Government’s Internal Memo Shows Information Tightly Controlled About Aerosol Operations

Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott.

Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott of Canterbury, New Zealand.

By Clare Swinney, Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch

As we reported on April the 11th, Malcolm Scott, a post-graduate researcher from Canterbury who is investigating the New Zealand government’s handling  of public reports about atmospheric aerosols, was mistakenly sent an internal memorandum by the Ministry for the Environment, then asked to destroy it.  

Since asking the Ministry if he can keep this 6-page Orwellian document under the Privacy Act, he has been advised he may and now makes it available to the public.

In his letter dated April the 5th, Mr Scott asked  the Ministry for the Environment for the internal memorandum titled:  ‘Malcolm Scott 16-D-00142,’  he had been sent in error then asked to destroy, to be released to him under the Privacy Act, as five of its thirteen points related to him.    Fortunately, Kay Harrison, the new Director of Climate Change who recently replaced Roger Lincoln, replied in a letter dated April the 15th that Mr Scott may keep it, and advised that memos like this accompany every Official Information Act (OIA) request made to the Ministry for the Environment.   “These memos are free and frank advice that provide background and contextual information to allow senior Ministry staff to make sound decisions,” she claimed.   

We are in an information war – telling the truth is against the government’s rules


Above: From page 3 of the internal memo.

As the ‘Key messages for the OIA response letter’  (above) from the internal memo show,  the Ministry for the Environment is under instruction to deceive the public.   They, like the controlled mainstream media are hiding the crime responsible for poisoning the very air that we all breathe.  By parading falsehoods as facts in the way of dictatorships, not democracies, they are complicit in enabling the neurotoxic operations to continue, without allowing for proper public scrutiny and consultation.

For the Ministry to claim in the memo that:   “We have no reason to believe that any such programme exists anywhere in the world” is at odds not only with the thousands of reports of aerosol spraying activity from the public online, [1],  but also at odds with what can be seen in satellite imagery, in rainwater, snow and air tests, as well as what can be read online on official websites.  For instance a US Department of Energy (DOE) website refers to an Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Program.   Similarly, the DOE’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) website refers to an Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign.MAL-SMITH-grey hair

Obviously, the government does not respect the public’s right to make decisions based on fact and this has dire implications for the environment and human health. Although the evidence to confirm the existence of aerosol trails is readily apparent, when confronted with questions about this crime against humanity and the environment, the government claims otherwise.   Their repeated claim of CO2-driven climate change, without acknowledgment of the overwhelming evidence of weather modification due to geoengineering-related activities, represents both a breach of trust and a serious corruption of the public’s beliefs regarding “man-made climate change.”

propaganda-for-sheeple-book-cover-2016Information Mr Scott has received from the Ministry  reveals also that they have ‘no written procedures’ for investigating reports about aerosol operations they receive from the public.   In fact, no meaningful investigation has taken place after six years of receiving reports from the public.

As Mr Scott notes: “How could Ministry for the Environment officials not be aware of the ongoing aerosol operations?   It’s actually not like this is all that hard to miss, as the evidence is literally painted across the sky for all to see and has been for at least 10 years.  So either Ministry staff are genuinely being kept in the dark about this, or they are being instructed to remain in ignorance, in other words they are told, ‘Do not investigate and do not acknowledge,’ which gives them plausible deniability.”

How can the Ministry for the Environment not know about the tonnes of heavy metals being dumped into the troposphere regularly by aircraft fitted with aerosol delivery devices?

Should a democratic people allow their government to lie like this?

A common site and proof of atmospheric aerosol operations in New Zealand.

An all-too common sight and proof of atmospheric aerosol operations in New Zealand.

Article continues after memo.

Below: The Orwellian 6-paged internal memo.  Aerosol operations are systematically denied and the flow of information is tightly controlled.   We owe Mr Scott our gratitude for exposing these behind-the-scenes machinations related to OIA requests regarding “aerosol spraying” – evidently a highly censored topic with “risks” involved, particularly if there is any potential for mainstream media involvement.SCAN0174SCAN0190crSCAN0189SCAN0188SCAN0187SCAN0186 Continued.    Fortunately, there exists plenty of historical evidence which provides us with background and contextual information related to the ongoing aerosol operations that are systematically denied by government.

A geostrategist to the world’s top elite and top advisor to US President, Barack Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski, included these ideas from Gordon J. F. MacDonald in his book Between Two Ages, (1970): “By the year 2018, technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised. …techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm…”  (Editor’s emphasis).

Clifford Carnicom

Clifford Carnicom

Droughts have become commonplace in regions where aerosol operations are frequently observed.  Clifford Carnicom, a ground-breaking researcher and scientist in New Mexico, who started investigating aerosol operations in early-1999, reported in 2002 that his analysis led to the conclusion that the extensive and systematic aerosol operations that were being conducted without informed consent were aggravating, if not instigating, the elevated drought conditions that were then commonly being observed.

More recently during the catastrophic drought in California, aerosol operations have been ongoing, although rarely mentioned by the complicit mainstream media.    Closer to home, our first observations of frequent aerosol operations in Northland, New Zealand in January, 2010, coincided with the worst drought the region had had in decades.  Furthermore, the droughts that followed in Northland in late-2010 and 2013, also coincided with frequent extensive aerosol operations.

Deceptively, these recent droughts in New Zealand are being blamed by the Ministry for the Environment on the CO2-specific anthropogenic theory of climate change.   By their denying the existence of all the ongoing weather manipulation via aerosol operations, they are therefore complicit in the impending environmental catastrophe which they pretend to be rallying against.

Millions In The UK Were Sprayed From Aircraft With A Toxin

If you find it hard to believe that governments could behave in this Machiavellian fashion, declassified documents released in 2002 showed that the UK Ministry of Defence subjected large areas of the United Kingdom to “weapons trials” between 1940 and 1979.    Part of the clandestine activity, called ‘The Fluorescent Particle Trials’, involved aircraft spraying huge amounts of a readily detectable fluorescent tracer, zinc cadmium sulfide between 1955 and 1963. The alleged goal of this was to establish if this mode of dispersal was more effective for distributing microorganisms than loading biological agents into bombs.

There was no informed consent.  Reasons cited for withholding information about the trials from the public included ‘national security’,  ‘avoiding political embarrassment’ and that there was no advantage to be gained in telling people.  The public was kept in the dark  for half-a-century and when the disturbing facts came to light fourteen years ago, owing to researcher, Mike Kenner, it was apparent that the UK Ministry of Defence had shown no regard for public safety and had highly questionable ethics.   For example, while they claimed not to know cadmium was harmful,  it was considered to be a chemical weapon during World War II by the Allies and some of those in the heavily sprayed regions have attributed their development of cancers to the spraying.

This is all relevant information as far as the Ministry for the Environment’s policy of denying the existence of aerosol operations is concerned, for it shows that millions of  citizens can be unethically sprayed with toxins for years by an out-of-control government institution that decides it is not to their advantage to inform the public.

In light of what is shown in the memo, the historical evidence and their continuing policy to deny the facts, it is the New Zealand government that should be investigated.  They have partaken in a premeditated conspiracy to mislead the public by persisting year-after-year in claiming the aerosol trails we have seen lingering for hours and turning clear skies into a sickly-looking haze, are merely “vapour” trails and that programs of geoengineering do not exist.  Whether they care to admit it or not,  the greatest threat to our health and our environment can no longer be denied.

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Below is the letter sent by the new Director of Climate Change, Kay Harrison on April the 15th, 2016, advising Mr Scott that he may retain the internal memorandum that was sent to him in error.                   Best Letter April 15References:

  1.  Online social media sites such as and Forums, such as,  and, among many others.

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    Interesting map on this video. Simple title but a lot of info here.The Truth about Chemtrails – YouTube

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    Why has it not stopped. We aren’t doing enough. People are still so oblivious. Last week we were hammered by it it was settling in the streets

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