The Ministry for the Environment & Civil Aviation Authority in Cahoots To Suppress Truth About Aerosol Spraying Activity?


Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott.

Post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott has been  continuing his investigations into the Ministry for the Environment’s responses to the public’s concerns about aerosol trails aka “chemtrails.”

On May the 11th, 2016 he submitted a request under the Official Information Act 1982 for chemtrail-related correspondence between the Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority, (CAA), to find out why the Ministry had changed its tactics and had started directing members of the public who wrote to them about chemtrails to the CAA website.    Here is such an example – this reply was emailed from the Ministry on the 3rd of May, 2016 to Mr Jim Reece of Whangarei, who on the 11th of December, 2015 had written to the Ministry about a Dash 8 aircraft spraying aerosol trails over Christchurch from its wings. These trails were not coming from the engine area, thereby proving that the trails were not ‘contrails’:
Dear Mr Reece
Thank you for your email.
Our approach aligns to the findings of the New Zealand Civil Aviation
Authority (CAA). The CAA publishes information about aircraft trails
Kind regards
Info at MfE
Ministry for the Environment – Manatu Mo Te Taiao
Before April 2016, the Ministry often replied to those writing regarding aerosol trail sightings by advising deceptively that the lingering trails were merely “vapour trails.”  Now it seems they are passing the buck to another government institution, (which the CAA is).
In the Ministry’s reply to Malcolm’s OIA request came these two pages showing email evidence of some of what occurred between between Ministry and CAA staff:Min of En to Malcolm Scott 30 June 2016 3min of en 4
Offers Malcolm:  “It looks like MfE requested advice from the CAA sometime prior to the 28th of April, 2016 and received information, and then the CAA decided, or was requested by MfE, to ‘upload’ this to their website.  Then on the 3rd of May, the CAA contacted the MfE to advise that “it is live now” (the ‘revised’ CAA webpage).
From the 3rd of May, 2016 this is the web-page that the MfE now refers the public to when they are contacted about aerosol sightings.  This really only confirms what we had figured out.  There would have been further communication by phone, but we are not likely to get this since there may be no written records.”
   Note that the information at the link the CAA website provides for the Ministry fails to acknowledge that aerosol trails may be what people are seeing, in spite of the fact that they are a worldwide phenomenon, frequently witnessed and even referred to openly on US government websites.
  New Zealand taxpayers are paying for brainwashing…  A noteworthy component of propaganda is not just false or spun information, but the omission of critical information to enable the reader to place the information in a meaningful context.
    Because the Ministry and the CAA fail to openly investigate the aerosol spraying activity that is occurring in spite of a plethora of evidence to show that they are real and harmful to human health and the environment,  not only are they exhibiting a high degree of negligence and the Ministry failing in its duty of care under the Hazardous Substances & New Organisms Act 1996, but in attempting to conceal the truth, they are complicit in enabling this crime against humanity and the environment to continue.
   Although the evidence to confirm the existence of aerosol trails is readily apparent, when confronted with questions about this crime against humanity and the environment, the government claims it does not exist.   Their repeated claim of CO2-driven climate change, without acknowledgment of the overwhelming evidence of weather modification due to aerosol spraying-related activities, represents both a breach of trust and a serious corruption of the public’s beliefs regarding “man-made climate change.”


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One Response to The Ministry for the Environment & Civil Aviation Authority in Cahoots To Suppress Truth About Aerosol Spraying Activity?

  1. John says:

    A few weeks ago my wife and I saw Chemtrail seraying off Bouddi National Park near Gosford NSW and I completed a complaint report to Civil Aviation Authority-Guess what? No Reply! Also decades ago when Nasa showed pictures of the Earth it was a Beautiful FULL BLUE-Now look at these SPACE VIDEO IMAGES UPLOADED 11 July 2016 showing Worldwide Chemtrails.
    Are you also hearing what sounds like a unon-broadcaTV Channel signal thinking you may have tinnitus of the ear? Or is it Nemesis and its orbiting friend Wormwood aka Nibiru aka Planet X aka Planet 9

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