Timaru Rainwater Found To Contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium

Showing the difference between chemtrails & a contrail.  The contrail is just right of centre and tiny in comparison to the chemtrails.

Photo from Facebook user showing the vast difference between chemtrails & a contrail or vapour trail. The contrail is just right of centre and tiny in comparison to the chemtrails.

Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are voicing their concerns about the aluminium, barium and strontium contaminating their environment in assocation with the issue commonly referred to as “chemtrails.”   While “chemtrails” have typically been portrayed by the mainstream media and politicians as nothing more than a hoax,  evidence shows the lingering plumes being discharged from aircraft are part of world wide programs and not merely water vapour, but normally comprised of cocktails of aerosolized heavy metals, amongst other environmental contaminants, which are being found in rainwater.

Massive aerosol operations, which evidence shows are primarily being used to modify the weather, are continuing around the world and appear to being stepped up, including in New Zealand.

Rainwater testing conducted in this country has confirmed the presence of elements associated with chemtrails and the following results reinforce the contention that our environment is being poisoned via an insidious and cumulative process.

The following results were provided by a Timaru-based activist who wishes to remain anonymous.   He is known to users of this website as the YouTuber South Canterbury Sky Watch and Brisbane Chemtrails.

He collected rainwater samples on April the 28th and May the 8th this year and had both of them tested for aluminium, barium and strontium by R J Hill Laboratories Ltd of Hamilton, a trusted lab which is accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand.  The samples were registered with the lab on the 13th of May and the results reported on the 19th of May and were as follows:

Rainwater test results from Hills Lab

Rainwater test results from Hills Lab

As was mentioned in a previous post on this website, the Guideline Value for aluminium in the Drinking Water Standards New Zealand 2005 (DWSNZ) (Revised 2008) is < 0.1 g/m³, which the rainwater sample for May the 8th exceeds by more than two-fold at 0.25 g/m³.  The Guideline Value relates to the water’s aesthetic quality -as it might not look attractive to drink if there is too much aluminium in it.  Although aluminium is known to be highly neurotoxic and linked to Alzheimer’s disease, there is no Maximum Acceptable Value referred to for aluminium in the DWSNZ, which some may wrongly assume means that high concentrations of aluminium are safe to drink, when a vast array of evidence shows otherwise.

For example, a study conducted by Trond Peder Flaten of the Department of Chemistry, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway and titled: ‘Aluminium as a risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease’, (2001), looked at the epidemiological evidence linking aluminium and Alzheimer’s disease and found that 9 out of 13 published epidemiological studies of aluminium in drinking water and Alzheimer’s disease showed statistically significant positive relations.

According to Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD, a retired neurosurgeon, the evidence of the tons of nanosized aluminium compounds being sprayed into the atmosphere is a major concern. He stated in ‘Chemtrails, Nanoaluminium & Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects: “Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative disaeases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminium.”  He spoke about aluminium toxicity and how to protect yourself in a recent podcast on March 13, 2014 on the Blaylock Health Channel.  Refer: http://www.blaylockhealthchannel.com/#!bhc-ep-6-aluminum-toxicity/c19fd.  As he points out, when combined with fluoride,  it becomes far more toxic, which is another reason to try and ensure drinking water is free of these pollutants.

Barium, an immune-system suppressant, is a soft metallic alkaline earth metal and should not be present in rainwater.   However, it is being found in New Zealand rainwater samples, so too strontium.  Lab results for New Zealand can be viewed on this website and all show barium and strontium in concentrations significantly lower than that of the aluminium concentration.

The barium concentration of  0.114 g/m³ in the rainwater sample for Timaru for May the 8th, 2014 is high relative to the concentrations of barium found in other rainwater samples taken in New Zealand.

Barium is believed to being sprayed into the atmosphere from aircraft around the world, where it is being used for a variety of purposes.    A signficant clue regarding one of its uses lies in Bernard Eastlund’s patent for  HAARP,  which calls for large clouds of barium to be released into the atmosphere.  HAARP is a transmitter which can be used for a variety of functions, including heating the ionosphere and influencing rainfall patterns in a given area.

South Canterbury Sky Watch offers:  “Interesting times here in Timaru with so much talk in the newspapers about Timaru’s pollution levels, but of course, there is no mention of what is being sprayed above our heads.”  


HAARP Patent

Look Up! – A Documentary

Breaking: Air Force Chemtrail Whistleblower Exposes Geoengineering

Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on and exposing deceptions in order to help others to awaken to what is hidden in plain sight. A bright light shone makes clear what does not belong. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyTh2WC7w_8GYD6ZecXUQMQ Clare on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/1z2iaeXTln25/
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21 Responses to Timaru Rainwater Found To Contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium

  1. In Lleida (Catalonia, Europe), we have this high metal rain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJED8BtUCZA

  2. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    Great article Clare.
    I thought I would add the video I did whilst I was in Brisbane. This video is based on the rain I had collected in Brisbane.
    It doesn’t matter where you go, all over the globe there are findings of many UN-natural substances in the air we breathe. These substances should not be there.
    It’s incredible to see how many people have a nagging cough or can’t shake a respiratory problem. Not only those symptoms but many others.

    • Great video. I’m guessing that the best time to collect rain which provides evidence of this crime is probably after a drought, as the rain is picking up the particles in the atmosphere as it falls. The first rain after a man-made drought will probably have a relatively high concentration of toxins. Thanks for sharing this and thank-you very much for caring enough to do this work and get the rainwater tested.

  3. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    When I collected the rain samples, the rain had been falling for quite a few hours. With the sky so loaded in this crap, I dont really think it will make much difference. Even as weather (rain) can be over head, they seem to be high above, still spraying.
    This video might be worth a look, as i mention and show in it, is the particulates that are in the air. I’m not saying all what can be seen is this crap, (ie chemtrail ingredients), but what can one say when the rain results show this crap present (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium plus what ever else) is in the rain, so it’s got to be in the air we breathe.

    • Studies by Perl, DP and Good, PF have found that Alzheimer’s sufferers tend to have high concentrations of aluminium in the area of the brain linked to the olfactory system, suggesting that it had been inhaled.
      Perl DP, Good PF. Aluminum, Alzheimer’s Disease, and the olfactory system. Ann NY Acad Sci 1991;640:8-13.

  4. Peter says:

    I downloaded Flighttradar24.com as an App onto my phone and every plane that goes past here (south east Qld) shows its ownership as Virgin and Jet star they are leaving really heavy chemtrails (really heavy). I wouldn’t be surprised if the CEO, Brandon even gets his aluminium subsidised. Says he is just trying to help cool the planet. Yeah right! Check out Virgin Branson Allen Gore Chem trails. That will tell you the story. Also, the other self-confessed chemtrail/geoengineering promoter, Bill Gates has 500,000 shares in GMO Aluminium-resistant plant seed manufacturer Monsanto. Get the picture?

  5. Peter says:

    Near Warwick South east Queensland. So it’s happening big time over here. Heaps of the locals have found out it’s real now. Especially after getting their own water and soil tests.

  6. Peter says:

    I will try and find out. Today was a shocker. Huge jet slowly doing circles all morning with aerosols. Flightradar24.com showed the plane going back and forwards. We all observed the same plane – it was DRGN16 (Chinese airliner). After hours of spraying it headed now towards Darwin. It met up with 4 or 5 other Chinese planes which turned around and followed the leader. The original plane either landed on a remote landing strip or turned its transponder off. The rest of the Chinese jets all headed for Darwin. We all observed this happen today and they all would have been spraying. Wonder who’s financing that?

  7. David says:

    Attention: Clare Swinney
    Im based in auckland are there any truth movement groups or meetings coming up in the near future?

  8. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

  9. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    Here is a recent upload, on You Tube from WeaponizedNEWS…..

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  11. Peter Lockwood says:

    I live in TIARO south east Queensland, Australia.
    Have CVD age 66 in the last few weeks my BP has spiked( am on highest BP meds ) yet my heart is norma to low??
    every AM I wake up with “Bad upper chest pains NOT responsive to Cardiac meds”.My Dr discounted shest infection.In the past weeks LOTS of Chemtrails over my house.
    The weather in WINTER is HOT, frogs etc are still out ( not hibernating)….something is not good!!!

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