Flashback: Ireland – Heavy rainfall caused by Nexrad Doppler transmitters

This from the “chemtrail chemtrail” YouTube channel from last year.  Posted owing to the interest in Nigel Gray’s work.

Massive rainfall was created after Nexrad Doppler pulses bombard atmosphere over Ireland on Wednesday- Thursday, 23rd-24th July, 2014. They are combining ELF and ionizer transmitters from every continent. I just videoed the microwave beams across every country for 1000s of miles. Creating the false impression of “climate change.” They have heated up the ionosphere, then recorded the temperatures to claim that the last 24 months were the hottest on record- What BULLSHIT !!  Big time exposure on its way. Obama is visiting Paris in 2015 to nail total world control through faked climate change. It ain’t warmed up for over 18 years Fact. Sea levels have NOT risen for over 130 years fact. The measurement coastal stations have RISEN though ! Another FACT !  The worlds CO2 measurements were carried out near an active volcano that spews out CO2 ! Another FACT !  Do they think we are stupid?  Gotcha, you liars.


Government Report from 1978 Confirms Climate Change Caused by Secret Climate Weapons

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One Response to Flashback: Ireland – Heavy rainfall caused by Nexrad Doppler transmitters

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    For anyone who hasnt seen or checked out Weatherwar101, take a look at his channel on You Tube. This bloke has been putting videos out there for a long time, showing how weather is being manipulated. Great to see the video above by “chemtrailchemtrail” looking towards NEXRAD.
    This video will get you to WW1011s channel. https://youtu.be/4h1Zwv4cis8

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