New Zealand author, Ben Vidgen, who penned the non-fiction  ‘State Secrets II’ in 2006, regarding New Zealand’s links to arms trafficking and terrorism, has turned his attention to New Zealand’s HAARP links.

Ben, who describes himself as a chronic dyslexic, posted the following on his Facebook page, on February 23, 2011. His websites are  DeadlineInternational and DeadlinePublishing.blogspot.

by Ben Vidgen on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 4:44pm


CEDAR LYTTELTON (SOUTH EAST OF CURRENT EPI CENTRE) – which is also linked to MT John which has inturn been busted on numerous occassions as part of US Missle Defence program Star Wars.

Mt John first busted by anti-war researcher OWEN WILKES in 1970 — who also reported on …DAARPA geowarfare project at Bleinheim in 1960’s.

Wilkes revealed post which charted skies for US Airforce missile defence units & had its own secret room -this was photgraphed by Wilkes after he broken in and appear in his book — which can still be found in the Chch libary (I have reference for the book somewhere if any ones really keen to find it).

Then by Canty newspaper CANTA in 1980’s again involved in missile defence – using Pensylvania as their cover.

This agin made reference to in 1995 when Chch press article on NZ contribution to technology behind GPS listed data used by NZ fishermen today collected as part of research collected for cruise missile (by charting NZ skies in late “80s”).

Today its MT John managed by National Science Foundation who manage both Antartcica Alaska HAARP and it related obseravatory network which goes world wide.

T.I.G.E.R. Invercargil.

Part of the SUPERDARN (also located on Maquarie Island the site of detected magnetic abnomally week up to Boxing day Tsunami — other phenonmenon detected ahead of that event sonic booms and numerous reports of bright flash and orange ball lightining 2-3 weeks which appeared in several media reports in the weks prio to the tsunami).

NOTE1 ; Increased orange ball lighting borellis have been noted in press 2 days ago in relation to alleged recent solar storms causing unusal level of borellis activity & radio disruption worldwide (see “The Bullet We Dodged” ) specifically Norway & China. Coinciding with mass reports of pilot whales stranding on West Coast of South Island.

Similar solar storms with accompnaing phonmenon also noted in August 2010 coincide sonic booms and meteorite over easter sea board (Philly Boston & Florida) in same peroid where central Alaska the msot effected zone at this time.

N2 ; DEADLINE has been reporting on probability of another major earth quakes in Christchurch since Llyod McFadden photo of ball lighting over Chch — same day as Boxing Day quake.

Photo of this inciidents appeares in Chch Press (frntpge) 1 of 1000s of reports of ball lightning, mystery sonic booms, sighted overSouth Island of  NZ since Sep 2010.

Similar reports noted in US during known anti satelite exercises held on eastern sea boarder. At time Shuttle trying to fit Mulitspectrum lens on Hubble. Simlar to lens fit during project MIDEX on the doomed space shuttle in 2002 when pay load master was Colonel Ilan Ramon Israel Airforce (head of Israeli Airforce’s weapons procurment and weapons reasearch – previoulsy the pilot and electronic warfare specialist used in 1981 Israel strike on Iraq reactor at Orik) and Commnader William McCool Shuttle commnader and electronic warfare expert.

Operations to Hubble made difficult by shrapnel caused by destrucution of Chinese communication satelite in close proximity to the Hubbble during China’s sucessful high orbit satelite killers test in jan 2007.

The Chinese 2007 jan test  listed dually as “triggering space arms race” OR as response to US doctrine of US “ownership of space” created by  Bush & his resumption of the Star War weapons program.

N3: DEADLINE commented on ball ligthing, sonic booms, in 05 when reporting on Indonesia Tsunami links to HAARP.

DEADLINE has also reported extensively on forensic signs of manmade quakes which includes — sudden aircraft downing due to unknown electrical failure— metorites and explosions, known to have take part after sept 4th in Alaska, Chile, Sanfransisco, where in all cases sesmic activity occured in the same location as formetioned incidents.

In Chile no evidence of crash site for “metorite”, reported as triggering sesmic singal (when it hit earth), in Sanfransisco fireball marked by disruptions to radio communications prior to the event.

VIP: In all cases to REPEAT key point the cause of interest was not the incident it self but that events matched up with correlating symptons e.g. it not just that an aircraft crashes but that it did so in the same location as sesmic activity took place in the same tiime frame.


Further I found in aviation accidents in domestic US flights in Amherst & Colorado(2008 & 2009), Flight 1951 Turkey to Holland, Flight 447 Brazil to France, that aircraft not noly suffered sudden failure (after sesmic or electrical abnomally were reported) but that the passenger list also included leading experts working on the development of next generation EW based warfare.


A prime example Flight 447, not only did the aircraft crash take place after sudden massive electrical failure,during once in 100 year storm, the passenger listed numerous personnel linked to weapons research, but it also crashed within six hundred miles of known HAARP station (part of the Amazon Surveillance network SAVIM) but occured in the same location that an earthquake had also struck on the same day as the crash.


NOTE4: Back in Sep DEADLINE reported on correlations of chch quake with quake in Alaska which had also experienced aspike in sesmic activity.

This is geo activity for Feb 21 2011

04:50 PM AKST 5.42 South Island NZ

03:58 PM AKST – 2.64 Fox Islands Alaska

03:05 PM AKST –  * Central region of Alaska

03:04 PM AKST 5.60 S.I. NZ

02:55 PM AKST Unknown OFF E. COAST OF S.I. NZ

02:46 PM AKST 1.16 Central region of Alaska

NOTE5: The NZ quakes supplimented not just by an increased reports of mystery sonic booms & orange ball lighting but a mass rise in cases of Chemtrail reporting. These incident raised in the Otago Daily Times were inital coverage of the subject in December 2010 led to numerous photos of chemtrails being sent in afterwards.

A follow up on the issue included Peter Drew excellent letter to ODT Aircarft Vapor Formation A Chemtrail — which not only explains why chem trails are not contrails (due to the dispersion rate) but his explanation is backed up by Ross Marsden of the Metservice who provides the same explanation.

Drew also points out the US explanation that ‘the aircraft in question was just on a normal flight down to Antartica ‘ is seriously flawed as using satelitte imagery the chem trail can be shown to stops at end of South Island and does not continue on after that which is what you expect if indedd it was a contrail as claimed.

Drew is also supported by Peter Basquins letter to Editor the same day.

Basquin is an American who says seen these filling sky back in US so sky looks like “Chequer board.” Basquin US experience is likewise supported by Kevin Hayes Environmental Canterbury.

Mayor Hayes, becuase of his experiences in the US and in Kaikoura, chose to support activist in Kaikoura protesting against chemtrails by writing a leter to Nick Smith as Minister of Environment.

The letter follows discussion in Parliamanet on Chemtrails after Nick Smith used Nelson activist (and those in Northland), campainging against Chems trails, supported by Labour MP Marion Streets, to poor scorn on Labour for supporting “conspiracy theorists”.

When confronted with Hayes letter (supported by the UK parliments report into geoengineering technology)Smith continued to claim what Kaikoura citizens were seeeing was contrails.

Smith ignored futher correspondence where Hayes pointed out the alleged trails were not on registered flight path and that “top dressing” did not take place over the ocean.

Numerous reports (including US goverment patents) identify chemtrails as using nano engineered alloys which includes Barium.

Barium is used to reflect signals and seen on the some sites as a means of enhanceing HAARP transmissions.

There appears to be a very strong correlation between mass death (google the term Aflockoloypse) of animals and areas known to conduct EW research who also use this nanotechnology for communication purposes, poluttion dispersal in the Gulf of Mexico (which use nano product COREEXIT) and geoengineering programs.

The existance of geoengineering as very real and well research science is listed in UK Parlimentary reports on climate chamge as Plan B and more specficilly in are made reference to actucal geoengineering research currently being conducted by the MV Polarstern in Antratica, a regualr vistor to NZ, in 2010, in breech of international bans against geoengineering technology.


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/sillybeliefs-coms-lies-about-chemtrails-geo-engineering-exposed/
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  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for this detailed report. I feel a well of pressure throughout the globe to share information and for all information to stay linked and easy for us all to understand and enable us to join the dots.
    Many thousands I feel sure are aware , it is what we do next as a collective body of opinion and awareness that puzzles me . Do we stage a global get together on the streets of our own area, to loudly protest or do we continue to have our concerns ignored by those in power, who have lost the guts to stand up against threats or worse are happy to be driven by this evil and stay quiet.
    Had a week so full on with chemical trail plane spraying here in southern spain, morning noon and night in all directions , I am now watching for coloured clouds or monsoon rains that hit us last winter, for months on end ,instead we have a heat wave in winter !!
    One meter of snow last week in Granada and cold even on the coast, now 23+C and the moisture in the ground sucked out, leaving the top layer of soil like silt/sand.
    Frankly if I had the fighter power I would gladly shoot the_______________OUT OF THE SKY. Do those pilots have blood in the vains or are they over payed robots, surely they can not be human !!
    Onward to us all

  2. Liberty4NZ says:

    The night before the September earthquake my partner and I decided to go and get some cigarettes from the 24 hr gas station in town – around midnight. We live rurally and as we approached town we were shocked to see a large area of the night sky was “lit up” with an orange, dull glow. The area that glowed was above sparsely populated farm land, not town and not the river. My partner and I were extremely puzzled as to where the light source was coming from, to illuminate such a large area. Very strange.
    N.B We do not live in Christchurch.
    Also I have noticed a lot of government censorship going on, had to go around the filter to get into this site.

    • Intrigued says:

      There looks to be another HAARP site near Dunsandel, just after Synlait dairy processing plant, if you’re are coming up from Timaru – left hand side behind the railway. So not just one site in New Zealand South island on Birdling’s Flat.

  3. Kay says:

    My email notifications for this site have been marked as spam, and delivered to the spam box. (As of about 4 days ago). These are threads I am subscribed too.
    During the last quake I was unable to access the Quake related page, for weeks it appeared as a blank page with the sidebar only.
    Northland Chemtrails is also blocked to schools by being marked as a spam site.

    (Just thinking…)
    If everyone who supports the freedom of speech we have here runs a (Google or any other) search to find Northland Chemtrails it will push it’s place up the search ranks.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks Kay. That is interesting news. Sad though. Censorship? If so, what do they have to hide? On a positive note, I was at the Tikipunga markets again today and a couple of weeks ago. We have a stall and a sign up about chemtrails with photos of them taken locally. Interestingly, when we ask people if they know what they are, now, most people we ask say yes, they do. I spoke to a woman this morning who said she saw one this morning in Whangarei and many 2 weeks ago, plus she said she is a member of Chemtrails over NZ. I am amazed at how fast the word appears to have spread.

  4. Clare Swinney says:

    MUST HEAR: Investigative Journalist Talks About Christchurch Earthquakes-HAARP Links

    On March the 10th, investigative journalist Ben Vidgen was a guest on the Vinny Eastwood show with Will Ryan….In particular, he addressed the evidence which indicates this technology may have been used in association with the Christchurch earthquakes. While Ben pointed out there is no solid proof that the earthquakes were caused deliberately using this technology, he referred to a number of key indicators which suggest that it may well have been used.

    To access the link for the download, please go here: http://www.guerillamedia.co.nz/content/investigative-reporter-lays-out-history-haarp-has-new-zealand-psychiatry-killer-or-menace

  5. Ben Vidgen says:

    Hi Clare,

    Right now I am in the process of banging up an artillery intelligence check list of HAARP forensic signature the preliminary results are proving to be quite startling .

    I will be working on this for a while, so readers will have to be patient, but I think it will be worth the wait.

    In the mean time in next two weeks we will do our April May DEADLINE http://WWW.DEADLINE.NET.NZ issue which will be on chem trials a part one if you will.

    In mean time taking 100 monkey approach

    My Haarp Earth quakes forensic signatures tick list to date are as follows

    Quake forecast
    Simultaneous seismic spike activity in Alaska
    Mass fire balls – sonic booms – or case of impact-less (sub sonic) meteorites – any “meteorite” with a sonic boom has to be traveling at less than 25,000km and there fore is not a meteorite.
    Electrical disruptions.
    Space Shuttle launching or returning during event.
    Downed aircraft (caused by sudden massive electrical failure)
    Close proximity to known electronic warfare/HAARP stations
    Harp recorded as surging or coinciding with firing of CERN.
    Coinciding with Military Emergency service exercise.
    Coinciding with Chemtrails activity (detected on radar/subject to mass media reports).
    Coinciding with global reports of Mass death of birds and fish.
    Coinciding with Sink holes reports.
    Inverted – Pwaves/ Unusual P wave activity or witness reports of quakes moving side to side verse up and down motion.
    Multiple aftershocks/swarms longer than 2 months & exceeding all known records.
    Les than 35 km deep.

    Its important to note that I’m using mainstream media or government documentation in building this check list. That some indicators are stronger than others and that in the final results one expect to most of the check list ticked off and not just assume a HAARP quake has occurred if only one indicator can be found.

    I also keen to find out more about how the nature of Haarp seismology differ from mother nature, But first I will have to partner up with seismologist who also has a physic background as once you get beyond HAARP’S effects on weather (plenty of commercial examples of this technology already on the market) and aircraft (note FAA 1998 warning to pilots over HAARP) a bit more work need to be done to flush out just how unusual our current situation is.

    For example visa mass fish death we have 19 notable cases reported in newspaper since 1935 (22,000,000 Mexico). 9 of these have taken place since late 2009 with 6 of those taking place since August 2010. For the reminders in all case bar the 1935 case the cause was man made verse the 2009 were the cause remains unknown but in at less once case coincided with mass bird deaths.

  6. Ben Vidgen says:

    Ben Vidgen (“Vuidgen”) says oops

  7. There was a nuclear detonation at altitude of 50 kilometers about 90 kilometers off the New Zealand coast September 3rd 2010.
    This occurred approximately 8 hours prior to christchurch earthquake september 4th 2010.

  8. pinkduck says:

    For those readers that think HAARP is just a conspiracy theory here is a statement from the 1997 US secretary of defence William Cohen at his keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy at the Georgia Center, Mahler Auditorium, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.

    “Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”


    This is the only official confirmation I know of that such technology exists and can be seen on the US Department of Defence website. Take a look at the transcipt of a lecture given by Cohen.

    Claire I have reproduced one of your articles with full credits and a link on my blog. I hope you are OK with this.


  9. Ben Vidgen says:

    @witness sustained energy release says: Sorry but Bullshit!

    If you don’t have facts to back up your claims just piss off these sorts of unsubstantiated rumors are not helpful. I’m really sick of the Munchausen by proxy dweebs who haunt the net in search of drama to feed their tragic damaged souls and in the process do a terrible disservice to the like Claire by throwing out this sort of crap (with out one iota of evidence). You make a hard job that much harder.

    @pink Duck the transcript comes from the George Town University symposium on Weapons of Mass Destruction hosted by the grand daddy of all things that go spook in the night Senator Sam Nunn, circa 1998. The symposium took place not long after Nunn chaired the US Senate Investigation into whether the Japanese death cult Aum Shirenyko [sic] had being carrying out weapon research in Australia. Specifically the committee investigated whether tectonic manipulation had taken pace due to some sort of device e tested by the cult. The public conclusion of this senate inquiry was inconclusive.

    The US inquiry follows a 1996 Australian senate inquiry into the same subject where the public findings where likewise inconclusive. Evidence given at this inquiry included Australian Federal Police records coming from an investigation into the cult, instigated in 1993 after the cult were found to be smuggling dangerous chemical and equipment (including electromagnetic spectrum reading equipment) in Australia. The AFP documents show the cult had purchased a large amount of their technology, specifically electromagnetic weapons technology off the Russian black market. A significant point from two aspects;

    ONE: search media report of the 1990 you will find a number of mainstream report talking openly about Russian tectonic weapons research programs, such a VULCAN (apparently it only a conspiracy theory if the ‘good guys’ are accused of using such technology).

    TWO: tap in the words electromagnetic weapons, Australian defense department, and you will find reference to a number of current Aussie Defence research programs into “super EMP weapons” where the original source of the Australian technology in such academic papers is accredited as obtained from the former Soviet Union. E.g. see

    The Electromagnetic Bomb – a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction
    Carlo Kopp

    Defence Analyst Australian Department of Defence
    Melbourne, Australia


    Australian Hanasard’s documents also show that in 1993 Western Australia Green MP Christine Chamarette raising the issue of the failure of the government to expel the cult from Australia after finding hidden dangerous chemicals ect.

    At the time the then Minister for Immigration, Nick Bolkus, responded to Chamarette’s cult allegation by saying “I think you must be mistaken but I will look into the matter and report back.” Bolkus of course never did and the next time the cult was ever heard of publically again was in 1995 following their lethal Tokyo subway sarin chemical weapons attack (occurring at the same day Mitishubushi Tokyo bank merged together in breech of Japanese monopoly laws in midst of highly aggressive US Japanese trade war). In 1996 I interviewed Chamarette who testified that her original sources had been custom officers, in Western Australia, alarmed at the seemingly light handling of the Japanese offenders found to be smuggling dangerous chemicals, who had been told by the AFP to “keep their nose out of if they wanted to keep their jobs”. Hindsight show this statement to be completely accurate in light we now that the AFP were conducting an extensive investigation into the cult at this time.

    In both US & the Aussie investigation a chief witness, asked to give evidence, was Harry Mason an Australian geologist who became involved after becoming curious with a meteorite which super nova (releasing energy in excess of several Hiroshima’s), high over the city of Perth in early hours of May 1993. The event made the front pages of regional newspapers, taking place at the exact same time as seismic event in the same area. Mason would track the meteorite and the quakes epicenter to same location the japans cult’s new farm, about 3km from the Royal Australian Air Force’s electronic weapons research facility at Laverton in WA. The event taking place 35 days after the cult had purchased the farm and it Science Minister Hideo Murai had arrived.

    Murai was an astrophysicist who had received a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Osaka University, studying X-ray emissions of celestial bodies, and was also a computer programmer, his thesis so it is alleged by Mason was on tectonic manipulation via control of the electromagnetic spectrum.After graduation Murai went to worked for Kobe Steel in research and development, at it laboratory before joining the cult which first gained public notoriety by it correct “prediction” of the 7.2 quake, which hit Kobe on Awaji island in Osaka Bay (located near Kobe Steel company HQ and research facility) on March 17 1995, two weeks before the quake occurred. The quake would resulting in more than 180$NZ billion in damage and effectively stump R&D in computer and manufacturing in Japan for over a decade.

    Since 1998 rapid development of Laverton Antenna farm has taken place with Australian Defence Department entering into multi million dollar contracts with BAE, who also supply the material used at the HAARP facility in Alaska and other “HAARP” facilities located world wide.
    This author has noticed a common pattern that every time its announced that such facilities will be upgraded (or established) or receives a new injection of defence originated funding a rash of news report appear shortly after wards. These stories will describing such events as mystery seismic activity, sonic booms, meteorites, taking place in the same region as the fore mentioned electromagnetic defense research facilities. This include 2011 news reports which appeared in media reports coinciding with the US Australian military exercise Saber Tiger 2011 (which included notice of participation by scientific military research programs) and took place in direct path from Perth to Laverton. And from Laverton across South Australia in a direct path wave to the HAARP facility TIGER in Macquarie Island (sister facilities in NZ referred above).
    Macquarie Island itself was the location of a distinct electric anomaly detected at the same time as the 8.1 quake which hit the island on Dec 23rd three days, to the minute, before the Boxing day Tsunami 9.0*. In the weeks before both quakes numerous newspaper reports appeared of mystery sonic booms and bright flash lighting up the night sky as far south as Dunedin (Otago Daily Times) and as far north as Jakarta, repeating the events which surrounded Chch including the Boxing Day front page of mystery lights over Christchurch in 2010.

    * More than 50,000 quakes occur each year on average but we rarely have more than 1 quake in excess of 8.0 making the Macquarie Island/Indonesia quakes unusual in term of proximity in terms of both time and relative geography. On average no more than 6% of quakes exceed 4.0 each year again making statistic of the past year in terms of escalating global magnitude (and death fatalities) again highly unusual in terms of the expected norm. Other anomaly which conventional geological explanation fail to address is the increase in global earthquake swarm and the unexplained deviance of usual pattern where after shock steadily decrease in magnitude (and increase in depth) as opposed to Christchurch where not only do multiple “after socks” appear on separate fault lines but they maintain and even at time drastically increase in the magnitude being recorded. In association with other mass anomaly including drastic increases in water temperature in Christchurch Lytleton harbor, and mass reports of sulfur and other symptoms of an atmosphere which is clearly electrically charged.

  10. Travis says:

    Tesla created this technology around the end of the 1800’s, he figured it out by watching lightning storms move over the desert in america not sure where, he then got the contract to create a defense network on the sea board of America consisting of Tesla towers so many miles apart that could work in unisen to vapourise missles or planes with Scalar waves of electromagnetic freq.
    He did not complete this network as I believe because he reilised it would destroy the world, he noticed how it made birds and whales flee in terror and fish die, this is because scaler waves are the frequency that the whole planet vibrates on, it possibly creates our gravity idk, and when you mess with what binds us in this cycle you mess with everything we hold dear.

    My question is: How do we stop a part of ourself that is bent on destroying our future ?

  11. D MacDonald says:

    heavy chemtrail spraying today Glasgow Scotland bright flashes in night sky like sheet lightning no thunder.

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  13. bill blyth says:

    On the morning prior to the series of earthquakes on December the 23rd. I was at Rakaia 30 km SW of christchurch. Aircraft chem spraying was the most bizarre and intense i had witnessed since the peroid before the Sept 7.1 quake. Starting just after 6am , as high cirrus cloud moved west to east ,Once chem spraying had started the aircraft became difficult to see as Altostratus and altocumulus began to cover much of the sky. On two occasions an aircraft did a complete turn around and headed back in the opposite direction spraying during this maneuver.On another occasion an aircraft made a 30 degree turn west in what appeared to be a move to hide in cloud . Aircraft observed were A320 and 757 Boeing.The trails themselves were the non pendule type having the appearance of expanding smoke which quickly filled the sky over that part of the Canterbury plans and Christchurch. The spraying stop around 11 am the first quake was at 1.58 pm. Spraying recommenced at between 7pm an 9pm.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you very much for the report Bill. That is much appreciated. I take it by “non pendule” type trail, I gather by pendule you are referring to the puffs that appear at regular intervals along the bottom edge of some trails – trails which I have seen being left by passenger planes spraying aerosols. For example, like this which was seen over Kaikoura on April 28, 2010 at 3.30pm:

      What you saw did not have these puffs along the edge.

      Whereabouts were you when you witnessed this please?

  14. bill blyth says:

    Hi clare. The trails had no pulse emission on the lower edge or flow cracks on the upper edge.Today 25/12/2011 same type trails observed 4 in number west of Christchurch at approx 10am.Aircraft unidentified. Hope that helps

  15. scott neumann says:

    Yes saw massive amounts of chemtrails on the days before the 23 dec .i actually told my wife that there would be an earthquake hours before….how did i do that ..scary stuff..i believe that the haarp and chem trails are linked no doubt..but why create eathquakes in chch since NZ is a peace full country..soo in other words what is their end game? what are thinking will be the end result from murdering people in christchurch and destroying the city?.if it is americans doing this it is very believable.as they have killed their own people to start false wars have they not…they r and have always been the true terriosts of this world.. regards scott

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you Scott. A friend Rose, who lives in Kaikoura predicted there would be an earhtquake too. How did she know?

      While you state the Americans are the terrorists, I think ultimately it is the elite who control them who are. For example, the troops in Iraq are working for corporations, not fighting for freedom and democracy for the American people. They are (probably unwittingly in many cases) fighting to increase the profits of the international bankers. (The VERY wealthy).

  16. Graham says:

    Apparently we have been being sprayed since 1961
    This Date is Significant being the Date The National Party Signed the International Finance Agreement
    Basically what this meant was the Reserve Bank became The Federal Reserve and we started paying interest on our own money
    Obviously these trails are linked to Pop reduction-Mind control and more Recently Weather Engineering and Haarp
    Also Chem trails can be part of preparations for War-in this case Nuclear War as being instrumental in obscuring satellites and affecting weapons guidance systems
    Personally I feel we are being prepared for Nuclear War

  17. scott neumann says:

    soo all very scary stuff.the government obviously know this crap is going on for probally secret reasons..so to say the n.z government is linked to this mass poisoning of the public and the enviroment is not an overstatement then….soo what to do next to get it too local councils attention with out just getting blanked and laughed at..what ideas does anyone have..please.and the other thing why do the mass public either think its just a consperciay or your a kook.talk about mass brainwashing…very sad by the time they see whats really going on it will be too late.bugger that i want to do something……they must be stopped or we must somehow wake the dumbed down masses up from their own blindness….

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