“Bollocks” Writes Kaikoura’s Mayor In Reply To Todd Krieble, Of The Ministry For The Environment

The Mayor of Kaikoura initially wrote to the Minister for the Environment, Dr Nick Smith about chemtrails with his concerns and those of residents, on the 19th of April. Dr Smith did not reply. Instead, Information Director, Todd Krieble did. By no means satisfied with Krieble’s disingenuous reply,  the Mayor wrote the following letter, dated the 2nd of July, which may also be downloaded via this link: Letter From Mayor Heays To The Ministry for the Environment.

From the Office of the Mayor – Kaikoura District

Kevin. J. Heays

03 3195026 www.kaikoura.govt.nz www.kevinheays.co.nz kevin.heays@kaikoura.govt.nz 0276296754

02 07 2010

Mr Todd Krieble



Ministry for the Environment

Environment house

Po Box 10362


Dear Mr Kieble,

I am in receipt of your letter of the 27 May which was your response to my enquiries to the Minister regarding ChemTrails in our sky.

Your “unawareness” of any evidence to support any such thing as you stated in paragraph 2 concerns me immensely. Evidence is indeed all over the world and on some major governmental agendas as we speak-including The British Parliament and the US Congress.

I respectfully suggest that if our government and their directors are indeed “unaware,” then a rapid and intensive course be attended to become “aware”.

Your reasoning that my sightings and those of many others throughout our skies are… “the result of normal air traffic” is, to be blunt, bollocks.

The directions these trails I refer to are not on the flight paths of domestic or international airlines nor do we “top dress” over the Pacific Ocean.

Your explanation is an insult to both my intelligence and my position in this community – I ask that you suggest to the Minister to re-read my initial letter and to answer it himself with a response that it deserves. That is, one that shows some research and “awareness” of this issue that is becoming a global phenomena and concern.

To assist you I suggest you look at the following link to the British Parliament.


Yours respectfully

Kevin J Heays


Minister For The Environment, Hon Nick Smith Passes The Buck When Asked About Chemtrails By The Mayor Of Kaikoura

Photos of Chemtrails Over Kaikoura

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12 Responses to “Bollocks” Writes Kaikoura’s Mayor In Reply To Todd Krieble, Of The Ministry For The Environment

  1. jim reece says:

    Great move Mr.Mayor! Thank-you for doing it. What you have done is a milestone for the likes of the many people out there who give a damn.

  2. Nina Fox says:

    Wonderful Mayor Heays! Thank you so much for being aware yourself! It truly is hard to dismiss this issue~all you really have to do is look up! Any intelligent person can see for themselves the geo-engineering/chem-trailing going on in our skies all over the world.

    I have high respect for you and for your stand to get some answers from the very officials that “should” know and care about these things.

    Much Aloha~Nina/Maui/Hawai’i

  3. Jolene says:

    Ive seen 2 planes today, both white in appearance, ive photographed both of them and neither had contrails, hmmmmm maybe the atmosphere isn’t conducive to contrails.
    You may have noticed that there is also no cirrus cloud in the sky

  4. Kay says:

    I can’t dismiss it. I won’t be dismissed. I live fighting back it’s result every day.
    We as a family have lost so much all ready.

    Thank you Mayor Heays.

  5. Baboshka says:

    I just wanted to let you know how your hard work is reaching alot of people. Even here in the UK and Portugal. Cosmic and I have been taken photos of chemtrails in the UK and Portugal if you would like us to pass these images onto you just send me an email.
    Keep up the great work you are doing as I know it is not easy at times
    Best wishes, Baboshka

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Baboshka,
      Thank-you for your support. It really helps. Yes, send your photographs to chemtrailsnz @ hotmail.com. Lets keep the pressure up on these criminals!

  6. Jamahurin says:

    Mr Mayor, I have been keeping up on your letters. You are a gem!! I live in the US and I photo document chemtrails. I am so grateful for your awareness of this very important issue. Your diligence and honorable intentions are far reaching and inspire so many, all over the world. Keep up the excellent work!
    Joy Mahurin
    Your friend in Oregon, USA

  7. Gord Zaretzki says:

    You are doing wonderful work! Your efforts are known and appreciated around the world. I am the Canadian guy with the lady who introduced you to this several months ago. Thank-you for taking this seriously and taking an active part in this. You are certainly a gem! 😀

    In support,
    Gord Zaretzki

  8. HWD says:

    Great letter !

  9. Nina Fox says:

    Aloha Clare Swinney~

    Just want you to know that you are doing such a great job with this newsletter and I hear you loud and clear all the way over here on Maui in Hawai’i~just in case you feel you are just talking to the wind at times. We are getting chemed here too~on a regular basis~they try to tell us that it is merely chaff (which I understand now to be chemical particulate) from the navy jets after doing Rim-Pac exercises off-shore~well I’ve seen our satellite photos and they are littered with trails~and then the tradewinds blow them on-shore and over the islands.
    No matter what negativity is thrown at you~hang in there~this is a serious issue that involves our health and the ecology/survival of the planet~and is going on all over the globe! I get so tired of that worn out cover up that these are merely harmless contrails~well now we know they can use the contrails to poison too. These people that refuse to pull their heads out the sand need to grow up~realize the real nefarious goings on on this planet~I stand beside you in this worthy cause even though I’m many miles away! Thank you Clare for having such courage to stand up and make a difference~and you ARE making a difference! Much Aloha~Nina Fox/Maui (friend of Rose)
    p.s. Rose~you are another courageous soul and I thank you too!

  10. Clare Swinney says:

    Thank-you so much Nina for your kind words.
    I hope a lot of what is happening in Hawaii is exposed in ‘What in the world are they Spraying.’ It is shocking.
    BTW Rose told me what a great lady you are. I heard about your contribution to ‘What in the World Are They Spraying’
    You are a gem!

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