.7, owing to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dissolved in it.  Below is the related quote from their book:freshwater4add


Master gardener and retired USDA Biologist, Frances Mangels of California has found the that pH of rainwater rises from about 5.5 to about 6.8 in association with a large volume of aerosol geoengineering activity.    The pH of rainwater in Whangarei, Northland on February 19th and 20th,  2014,  was found to be 6.7-6.8.   A pH of 6.2 found in Hamilton is not normal and may have a detrimental effect on plant growth, as Frances Mangels has indicated.

Please raise awareness of this issue in your community.  Provide friends and family with links to Look Up!, Why In The World Are They Spraying? and Aerosol Crimes.  (They are provided below for easy copying and pasting.) Suggest they use a water filter from now on and look up, get educated, get rainwater samples tested for the heavy metals used in aerosols and help to shine a light on the crimes of weather modification and the poisoning of our environment.  Once we reach a critical mass of awareness, the corrupt entities which keep these programs in operation will start to fall.





Link to Look Up!:

Link to Aerosol Crimes:

Link to Why in The World Are They Spraying?:

There is an historical interest and experimentation documented regarding the use of barium in ionization and plasma physics.

Chemtrails In Hamilton (2010)

Hamilton’s Anti-Chemtrail/ Geo-engineering Protest Made Impact In Pouring Rain

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2 Responses to Aluminium, Barium & Strontium In Hamilton Rainwater Collected in March & April 2014.

  1. david penney says:

    North Canterbury, NZ rain has Aluminium Barium etc. Lab tested. This is Chemical war fare which breaches the Geneva convention. When I found this happening a year or two ago I wanted to make it public, so I notified Radio Live, and was rubbished which also included the Chem-trails, Have these radio stations and their staff been shut down on this topic? Hope they are the first to have health problems.

    • RadioLive spread a great deal of sickening propaganda regarding chemtrails/aerosols in November last year when Colin Craig said he was open to the idea that they may exist. I have a complaint in the process of being heard by the Broadcasting Standards Authority regarding Sean Plunket referring to those who supported Colin Craig and believed in chemtrails as “nutters.”

      On a positive note, Marian Sutherland phoned NewstalkZB and was able to talk to Bruce Russell about it and he was quite reasonable. Refer:
      Also, Vapi Kupenga, who is now sadly deceased, of Radio Waatea had a series of shows about chemtrails last year. Refer:

      It is a form of chemical warfare. They are spraying boron, as well as Al, Ba and Sr as a rainwater test on rain from Whangarei in 2010 showed. In regard to the Boron, a chap called Jim Phelps left this comment under one of my videos: Here is the key to the Civilian Chemtrails, They use Boron that is placed in a Lubricity and Fungal / Bacterial chemical placed in the jet fuels distribution. Burning Boron chemicals in jets makes compounds of Boron that are hygroscopic, such as Boron Nitride and Boric Oxide, BN and B2O3. These compounds seed persistent clouds in the tropopause region of the atmosphere. At lower altitudes, the high water content of the atmosphere shift the releases toward Borane, BH3, compounds that generally decompose to boric acid that is toxic to bees and insects.

      The Maud’deb traces to the movie called Dune, which is basically about Masons and their games to reinvent the 2nd temple. Maud’deb is the allegorical term for Oak Ridge National Lab, which is highly controlled by Scottish Rite Masons. Mason allegory was all over the Manhattan Project. Trinity was the Bomb site, but the alteration of Trinity in the Bible was the key to Empire and Imperialism. At the Bomb site stands today a nice Pyramid stone monument, which Masons like as their Stone Masons analogies. Masons always have to get back to temple worship, so the plant in Oak Ridge was named X-10 in the war (now Oak Ridge National Lab), which was symbolic for God=X and Ten Commandments. Similarly, The nuclear bomb factory was called Y-12, which was symbolic for Yahweh and the 12 disciples. This all comes from the Masons that ran the project, which was started by Mason FDR, the President.

      Oak Ridge, Tn was in the heart of the South and loaded with Scottish Rite Masons, and the plants offered jobs to Masons. Oak Ridge National Lab came up with the idea to use Boron loaded fuel in Commercial Jets to do what Edward Teller proposed to make a scattering shield in the sky to alter the issues of the planet’s warming due to problem of the Ozone Hole being caused by Freon releases that upset the Ocean’s Cloud Forming systems of the Sulfur Cycle that tossed the natural thermostat of the oceans out of regulation.

      It is a very simple system that just uses a Boron Biocide and Lubricity chemical that controlled contamination in jet fuel transportation, because Boron was toxic to Fungus and Bacteria. It also formed persistent clouds in the tropopause region of the atmosphere. Drawbacks were insect toxicity connected with Bee CCD and other problems. It is also considered illegal, because it is climate change modification. Look up Boron chemtrails and you will find a good deal of how it is done using commercial jets, as other info leakers are coming out.

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