Google Earth Image Of Whenuapai Airport Shows White Planes

Updated Saturday 10.38 pm

Check out the Google Earth image of Whenuapai airport in Auckland taken in 2010.  We see white planes  flying back and forwards over Whangarei regularly,  some of which are seen spraying aerosol trails or chemtrails, such as the plane pictured at the bottom of this post.  I was advised by Jon Eisen, the editor of Uncensored Magazine, that unmarked white planes have been seen leaving the Whenuapai airport.  Are these two of the planes we are seeing over Northland in this Google Earth image below, that are tied in with the “geo-engineering” taking place?

Below is a picture I took of a plane that I witnessed spraying a chemtrail over Whangarei at about 9.35 am on June the 12th. This picture was taken at about 9.35 am – shortly after it had stopped spraying.  

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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27 Responses to Google Earth Image Of Whenuapai Airport Shows White Planes

  1. rose says:

    Good work Clare! They look exactly like some of the jets that fly here.

    Loading Google Earth now… these guys are so stupid.

  2. bill blyth says:

    These are Boeing 757 aircraft i personally have not seen 757 chemtrailing over NZ.

  3. DarkStar888 says:

    Behold – He Comes With Clouds

    “Behold, he comes with clouds”, … is a passage from the Christian Bible, implanting the suggestion, that in the day of the Lord’s return, he’ll come in judgment with the clouds. This has been brought in our illusory reality state, with the advent of CHEMTRAILS, as depicted in this painting entitled ORACLE modeled by Playboy model Veronika.

    Chemtrails – He Comes

    CHEMTRAILS – The death of millions! – The Smokescreen To Hide Behind!

    Quotes that follow are from the luciferian inspired Judeau/Christian Bible …

    Consider this – Revelation 1:7 states …”Behold, he COMETH WITH CLOUDS; and EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, AMEN.” (Amen is the referrence to Amen Ra, the Sun God of Egypt.)

    What you have in this scripture verse is the scientific experiment known as chemtrails. Those hideous clouds of poison which are being distributed throughout the whole world, causes every eye to indeed see them. These chemtrails are passed into the atmosphere by commercial jet liners and military jets under the guise of being simple jet exhaust vapour trails. THEY ARE NOT!

    What you have are a host of cancers, sedatives, vaccines, heavy metals, molds, fungi,…etc. These poisonous agents are meant to sedate us, or make us sick or dead. The elite of the world have been inspired to enter into this manipulation of the environment, for the purpose of creating anxiety and stress, to manipulate the already deeply entranced, who will, in turn, manipulate the whole body of humanity on behalf of the Illuminati Agenda.


  4. rose says:

    These look like 2 planes that came in a attacked Kaikoura in a shocking display of chemtrails on the 17 June. These guys were obviously ‘cowboys’ and not our usual drones.

    We were in both shock and awe of the planes spraying so low that we could see them. They flew hard and fast – even pulling off chemtrails that were vertical instead of their usual horizontal. They were very visible and gave us the platform to show many people that day what was happening in the sky. They could not help but see it… so to them, THANKS! We got you on camera.

    The shape was like the above planes however I am not an expert on boys toys.

    What planes have you identified Bill?

    • bill blyth says:

      Hi Rose I have identified Boeing 737.and maybe Boeing C17 at higher altitude.Iam 99% sure they are flying in from the Sydney area as i have seen aircraft chemtrailing exiting commercial lanes out of Hokitika flying approx 250 degrees west

  5. rose says:

    I have been offered some high powered binoclulars. Time to get them out. Do you think the jets that fly low over your area are coming from Aussie Bill? The are to frequent around here to be going out to Aus to fuel up.

    We will find em and those chemtrail pilots should be very bloody worried.

    (To Dark Star 888: lol, nice post)

  6. bill blyth says:

    hi Rose yip they are easy to hide at an international airport as big as Sydney google map the airport and you will see many side loading areas .Who is going to take notice when the refuel truck arives with chemtrail juice on board to refuel a aircraft with the Koru on the tail.Extra fuel tanks are more then likely added to these planes.Just my theory at the moment.waiting and watching.If you can get the binoculars be keen to hear what you see…bill

  7. Clare Swinney says:

    Why would they bother to come all the way from Sydney though when they could easily have bases here? We have a small, largely unquestioning population. The spraying has been going on for at least a decade in NZ, so in my opinion, they surely will have bases here and are likely using existing military air bases. They like using people in the military don’t they, as they are easier to control.

  8. Claude says:

    I wonder to what extent the chemtrails are sedating our population in that it is hard to get anyone to stand up and protest about any of the many things they should be opposing, like privatisation and AK Super City etc.
    Perhaps there is a political benefit in having an unresponsive population!

  9. Bill Blyth says:

    Hi Clare. I would like to bring some attention to the picture you have posted of the aircraft in flight.Iam 99% certain it is a Boeing 737-300 if you look carefully you can make out the blue tint around the tail which iam suggesting is the koru.The distance from nose to wing is shorter then that of the Boeing 757 shown in the other pictures.We have to identify these aircraft.We have the CTs sorted but nothing on the aircraft being used.I have not seen any military coloured aircraft chemtrailing.The last CT aircraft i saw was 3 days ago painted in Pacific Blue colours chemtrailing over MtHutt ski area travelling south…i had people standing beside me who agreed 100% that it was painted in pacific blue with a white tail.What iam pointing out is that the chemtrailing is being carried out using the colours of our national carriers Air NZ and Pacific Blue.

  10. Clare Swinney says:

    Hi Bill, I think the picture quality is too poor to draw any reasonable conclusions from. I will try and get better ones and have a look in my photographs and see if I can find better ones. Thus far I have not seen colours on the planes around here. If you have a look at the picture at the link right at the bottom of the post, you will see that that plane looks very much like those at Whenuapai.

  11. Bill Blyth says:

    Hi Clare this is the plane on the ground at whenuapai

  12. paul bakker says:

    those are 757’s the airforces replacement for the 727, used for military and government transport,

    i have seen them myself at whenuapai, and at christchurch.

    have also been in the old 727 and i assure you there is no “tanks” or spray nozels on them.

  13. Louisa Young says:

    These look like the planes I see, often flying in twos and often chemtrailing over Nelson. No markings. Not on radar. Thanks Clare

  14. You're All Idiots says:

    These are ‘Marked’ ‘Grey’, RNZAF Boeing 757 – 200 series Passenger Cargo Combi Aircraft. The sort of aircraft you would expect to see at an Air base…

    • While the image did not show markings/ID, when and are used, a range of information, including the altitude/ airline/speed and registration no. of the aircraft are provided. This allows for the identification of planes seen emitting aerosols in real time in NZ. For example:

      Virtually all airlines are involved in aerosol spraying activity and the companies Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, BAE, EADS, Honeywell implicated.

      I personally have not identified a military aircraft emitting an aerosol, however a plane enroute to Antartica was seen emitting an aerosol which was referred to in the Otago Daily Times I understand. Peter Drew noted that in satellite imagery the aerosol trail stopped when the plane reached the end of (South Is.) land. Refer:

      Also, a skydiver named Graeme Bull of Helensville reported seeing craft without wings emitting aerosols when he was at approx. 10,000 feet. His report/video is here: His report was validated somewhat by Aucklander, Jon Eisen who reported seeing a “flying saucer” spraying aerosols when he used a telescope. These kind of craft have been photographed overseas spraying aerosols.

      In the US, the US military plays a large role in aerosol spraying activities/ weather modification. Refer the 1996 Air Force paper entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”. A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 which can be found on the Internet in pdf format.

      Chapter 4: Artificial Weather

      Nanotechnology also offers possibilities for creating simulated weather. A cloud, or several clouds, of microscopic computer particles, all communicating with each other and with a larger control system could provide tremendous capability. Interconnected, atmospherically buoyant, and having navigation capability in three dimensions, such clouds could be designed to have a wide-range of properties. They might exclusively block optical sensors or could adjust to become impermeable to other surveillance methods. They could also provide an atmospheric electrical potential difference, which otherwise might not exist, to achieve precisely aimed and timed lightning strikes. Even if power levels achieved were insufficient to be an effective strike weapon, the potential for psychological operations in many situations could be fantastic. (11 December 1996)

      Is there any particular reason why you do not have the integrity to use your real name?

      (I see the IP address is, ISP Orcon, Auckland, Location: -36°52’0″S 174°46’0″E, Postal Code 1150).

      • Simon Marshall says:

        Does anyone here have even a basic understanding of combustion?

        One of the by-products of combustion is water vapour. The ‘chemtrails’ you see are just that, water vapour. By your logic, when you breathe out on a cold morning it must also be ‘chemtrails’. Clouds, yep they must be too. Even starting your car makes them as well.

        All of this logical resoning will no doubt be dismissed by everyone here as I’m part of the ‘conspiracy’. Basically no matter how much hard, logical evidence is put in front of you, you won’t belive it because your beliefs are based on ideology, not facts.

      • According to your ISP information at,
        you are with the New Zealand Defence Forces.
        If this is the case, it may well be your job to play a skeptic and cover up the truth.
        Here is a photograph of a chemtrail aka an aerosol trail at a lower altitude than a condensation trail. versus chemtrail

        Here is a presentation from Kristen Meghan, who spent 9 years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force in Bioenvironmental Engineering. She is now speaking publicly about chemtrails/ geoengineering. The truth is easy she advises on her Facebook page.

  15. george says:

    what planes do they actually have at whenuapai? 2 air force transport Boeings? not much research needed there

  16. April says:

    Those are #Chemtrails w/magnetic mind control, TESLA, ELF, acoustic sensors, x-ray, penetrating lethal weapons that used on 9-11 on twin towers & other aircraft & whitehouse & have stalking me for last 10 years!

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